This movie is coming to Mexican theaters

This movie is coming to Mexican theaters

Is it good?

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>Mexican theaters
and latin america

Usually anime movies come first to Mexico and then to Latin America

It's fanservice for FSN fans.

>source: my ass

Konnichi Wa Fest twitter or FB

>Sakura goes to Mexico

It writes itself.

Saw it in LA, was really good. But if you aren't up to speed with Fate S/N stuff, you can get lost pretty easily. The animation and the fights were insanely well done.


I commented in konichiwas's Facebook and Twitter every day for it, it worked

It was about 2? hours long, give or take 10-20 minutes

Wow, they must have really just wanted you to shut the fuck up already then.

I don't get it?


>spics are getting this in theaters
>Americans probably will too
>Canada never
Being a leaf is suffering.

Perú too?

Where is the list?


It says it's coming first to Mexico because it's a Mexican company the one bringin it (Mexico is WEEAB as fuck) and then MAYBE they are going to bring it to Sudacalandia

It's Mexico first and it can take really long before coming to other countries for example the mahouka movie long ago screened in Mexico haven't screen in Latin America or at least not in most countries

Sorry dude, maybe because Canada's low population it isn't that profitable to bring this movie as fate ain't that mainstream considering all you have to watch or read to watch this movie , I'm sure you get other movies

>tfw I just realized Fate Stay Night is the actual title of the Japanese LN and not an English translation

For what reason did they give it an English title in the first place? When you think about it that's pretty cringy. Fitting for chuuni shit.

Uruguay never ever

I would love to watch this in theaters then I remember I don't have any weeb friends to go with, fuck


Peru had Ordinal Scale 6 months ago

The fuck you are talking about, I watched Mahouka on the closest Cinepolis a few weeks ago and I live in El Salvador
Only countries under the Ecuadorian line haven't got screenings of it

Some countries get screening almost some weeks later after it's aired in Mexico

Central America gets their screenings on the same dates as Mexico due to the geographic closeness, specially this little country for some reason, I heard Guatemala got the screening for Kimi no na Wa or Koe no Katachi on a later date than other countries

Just go alone my amigo, nobody will tell you anything.

>single policy in mexico
so it starts huh

Obviously they had to bring HF since it is a movie similar to Ordinal Scale in terms of flair and popularity.

taco taco taco burritos

>Still no Massachusetts


>tfw no la podrás ver por la política anti-solteros que cinépolis puso en tu estado
Putos poblanos.

Does this mean we can expect weird stories about all the characters going to mexico to get impregnated or something?

It's been in American theaters for a week now.




Is it true there's a camrip? A friend told me it was shown live on facebook.

Canada isnt a desert and they could have a screening in vancouver or toronto

Wait what

>He doesn't know of no singles policies
USA was just an experiment, now they are deploying it all around the globe

If this ever comes to my country I'm going to intentionally go without bringing my gf.

Nasu thought it sounded cool.

Good shit, hard on people who hadn't read the VN imo

I think this is more for the people who've already read the VN.

Don't you read the news?

Eh, I'll just wait until the fight scenes are uploaded to Youtube and watch those


You can follow it perfectly without having played the VN.
More than any previous anime, you're fucked if you don't know the story of FSN in general.