Boku no Hero Academia

New chapter is out!

So how much did Eri rewind Deku? Is he back to square one?

He reverted to before his super regen quirk was stolen by the doctor to give to AfO



he still has his scars when he catches her so no

Eri's quirk was not strong enough to completely rewind, Deku's scars on his arm


Hori forgot to remove the scars.

Is Deku the "kid appeal" character?

The ones in the battle with Todoroki are there, but the ones in the battle with Muscular are gone, see his right arm.

Did anyone ever explain the horn?

Most artists forget to add things that are supposed to be there in the first place.

Most artists would not spend a lot of time drawing specific details that they know would not exist.


who's driving Shigaraki's truck? did he just brood on top the whole drive?

Her head is having an erection, normal in the BnHA universe.


how is Dabi still a pretty boy with the fucked up skin

Who’s the mother?

Doomsday must have took the long way to the Villain Alliance HQ.

>Forgeting details of the Madman

Hori can be many things, but he is very atentive with the details specialy when is Izuku fucked up arns.

Doomsday is gonna go after Mina for bullshitting him. Red homo will rescue her.

Good, theyre a charm point.

It's all about the hair when making a pretty character


How did Deku alter the future Sir saw for him?

I know we meme this but it'll be the best arc ever if Doomsday is actually pissed about the wrong directions.

He punched it.

What are your legitimate issues with this arc, Sup Forums?

I think it was decent, even though "IT'S NOT OVER YET!?"

how is shigaraki a pretty boy with fucked up skin?

Because apparently his visions can be changed, which is good news for All Might hopefully

The climax of the arc is over and it was awful. So yes, the arc sucks endeavor's sweaty balls.

among other things, everything after Mirios fight

Aizawa being kidnapped leading up to absolutely nothing

I think for me I just didn't care about the villains. Also the arc dragged a bit at times

Todoroki genes

>Mina gave him the wrong directions
>he got lost and after a lot of time he finally found found his way back

little girl did not rewind deku to make he get his own quirk

or maybe she did and they showed no signs of it

other than that i loved the red stone guy fight

>everything after Mirios fight
>it was awful.
You guys have a bad habit of just saying things are a certain way without explaining it. Please elaborate.
It was to make sure Deku had a proper one-v-one. It would have been GG if Aizawa and Deku were there.
>Also the arc dragged a bit at times
Gotta agree here.

>Doomsday wanted to go to Springer Hero office
>Mina gave him wrong directions
>He ended up getting into a fight and killing someone do to his extra strength that he can't control
>labeled a villain
>Lives his life in forest
>Hears the post Stain report on the radio
>Makes his way to villain HQ
>Still walking to this day

If he hadn't been kidnapped, he could have easily stopped Overhaul's quirk rather than Deku go 100%.

I have a hunch that Doomsday is a senile/deranged Crimson Riot

>You guys have a bad habit of just saying things are a certain way without explaining it. Please elaborate.

I've elaborated before. The fight and climax with Mirio felt like a good end. The issue was "Deku needs a fight" so we get the bullshit at the end that feels tacked on. The tense but simple fight between Mirio and Chisaki turns into fusion bullshit and "muh percentage" bullshit and it doesn't 'fit' the arc at all. The fight itself is also pretty shit.


>"muh percentage"
This has been a thing since Deku got the quirk though. Everything else sounds like a legitimate gripe.

Hm, yeah, plus if Mirio doesn't actually suffer the consequence of losing a quirk it was a pretty pointless redirection all in all too

Kirishima's flashback was the only thing that disappointed me. We already knew he was insecure, so I didn't feel like it added much to his character. I've been on board with everything else for the most part.

He's not, he's ugly as fuck

Didn't feel like it connected to anything. Didn't like the characters either. I think Eri's design was lame. Overhaul's design was lame. The 8 precepts were lame, and (colored) Nighteye was lame. If I saw it in the anime only, I'd have asked if it's a filler arc.

It wasn't like... bad. Just meh. I like Suneater, and the big 3 to a degree.

He was at 8 then went to 20 and 100, when honestly just the 20 should have been fine.

It was a rescue arc that took place in a building with Yakuza and somehow turned into a fucking kaiju monster against 100% Deku, almost out of nowhere at the end. The arc never needed that scale, as the tension was perfectly fine with regular Overhaul and Mirio and the quirk bullets.

