Who's your favorite boat?

Who's your favorite boat?

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You posted her. Good taste, OP.

as a plamofag this series and its designs make me hard

Please spoiler that image.

you shouldn't even have to ask

Haruna a best. KC or Arpeggio.


Nice taste tho.


My favorite boat is a bear.


HMS Cockchafer

Good taste

Yea Takao is the best.

I want to be a female admiral and turn bismarck into my sex slave

Flippy Wigglers

There is only TKO

God damn. Holy fuck.
Picked up.

Do it for her


Jesus Christ.



Can...can I get a cross section of that ship user? I want to see the layout of her...decks.

You posted her!

>no Kongou Cadenza figure

Daijoubu. Arppegio a shit.

its the only way you'll get to play your botefu in something that isn't kancolle or AL

embrace the shitty slavjew and their terrible conception of naval warfare


I like a nice boat


>reads spin-off manga
>suddenly moralfagging pacifist Ishmael literal who
aaaand dropped.

>doesn't have Battlestation Pacific

BSP is dead user

dead like your botefu

The lewd one

fuck i totally forgot about arpeggio manga, what are they doing in the currenta arc?


While posting gacha shit.

Kongou or Nagato


Do not lewd Kongou!

But she lewds herself.

She is elegant lady!

Mental models say they can replicate with nano machines EVERYTHING of the human body except DNA.

That means no babies right?

My nigga.

No contest here. Takao class is the cutest.

Takao is doing some research on bilogy to be able to carry Captain's child.

>tfw Takao was basically written out of the story because she became too popular too quickly and was going to undermine Iona before Iona could even get any development

How about you start reading the manga? I've already lost the count of relevant ships.

Making shit even more confusing adding new characters and cryptic dialogues between them..

Maybe I need to catch back up but last I checked she'd spent 3/4 of the series as a non-entity on some super sekret mission to get her out of the story.

How popular is the series? Still getting it's slot in young king?

Did Kotono literally become !yamatoKotono from some event in the fac4 fire?
What happened to Ashigara and Haguro?
Is Shouzou a part-human part-nanomaterial/mental-model hybrid with Musashi's 2nd core?
Is U2501 their love child formed with Lebe's core?
Is Sakura the admiralty code?

Find out next time on Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio!

>you will never embrace Kongou and tell her everything will be all right

>she will never raise you

The HMS Iron Duke

My nigga.

Takao is old and busted. Atago is the new hotness.

walk on me please


What is sex with Kongou like?


Not a boat, but I have a weakness for mechanic girls.

But they are mechanical girls!

The one who doesnt eat green peppers.

There's that new one, Azure Lane? It's Chinese though.

Yeah but that's basically a KC clone, with shallow bullethell for combat. Also there is jap servers

True, but if I actually had any time that wasn't already being spent on other shitty gacha mobages, it would be good to get in on the ground-floor.

Oh no it's good and I like it, but it's nothing like WoWs

Best duck. Great taste, user.

wheres the fuking cadenza scales at yo


Old and busted

>tfw every boat CANONICALLY gets bent over and fucked by their US counterpart

They look the same, user. Atago has shittier hairstyle and calmer personality but she's still Takao class ship (which even Yamato finds the cutest class)

It's the minute differences that give them their individual charms user
Different strokes for different folks but i love both

you don't have to appreciate the gameplay to appreciate the accurate warship models. god knows i'd never touch the game but i still love the glory shots

I want to sleep with Kaga

The very accurate models of a Kii with 10 cm's kek


Kongou is my favorite.

I want to marry a tsundere heavy cruiser


Also shota Gunzo and Kongo-mom.

Wrong franchise!


>salty load

Best boat, I definitely like Arpeggio Kongou the best.

>implying she'd ever do anything of the sort

>It's Chinese though

Captain Haddock projectile vomiting over the gunwale.jpg

Context check.

>loathes humanity and everything to do with it
>has MM and dresses like a classy dame

Has this ever been explained?

>implying stats matter as far as the 3d models are concerned

I can understand the appeal however, I think the black skinsuit is the best that this duck can get.


Fog ships that can support a MM gets one under the orders of Yamato.

The clothing is entirely dependent on the ship in question.
The classy dress is a nice callback to the real Kongou being built in the UK though.

Never did watch the new Appreggio, but do we get to see more of Kongo?

The art and designs are pretty good. That's all that really matters.


And she didn't even protest?