What was his name again?

What was his name again?

Google reverse image search: "white person in anime"

his name is kira yoshikage


I don't get it. Reverse image correctly tells me he's November 11. If I change the text to "white person in anime" nothing noteworthy pops up.

Ladd Russo from Baccano!

I remembered

>it's been 10 years since anything DtB related has aired
That can't be right



I still don't understand what OP was going for.

RIP user.

Rewatched DtB this week for the first time after 10 years. It was even better than I remembered. Every episode was a goddamn 10/10 masterpiece. Even the ones I used to think were boring, I was just too dumb to understand them.

Wish they'd make a second season.

Havoc ;_;

>shipped him with glasses cake
>the ship I sailed ended as soon as it about to start.

you mean a third season?

Where's his stand?

How can there be a third season if there was never a second season?

They would need to make a second season before a third season, user

DTB 2 was good. Fuck you faggots

What are you searching, user?

>there was no second season.
What's this meme?

>there was a second season
What is this meme?
I wish there was a second season, there's practically no way they could fuck that up.


I unironically enjoyed the second season, although I wish I had watched the OVAs first.

Cinco di mayo.