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He's alive.

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Will Himari ever have an episode where she is not treated like a joke?

>He's alive.
Damn. We need an expert in dealing with fairies.



I liked their reactions in that episode.

But Himari was super cool in the AoHima episode.


Goddammit Japan.



Nice saved.

You can't tell? Boys don't have eyelashes after all.

Shoulda been a dead giveaway, you're totally right.


Julio is a cunt and he deserves to suffer.

I wanted an episode that is all about her, not an episode about Aoi guest starring Himari. It was a cute episode though.

You mean like the giant sponge cake one?

No, I meant a good episode.

A good Himari solo episode? Yeah, no.

Maybe her wrap-up episode will be okay, though.


I don't know, it seemed more about Himari's development to me. Aoi was there to be an unexpectedly cute ojou-sama and to say how much she loves Himari.

>not expecting Aoi to be cute

Himari's episode is in good hands.

I didn't expect her to be a proper ojou-sama though. The gap was too cute.
The thing she lacks is OHOHO.

I'm going to fap to this.

Will Akira ever be treated as anything other then Purple Cat's boyfriend or "muh imouto"

Aoi in the dress was gorgeous.
>that lipstick
I want to bring Aoi home.






light..............and shadow....................................whoa.....


>The last the episodes
Where did the year go?!

>last ten*

His uniform is gay.

Good thing that Precure will never end.

He's a fairy.

But still makes the bunny wet

Does anyone know how the last episodes of GF Doki Doki were handled? Is it as bad as the first half of the season was?


Unlike the first half, they didn't really splice episodes together, they just cut out entire episodes this time (more like how they did with Smile Glitter Force). Episodes 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, and 44 were all cut. Episode 40 is where they are supposed to get the Magical Lovely Heart, but since the episode was cut, they use it out of nowhere with no explanation. The ending theme is crap, but it's not even cringe funny like the Smile endings, so it's worthless. The voice acting remains to be the only semi-decent aspect where any effort was put.


swag niggab itch oui


>Episodes 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, and 44 were all cut.
13 episodes? And that only counting the second half?
That's too much.

I've been dead for a little while. Have any more leaks of Hugto got out yet?

They could have cut the last episodes too while at it...

It's not all of them.

No, Julio, you are still in your own shitshow


Esto es el fin, Grande Negro



Sunny isn't for lewd.

Only Canadians can lewd her

a cat in heat

So they cut out most of the show? This is far worse than what I thought they were going to do.

You might not be trying hard enough.

It's Liko's birthday. Celebrate, you sick fucks.

Episode 2 is still one of the best Kira episodes in my opinion.



The episode were I thought I would like her.


This, THIS might be the only good thing that came from the gohan blanco meme despite how it fucking insults mexican anime fans everywhere, because this actually fits, and also because im pretty sure theres at least 1 person in mexico whos actual legal name is 'Julio Blanco'. and yes, i know he is gonna be refered just as 'rio' in that form

Also, this is adorable as fuck, i just hope ep 42 gives us excelent moments and an epic brotherly battle, seeing as that ep is gonna be pikario/rio and kirarin/ciel finest hour and the closure of their arcs.

Do not lewd lovely cat!

Ellen is adorkable.

Then you unfortunately got the shit taste disease. Such a shame.

Himari is an even poorer man's Yayoi

That's what you get for liking yellows.

I haven't watched Smile yet, but she's a blast.

I think Himari has more reason to be shy and antisocial, also in some points Yayoi feels like otaku bait, reason why she's abnormally popular.

It's Pocky & Pretz Day.

is it sunday yet

why is it pocky and pretz day?

did pocky was released to the public that day god knows how many years ago?

or is it stupid marketing bullshit like pic related?

It was yesterday.

Similarly, in China it's Single's Day, which is also Chinese Black Friday.

>black friday.

ours is next wekend here in mty. hope im ready enough for the not-necessarily-lethal onslaught.

i really need to buy a new tablet.


11.11. was also the bass day (ベースの日). I appreciate it.

bwum bwum bwum repeat until the real guitarist has a solo

Hateful comments like this is precisely why we need to celebrate bassists

But Mio was the worst keion

I've heard it's Liko's birthday. I have a present.

Is bullying Riko allowed on her birthday?


THta is the Iron mask of Precure?
>They see your dick.jpeg

No only fucking Liko is allowed


You don't FUCK Licco, you make love to her.


cute kirarin

it is intriguing how Kirarin and Pikario look more cute and appealing than Pekorin, despite looking essentially the same except fot the hairdos.


heres something for all fairysexuals and bibfags here i just found.

>they removed the carrot episode
Sick bastards.

i hope i dont get banned here, i mean, theres no dicks or nipples here, so we cool right?...

boom boom I love big tits