Was K-on the anime that solidified MOE as a main selling point?

K-on has no content at all.
Has no plot.
Has no story.
It only has cute girls doing cute stuff.

Can we blame K-on for the current state of anime productions?

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Fuck off.

I am literally going to marry Azusa.

it looks good and i like the characters, thats its selling point.

The story is of people growing together and making a band work.

The plots are episodic.

Moe is content.

Fuckin tryhard wannabe muh criticisms douche.

>K-on has no content at all.
>Has no plot.
>Has no story.
All 3 of these are wrong.

No, literally everyone in Japan was gay and sucked cock before 2009 when K-on came out and then they all realized that girls are cute

Finally a K-On thread. Mugi best girl, but Ritsu is so based.

>Was K-on the anime that solidified MOE as a main selling point?
No. Seems hating moe is always hating what you don't understand.

Kyoani had 2 mammoth shows about moe before it

K-on just culminated it

K-ON thread!!! Finally!


Yes, fuck K-On.
Moeshit was a mistake.

>K-ON hate thread
Is this going to start another rewatch?

No, though this is a common misconception. It was actually Lucky Star that did this.

keighyonne invented anime

>talking shit about K-On at all
OP is cancerous garbage who watches edgy shit for tweenagers

This is what perfection looks like

t. butthurt shounenfag

>it's a "Sup Forumsermin doesn't understand character interactions/chemistry" episode

There's a show called Lucky Star you may want to look into

And this is just my guess, but Lucky Star was probably green lit due to how positive people reacted to Mikuru Asahina from Haruhi.

>it's a "moefag who likes series because it is comprised almost solely of fanservice and cgdct denies that without these aforementioned features he probably wouldn't like it anymore" episode
YES it has a plot
YES it has character interaction and chemistry
but its main selling point still happens to be their physical appeal.

Something tells me you didn't watch anime.


But you had shows like Hidamari Sketch that came out before Lucky Star, and Azuamanga before that. That's not even considering how popular these sorts of manga were fore years.

Most of the people who think that Lucky Star or K-On kickstarted the "moe genre" were simply unaware that these sorts of shows existed beforehand, and only started to notice them once they noticed them.

It's funny how tryhards think that if one show does't have some grandiloquent shit it doesn't have a plot.

It's pretty obvious too, if you're retarded enough to miss these then I'd have to see what sorts of shows they consider "well written".

fuck all the moeshit

>mfw shaft and kyoani are my favorite studios

Good premise doesn't matter if execution is shit



>K-On has no plot
How to spot a grade S idiot and newfag.

>K-on has no content at all.
>Has no plot.
>Has no story.
>It only has cute girls doing cute stuff.
Have you perhaps tried watching K-On?

It can't not have a plot and story. That's not how narrative fiction works. However, you could've argued that it isn't GOOD.

I am sure di gi charat aired way before K-on and Lucky Star.

what episodes are we on tonight?


I'm super confused as to why K-On always gets the brunt of the Sup Forumsreddit "moeshit" hate, when things like Azumamga had been out and popular for years.

Episode done ;_;

Happy birthday, birthday girl!

She is now a Christmas cake.

>show is all about character interaction
>characters show their feelings in subtle ways
>autism impairs one's ability to read people's emotions from their facial expressions / body language

Does this mean people who dislike K-ON! are actually just autistic?

I want to give her cakes and hugs

The only people who dislike K-On! is the ones who never watched it

azu-cat want's beer at this age

She'll always be my little duaghteru

>K-On! is the ones who never watched it
You bet, I will never watch this trash

Then fuck off?

Because the folks who commented on K-On!! like that are too young to remember Azumanga Daioh! and other such stuff from before they graduated from diapers.

Real talk - that's what it is. K-On shaped their views of what is and is not "moe anime" and they compare everything against it.

To be fair, you need to have a pretty high IQ to appreciate the subtle character development and plot in K-On.

loved it would watch again

>Has no plot.
>Has no story.
Normalfags are truly a cancer.

Happy birthday my angel

Who is best K-On?

This is now a manly JoJo thread

Dubs confirm it

It's a comedy, do you blame Seinfeld for having no plot or content?

K-On has a good amount of character development and heartfelt moments, too, especially in the second season.

tamako market was a mistake

I want to slap her fucking mouth for being so god damn ugly

We can go back even further than Di Gi Charat if we stretch OP's shitty ""definition"" of moe.

Mikuru is the typical example of the classic pre-moeshit moe character, though, and the audience received her lukewarmly at best compared to the others. It was Haruhi rambling about moe and other meta stuff that inspired KyoAni to make shows focused solely on everyone being deliberately moe at the expense of actual interesting factors like plot or (actual) humor.

Azumanga is a comedy that happens to have cute girls. Lucky Star is cute girls being absolutely unfunny. People don't actually hate moe, they hate shows that have nothing but moe.

I don't know why morons keep saying that kon is "nothing happening" anime. S1 has very clear plot progression with two arcs defined by preparing to their two biggest concerts.

>Real talk - that's what it is. K-On shaped their views of what is and is not "moe anime" and they compare everything against it.
Which is ironic because K-On is similar in no way whatsoever to the standard moe fare you get every season. They're using a show they've never seen as a standard to compare to other shows they'll never bother watching even though the two have nothing in common. These Sup Forumsermin are the epitome of cluelessness.

I like it because it makes me happy.


Lucky Star.


Read this: twolongfourtwitlonger.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/the-worst-anime-ever-made/


Almost every K-On! thread I go to has another official art I've never seen.


Instantly clicked but it turns out to be a K-on hate thread

What a load of shit
I really love Ritsu

I miss the rewatch threads

Don't worry, we made it a K-On! love thread. The re-watch threads came from an Azusa hate thread originally.