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You okay there user?


TYO a shit

>no Akarin opening
Traitor season.

>no dogakobo
Double traitor season.

Onna to Onna no Yuri Game best song

i dropped S3 halfway because its the same fucking bullshit and nothing new happens

S4 never hopefully

MusicFever and the Nachuyachumi opening are my faves. Shiawase Gift also has a similar vibe. Good shit


>Shiawase Gift
Great taste

I'm sad now.

>rape victim teams up with the woman who raped her to tell their story


Season 3 was the best season

Okay, I laughed.

I would disagree with you right until the episode where Kyouko tickles Sakurako's ass and pussy with her nose. It instantly became the best season.

why is Akarin so fucking cute?


because she is the best girl



Happy Pocky Day!



What are they, little girls?

I watch the Yuru Yuri Christmas episode with by brother every year. It feels bad that S4 never.

S3 was much worse than 1 and 2, but at least it was better than the OVAs. Who's idea was it to have a camping episode, followed by an episode where do nothing but talk about how they just camped.

objectively wrong my friend

who's idea was it to have like 2 episodes about a shitty girl who's nose bleeds and then an episode talking about it

Hey user say, Akkarin does exist, doesn't she?



It's like you can't even into the basic fundamentals of Yuru Yuri.

Chitose is a wonderful ball of grandmotherly yuri fantasy, all of her episodes are fantastic


I want to hug those two and nuzzle China's hair.

>nuzzles China's hair
>gets sucked into a Black Hole

what the fuck happened to you Sup Forums


The only people that think that S3 was bad are secondary that like the LOL SO RANDOM humor of the other two season, S3 capture the spirit of the manga better, this is a fact.



Yeah, but, like, the hair is less shiny dude

In all honesty, I think the show created a great identity of its own that S3 shat all over. I still enjoyed it, but I can see why people would be mad.

A black hole of pure fluffiness.


>le akari is invisible meme
You think you are funny? That meme is insanely forced and old. It never actually made sense, since she's one of the characters with the most screentime. I actually rewatched the series and took the same. She's the number one character, far ahead of anyone else. So think again if you want to call her "invisible". I know that success breeds jealousy, so that's probably why you want to make the most popular character in the series not exist anymore, because your shitty favorite "waifu" lost against her, but she won't go away. She will be forever the best character in the series, and your shitty character will live in the shadows, like you like in the shadow of your basement. There's nothing more idiotic than some fucking retard trying to pretend that who's clearly the most likable character in the entire series suddenly has no relevance and can be ignored or ommited or force an epic "she has no presence" meme. The only thing invisible are your girlfriend and your job, you utter failure at life. If you ever saw a girl like her, you would build her a shrine and worship her like the goddess she is. Not only you are disrespectful towards all the legit fans of the series, you are also disrespectful towards the creators and animators when you pretend that she's invisible. You can pretend all you want, but she's basically the main character whether you like it or not. She has the most air time when you take into account the quality put into it. There's just no argument to sustain the invisible meme and you are a fucking retard shit tier opinion for forcing it. It's been fucking years already, let it die you pathetic moron

you never stated what was wrong with it