Maid dragon

When is the S2 happening?
We need more high impact sexual violence in loli edition

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The SJW dub got some really really wrong fanbase to this anime

Is this from the same artist drew that Love Live abomination?

they went out of their way to skip iruru
no season 2

You'll get nothing and like it.

>SJW dub
Redpill me on this
>that pic
I think it's an interesting take on the characters. So what if they're not 'hot' anymore?

>Redpill me on this

Full of examples like this
Yeah is really tye actual dub


Not the same art, they are a lot

Just kill me now.

Its just a fucking joke


Hopefully never, what a fucking travesty it is that this exists.

What's with their obsession with blackwashing anyway? For a community that whines so much about whitewashing they're pretty hypocritical.

they can ignore iruru for expanding on elma, lucoa, and fafnir-dono.

muh representation

The funny part is that image is whitewashing as well.

>ignore best girl


No thanks.

Are you having a stroke?

i think this is what i hated most about the fandom. everyone constantly parroting the phrase "dont lewd the dragon loli" when the FUCKING AUTHOR DRAWS HER NAKED AND LEWDS HER HERSELF

she is an inherantly lewd, sexal loli, and people are pretending like some line is being crossed when she does something sexy. like come ON, that's the fucking point of her character. fuck reddit, they call people pedophiles for liking lolis, then immediately jack off to 14 year olds and make excuses

>getting this mad over a literal meme

Not that guy, but there were actually people who felt lewding her was wrong unironically.
Plus it's a garbage ironic anime weeb-tier meme anyway.

why do they have hairy legs?

>everyone constantly parroting the phrase "dont lewd the dragon loli"
You mean R*ddit and F*cebook?

Nope, it happened here, too. It's a really popular show with Sup Forumsermin

burn this



This came out like a month ago faggot

Its so boring though.

>Tohru tries to feed her tail to Kobayashi
>Kanna makes the girl all hot and bothered by making some form of contact
>Lucoa has big tits
>Elma is hungry

The whole show.


Not really the whole show, the things you described are usually 10 second recurring gags, which happen at most a dozen times in the whole show? This is a 14 episode / 21 minute per episode series.

smool kunny

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid throws the notion of the nuclear family out the window and its exploration of what this relationship means. The odd couple Tohru and Kobayashi, both disenchanted with their lives, find comfort in each other's companionship. Tohru makes no secret about a romantic and sexual attraction to Kobayashi, and while she never explicitly returns those feelings, Kobayashi accepts her role of a parent/partner raising their daughter, Kanna. The series shines not for exaggerating their eccentricity, but normalizing it. As wild as its gag comedy can get, Maidragon isn't afraid to slow down and soak in a moment. It derives both its humor and heart from the mundane goings-on of this family. Through each other, they find a sense of belonging, of togetherness, of home.

None of them have a support system in their birth family, be it due to physical separation, trust of lack of care. By the end of the series, their family with each other allows them to rediscover home, their family makes each feel whole again. Despite her misgivings toward Humanity, Tohru find the acceptance she never got from the humans or dragons in Kobayashi. Kanna gets the loving and nurturing attention she didn't get from her family, while Kobayashi regains the feeling of purpose she lost in the monotonous, lonely shuffle of a regular life.

As the family circle expands, each new member finds something they were missing. Maid Dragon is an emphatic tribute to the power of family; how it shapes us, binds us together and gives us place. These invaluable connections allow us to feel complete and fulfilled. Family can be as regular or irregular as necessary to give you that feeling. There is no singular idea, as it carries different weight to every person.


>caring about anything that has to do with reddit


but she's catering normalfags with her wide hips. They should've made her thin like in the manga

>tell someone not to care about weddit

>I think it's an interesting take on the characters
you must be baiting

Yeah I'm sure normalfags are all posting about wanting to fuck a loli on their facebooks.

Christ has even "normalfag" lost all meaning now?

I want to how he translated the part where lil lesbo loli called a dude
>American monkey

tumblr art has nothing to do with dubs

In principle I think this change is indefensible, but in practice the fact that Sup Forums gets so butthurt about it (and, indeed, the fact that I agree with the substance of the change) makes me endorse it.

Shit flopped hard so dont count on it

but you are a normalfag for wanting to fuck kanna instead of this

Why do you agree with the substance of the change? It doesn't make sense for her character, she has always been oblivious to how her body and the way she dresses makes her look like a slut. Changing it to not only her being aware of that, but the implication that she wears such skimpy clothing because the all mighty patriarchy demands it, is nothing less than character butchering.

You should stop using words you don't understand.

flop dragon is dead

>3.5k sales on average
>Decent reception in the west and china
>2 spinoff manga greenlit

Try again.