It'd be like if Stain grew 50 stories tall after the trio subdued him.

I hope he gets better at drawing longer fights. This one was going okay and then he just kinda lost it and it started becoming nonsense panels that didn't work together.

It didn't wow me the same way as say, Rescue arc.

Deku 100% is kind of plain, as OH once said, "speed and strength, is that it?"

Deku just charged at OH without any of his usual smart tricks so it was kind of dull

That said, the anime version will probably the hype as fuck

Remeber the theory that Overhaul and Sir were the same person?

She is a unicorn.

He is a Todoroki, they are all beautiful

Of course he is. It's so obvious that it hurts. They both have the same build and hair length too. Besides, It's about time we get a villain who was previously a pro hero.

Probably made Spinner drive.

Why does he wear the mask?

Kirishima's flashback wasn't about him. It's about Doomsday/Crimson Riot, and Mina. Fuck Kirishima.

>Unicorns have one straight thin horn in the middle.
>She has one small curved horn on one side.

Doesn't feel like that's what it's supposed to be.


>It's about time we get a villain who was previously a pro hero.
all might will fill that role


I doubt this, mostly because Riot looks human sized and the rock monster is not

More like Toshinori Yanagi, am I right?

I always loved seeing macho guys paired with cutesy girls

Character wise I think it's like a superhero eye mask to hide his identity but he's not a faggot so he uses a dust mask.

Story wise, it's so the audience won't know he's got the same mouth as Doomsday.

Dysfunctional, but all good looking

>Not liking Eri

> Riot looks human sized
How do you know? We never see him beside anyone. He could be a big motherfucker like Fatgum.


His arms seem normal aside his hands, which are still scarred. It's possible that she rewound him before he used 1.000.000% Detroit Smash

i don't see the connection.

>tfw want to see what "Interning for Endeavor" would be like but have to wait until Shoto gets his license

I want to see his sidekicks and shit

None of the characters were fully engaging. Balancing a large variety of characters is Hori's strong suit but it like wasnt the same series here. Eri was a plot device loli. Overhaul is a fag. All the precepts were fucking who's with no distinguishable personality execpt for Rappa. Mirio after he lost his quirk should not have stayed in the fight. I don't care about Sir. I don't care about Lockrock. Why the fuck were the girls there? Mina a character not in the arc showed more Heroics than a pro hero, a big three, and two girls committed to being serious heros when she's a slacker while in a fucking flashback. What the fuck is this shitty narrator repeating everything? Why are there so many flashbacks? How is Deku just relying on a loli supposed to be a conclusion he learned/gained nothing from this arc. He didn't get creative he just kept on getting faster. Also Hori's decking art quality and shorter chapters in some cases left a sour taste
Here's Suneater looking at Nejire in what appears to be disappointment

Oh its just another butthurt Miriofag

Oh let me guess you also think Crimson Riot vanished without a trace for shits and giggles. Right?

Yeah, Rocky just seems to big and monster-like

>implying Kirishima would compromise his manliness by sexing girls


Really makes you think.
>have to be good enough to be considered by the great Endeavor
>even All Might only had one sidekick

Then you retards would have complained about Deku not doing anything which hilariously enough was a thing that happened.

It's clearly a noumufied Crimson Riot.

>both have hardening quirks
>big motherfuckers
>Crimson hides his face
>Crimson Riot vanishes and no one seem to know what happened to him.
It's so obvious they're the same

Do you know what Riot's power is?

Do you?

No, what is it?

I would like to point out the most relevant thing Tysu did in this entire arc was carry Aiwasa after others did all the rescuing

Try me faggots

That's not true, she also did a successful combo attack.

Oh (You) fags

I like seeing mean baddies get curbstomped

Ah yes who could forget good old unnamed generic villain taken down in two pages
Clearly rivaling Tien in Super

Oh boy, you sure got 'em, just like you do every time some even hints at mentioning tintin's existence

Aizawa is her god. Of course she doesn't do shit until its time to help him

this comic practically proves kirishima and mina are gay because they have to be so ooc to be a couple

How does this help prove to you he's the rock guy?

>there are people who posses genes so undesirable that even nature doesn't want them passing them on

Aizawa jobs to teen girls and has baby hands

thats a very good thing

>Crimson Riot vanishes and no one seem to know what happened to him
When was this said?