Bakarina got a manga adaptation

Bakarina got a manga adaptation

Dumping chapter 1



Cute girilla.






>then I died

Who needs to show off a panel with a truck?




>Reika-sama doesn't get adaptation yet
Then again, I don't think someone can draw a contrast between her inner monologue and how people perceive her action.

Reika doesn't even have a LN yet.

She biked the Truck.

Wonder where Truck-kun got isekaid to?

when reika sama gets

when reika sama gets an LN adaptation we can expect a manga adaptation later down the road too










Can't say I'm too thrilled about another isekai, but I do like the spin that she's the rival character.

>all these bakarinas talking to each other

I wonder if the author just doesn't want any since Reika pretty much started this trend.

most otome game isekai stories are interesting

you havent read many isekai then, Reika and Piggy duke are also pretty comfy.

who is the piggy duke? The one with economics and shit?


>sponsored by katarina claes

Nah, its what if Harry Potter was a fatass that made a dumb keikaku and it took someone with common sense ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL, so that he doesnt end up exiled and killed.
Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You



2nd prince best boy. Heroine best girl





Last page of chapter 1

>2nd prince
>Best boy
>Not the rapist spy.

And if Maria could grow a cock she would take that title of best boy too.

I really hope that like Bakarina, manga apdatation of Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite and Reika sama would also get LN and Manga adaptations.
Those two are better than most isekai stories but they don't even have LN adaptations. Fucking Japanese shit taste

>the mom
It was a good adaption of the LN though

>the moment when she didn't even notice she was about to get raped
Why didn't any of her harem try to fuck her yet. They could probably get away with it because of the high chance that she wouldn't even notice or think it was a dream

>Why didn't any of her harem try to fuck her yet
Cause they are all cockblocking each other.

Her fiance did manage to kiss her which freaked her out and got her to notice him. But once her brother disappeared she completely forgot about it since she's an idiot who can't keep more than one thought in her head at a time.

This is my favourite WN; been waiting for the manga adaption for some time, now. Thanks, OP.

Translations stalled forever

I love mind councils.

>I do like the spin that she's the rival character.

That's pretty much the standard when it comes to isekai'ing into an fictional world that the MC is familiar with.

Much thanks.

Isekai stories are fine for me, as long as they ditch the OP stuff and RPG leveling mechanics.

Reading it right now, the mc feels a bit mary sueish with how beloved she is by everyone, but at the same time I like her because her goals and down to earthness are fun. Can't really find it in me to dislike her since I find her goal of "not getting bad ended" admirable.

I feel like that's less common with female protagonists in general

bakarina a cute!

My retarded Katarina can't be this cute.

Marie best girl
Marie should win the Bakarina bowl

It's standard otome isekai fluff now.

>Just to keep me from marrying the protagonist
Is this a mistranslation or is this girl actually considering it?

I think a lot of them have that "something special" that male isekai protags have, but they're either not very powerful or housing something important. It's less about them leading the action and more about them being the unintentional source of the conflict.

Isn't that the prince speaking?
Though I recall she did say she'd want to marry her if only Maria was a man.

She also raises Heroine's flags.

I wish I was still like you. Otome games isekai is basically a copy-paste isekai if you lurk into deep further.
The overall plot is basically
>wake up realize that she is reincarnated as main villain
>try to fight the flag
>the "main" heroine is bitchy
>in the end, the bitch heroine loses
Bakarina and hidden love interest are the exceptions.

>All her plans are so casual and shit
>accidentally makes a harem of both boys and girls this the power of a Baka?

Switch the MC's gender to male and it becomes your usual dense protagonist.

Bakarina is cute so its okay

and that her plans aren't some pretentious shit. Literally half-retarded, most of them

The kenkyo heroine isn't bitchy is she? I haven't read that far.

Kenkyou's world setting isn't otome, it's based on manga.

this novel was awful

Shoujo manga to be exact.

Ah it finally got translated, nice.

Reika-sama is pretty much an extreme SOL. Cute but pretty damn boring.

Glad to see the art is pretty damn good; this project deserves it. Most isekai adaptions are of a fairly low quality / effort

I assume this is a monthly release?

God, I wish more stories would do this with their dense MCs.

As in, if you really must write a dense black hole of a protagonist, at least take it to its logical conclusion and make them a retard in every sense of the word.

Kenkyo heroine isn't bitchy yeah.

I find most otome reincarnation isekai still have the decency to keep the heroine a pure Mary Sue. It's only the trashiest most self insert ones that turn the heroine into a bitch and the villainess into a dindu nuffin' to maximize self insertion value and ruin the whole premise in the process. Like, if you want to write a reincarnation story where you're a poor, trampled upon damsel in distress being bullied by some rude cunt WHY NOT JUST REINCARNATE AS THE FUCKING HEROINE TO BEGIN WITH?

Fuck yeah

explain this LN meme to me

>Adventures of Bakarina manga
Fuck yeah. And on another thing, has Bakamille gotten a manga yet? I know it got a Light Novel adaptation.

she's a baka

The feMC's name is Katarina and she's a dense female protagonist who thinks that the boys she interacts with will be her downfall therefore she's a baka. Henceforth Bakarina.

>ln translations are stuck for 2 months

Thanks for the dump OP.

Maria is the best girl


Little Bakarina is adorable.

Wakaba is a miracle of the universe who I want to hug and protect from bullies.
t. Reika
Now if only Reika wasn't a coward.

Amazing super power there.

>if only Reika wasn't a coward
But that's what makes Reika, Reika. Though I really do want to see her Demonic Fan return or something like that.

Is this adult iori from imas?

She's just a really nice person in a universe where being a scheming fuck is standard.

daily reminder that Bakarina-sama belongs only to Jared!

Anybody but Jared.
I don't know why but I fucking hate him.

This is the best shoujo LN.

Another good isekai with a female MC is Tilea's Worries. Tilea is more of a baka than the protagonist in this one.

Bakarina and Rufus is the best though