>I agree with the substance of the change

>my loli tastes are less mainstream than your loli tastes
This is pathetic.

This image angers me on a very deep inner level to the point I find myself curling my fist uncontrollably

Let me clarify that I only agree with it insofar as I prefer the underlying attitude to sexual individualism expressed by the dub vs the sub. In every other way you are right, because the dub translation is clearly and intentionally inaccurate.


The author is a dude.

iruru when

Because tumblr insists on drawing trannies with manly features and hairy legs to signal that they're trannies, ironically reinforcing the mentality that they claim to fight against that trannies are disgusting.

I fucking hate tumblr. ZUN draws better then they do ZUN draws better porn then tumblr.

>nico is just a little nigger now

>When is the S2 happening?
this show was so bad

>implying reception outside of japan matters when those people don't actually support the show, especially China
>muh manga is irrelevant when shows that never get second seasons frequently get manga adaptations
>3.5k is barely passable and most shows don't get continuations
I hope this garbage never gets a season 2
>b-but BD's aren't as important as merch! Look at this chart!!!
Before you post that stupid chart, it doesn't take into consideration that a supermajority of all merch sales come from shows like One Piece and Dragon Ball. Shit like MD Hardly sold any merch to begin with and show producers have specifically stated that most of their money comes from BD's.
>inb4 posting actual youtube views from youtube and shit from chink youtube to try and prove a point but ends up not holding any water

tl;dr fuck off

>d-don't post that chart that clearly disproves my shitty arguments

Sorry, but I'm posting it, cry more little newfag.

any reason why the other category in the limited graph quintupled in size from 2003 to 2004, and sustained itself for another year?

Family of the Year?

>Decent reception in the west and china
hahahahahaha, implying the west and fucking ching chong matter

>watching dubs
Go away Sup Forums

The west is Trigger's only source of income since Japan doesn't care about their shows past Kill la Meem, and that was only because of the hype around the 'next Gainax', but people quickly realized that wasn't the case at all.

haha you too

why are you contradicting yourself with that ost?

You faggots are normalfags with that normalfag taste. You don't understand this meaning newfags

newfags of the year are maid dragons !

What exactly do you think normalfag means?

normalfag is Sup Forums's official boogieman

Can someone tell me what race the greyish-brown are supposed to represent? I’ve literally never seen them exist irl


So you're a retard after all. Got it.


Too bad we got infested years ago, the last nail was the lifting of prohibition on Nurutu threads.
Pretty sure Sup Forums is 90% millennials at this point.

I'm disappointed by the lack of doujinshi of these two.

The ban lift on Naruto threads was because the board was getting absolutely flooded with it when the manga was about to end. They even had to keep a sticky almost at all times during that last week. Closet Narutofags have always been on Sup Forums and the last few chapters of a 10+ year old manga was a monumental event. Nowadays they mostly keep to their threads and don't bother anyone with Naruto/Boruto outside of those so who cares.

>The ban lift on Naruto threads was because the board was getting absolutely flooded with it when the manga was about to end.
Why are you rewriting history? The ban lift happened because moot decided on a whim that it should be allowed, like how he decided on a whim at one point that the age requirement be lowered to 13 years old. Dumb shit ruined Sup Forums with his whims. And you're delusional or a damage controlling narutard if you think they literally only post in naruto threads.

I never expected anything better from moot, he unironically thinks Eva was a good anime, went normalfag and got literally cucked by the first female he thought he scored.

moot decided that after the manga ended and everything I said happened

Bullshit, moot didn't lift the ban to "protect the board from flood" or whatever the fuck, because even by pure logic allowing a new topic to be posted only increases posts, not decreases it. He allowed it because "nurutu is an anime too and this is the anime board", because he had absolutely zero clue about board culture or anything. And now everything the naruto pastas warned us about has come true, as expected.

kill yourself tumblr

Pretty sure it would be tumblrites who say "normalfag is a boogeyman", you stupid underage redditor.

That's why I avoid Maid Dragon threads, brings too many crossboarders and normans.

Hopefully soon, I need more thick, breeding material.

Wow this pasta is funny ironically yet also unironically insightful and well said. Who knew?

>implying there is anything wrong with making boring dialogue funny

>294k from pachinko

Goddammit SOS Brigade.

Do you also go to female comedian shows?

No I don't

The fact that the dub disregards it's main viewerbase is what makes it funny

>I'm disappointed by the lack of doujinshi of these two
the sad panda has some nice doujin works a new one is a week old they have a dick though

I know they're trying to be funny but maybe they shouldn't. Only anime like highschool dxd can get away with being ridiculous with the dialogue in dubs.

I'm one step closer to the edge, and I'm about to break.

Enjoy your feminazi dystopia.

this was a really disappointment

sorry wrong reply but kill yourself anyway