Detective Conan

It's over. It's fucking over.

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It is? Nice

You're fucking joking op. I don't believe you

should have been a kiss on the lips. Shinichi is such a fucking prude.

Bullshit. This will never end as long as Aoyama still draws breath.

Just like that Gintama gay kiss right? these kind of things don't mean much in the grand scheme of a story

I'll start reading again once it's really over.

How long will it take you to catch up?

dont shitpost m8, this story will keep going until my grandchildrens grandchildren will have grandchildren

I don't believe you.

not the same guy but,

if you dont read any of the filler stuff,

than probably less than 5 hours

I believe this, I have never seen a shounen have so little advancement in so many chapters as Detective Conan

How about watching?
Est. how many hours? There's so much filler, some good, some bad, and it's been so fucking long that I can't remember how many hours is actually worth watching.

>there are murderers, thieves and criminal organizations wherever Conan goes

This can't be

And they will still claim it all takes place in the same year

>Within a year, Shinichi went from using the portable bento fax machine to utilizing 5 dimensional zeta ray communication channels with the help of a micro dyson sphere located in his left ear

Within a year, Shinichi shared 304 Christmas specials with Ran.

I gave up after 450 episodes.

over, like how? Like, she finds out?

There's more chapters already than a year has days, so he's solving several cases per day now?

The blatantly obvious ship set sail after 1000 episodes. Haibarafags still in denial.

Wait he is all grown up now. I'm reading chapter 999 and 1000 because I thought it would be a big deal but I can't follow. An antidote? Who is the short haired chick? Has the past 300 chapters moved the plot forward?

for realsies?

New chapter when? The fucks on Batoto only re-translate the old chapters.

Can it be Magic Kaito's turn now?

I'm 700 chapters in. When does this manga get good?

>filler stuff
What did he mean by this?


What are you talking about?
We just had chapter 1006 last week and 1007 should be coming out soon

I did not know that some people are re-translating old chapters though. Hopefully the shitty ones that were from chinese scans

>last week
Huh? Didn't realize this month is still october. I think I accidentally turned on my time machine.

Lately Magic Kaito had been having chapters when Conan was on a break, it's a shame it didn't happen for this hiatus but hopefully next time

So it was a dream right?

>Ran develops PTSD as she can't even grab the mail without stumbling across a corpse.

I hate detetive conan for sprinkling important information in some otherwise boring chapters, so you can't just skip.


reminder that it has only been 6 months since shinichi shrunk.

Man I miss the times when DC was relatively new and there all these clever, cozy and spooky cases. The movies were also entertaining and it seemed like the main plot with the BO (and even Kaito Kid) was going somewhere. Now it just drags on forever and most cases are 99% filler with 1% hint at something plot-relevant. It's such a shame.

Sera is an overrated smelly boy.

Noooooooooooo !

How many cases has he solved since he shrunk?

No !

It's not over until the fat man gets murdered, OP.

Isn't that from a doujin where Haibara fucks Conan senseless?

Non BO related chapters
The mysteries are shit, most of the times they are about boring japanese riddles

291 so far, according to
In case you're wondering, there are 182 days in 6 months, so he's been solving around 1.6 cases per day without breaks
Apparently Japan is worse than Gotham City

but some of those cases turn out to be nothing. I think half of the detective boys cases aren't actually a crime.

>Haibarafags still in denial.
Haibarafag here, stopped caring about this 3 years ago. Now I just want them to finish sinking Haibara's ship so I can be free


That was beyond stupid

Have ANY of the high rankings members of the Alcohol organization been brought to justice? Surly at least the ones who drugged him?! they haven't have they?

>Detective Conan
>ever ending
Nice joke OP.

All the members are double agents though.

the ones that got killed by other members for almost being caught

I'm not falling for it this time OP

Oh dear. Sounds like a ride.

Is this an Captain Tsubasa crossover

Sorry but those are not filler retard.
Detective Conan has always been about the cases.








He means the Conan Bowl is over. Not that anyone other than Ran has even been in the running for over a decade now.

How many years has it been for the Simpsons?

>Not that anyone other than Ran has even been in the running since 1994.

>tfw will never experience the climb(tm) for the first time again


He should've died, or at least broke his leg

I love the movies.

That film was awesome the bad guy threw him out of the airship kek




Now that we're actually possibly maybe in the next year or so getting to the Rum arc, who do you think Rum is? The teacher? The ramen guy? The police dude? A combination of the above? Some fourth person?



This can't be compared to Makoto breaking a rock pillar with a kick

>captcha: camping group

>a Hind-D!


has it really been that long? jesus christ where has the time gone?



>japanese simpsons



Best OP


Detective Conan: Dancing all night long! when?

Well I doubt you knew what Conan even was in the 90s if you were even alive back then


These Rum candidates look so underwhelming compared to the Bourbon candidates

>japanese simpsons
that's sazae-san


But is it /ss/



Obligatory tree