Kokoro connect

Is it Heartseed or Balloon Vine?

Why do they look like KyoAniis?

I love Inaba!

Is it possible not to?

Believe it or not there are some retarded fucks who like Iori more
Those people are wrong and should be mocked

Can you imagine being one of those Iori fags?

Dicks and bully

The cutest!

The sexiest!

I've masturbated to her too.

Lewd thoughts about Inaba are inevitable since she is the sexual ideal

Inaba isnt for sexual


Inaba is absolutely for sexual, but only with the man she loves after marriage
Vanilla sexual is the sweetest sexual

Inaba has the sexiest voice.

Not the best Kyoani anime, but I like it.

>people like Inaba even though is a complete slut who admits to masturbating to a boy

LITERALLY shit tier. If you like her, you're a complete cuck.

>only masturbates to the boy she loves
>masturbates to anything she wants
Inaban is pure.

Every time I think about this show, I wonder how it would have turned out if Iori died after episode 5.
Obviously it'd be better though since there'd be more focus on Inaban
Same character designer as K-on.

Get this piece of garbage out of here. The VAs of this anime are horrible people who should kill themselves.

I still don't understand why Terashima and Kanemoto got off easily.

Inaba's VA (Sawashiro) is literally the only one who didn't bully

We wouldn't have to sit through her rebel phase arc, that'd be pretty nice.

Just finished this, it was shit.

>people still over sensititve about it

What is wrong with a bit of bully? Also the guy got offered other job anyway.

Neither did Aki

It cost the guy another job because he passed up an audition for their prank

Dp YOU masturbate to anything you want?

>it's another Inaban thread
So original

>says somebody on Sup Forums of all places, after what happened to KitaEri afterwards

>believing the wild distortions of jap otaku

No it's bullies.

Did Sawashiro ever sound better?

Inaban is the only reason anyone remembers this show

Except that's wrong.

If we agree seiyuu drama isn't part of the show then it's definitely true.

>implying that Taichi wouldn't be 100% turned on by the revelation
Inaban is a best girl and it literally isn't even close

It's still wrong.

Is the light novel fully translated?