How can one girl possibly consume so many burgers?

How can one girl possibly consume so many burgers?

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binge and purge

By being the best girl

Fucking fat bitch

Ebina is so fucking cute

they all go to her tits.

>consume so many burgers?

Does she have a stack more off screen?

I pulled off some truly heinous acts of gluttony in my teens. I believe in Ebina's lust for burgs to clear that tray.

Someone post the webm with the girl eating 25 BigMacs in one sitting. Nipps don't have stomaches, they have black holes.

She goes home and clogs her toilet with the shits she takes

that's a cow not a girl

Girls that eat a lot are cute

I used to eat the same amount of burgers when I got home on weekends from basic training in the army.

are u cute?

Maybe if I wore a skirt.

Those tits don't grow on their own.

You did good user. Happy veterans day.

Wrong pic.

>Burger as big as the face.

What are Sanae's Ten Desires?

to prepare for breeding

Isn't that my cellmate Ebina-chan?

Yuka kinoshita
I could eat 50 mcnuggets like it was nothing at age 15

Is... is that Carl's Jr?
62 burgers



Yes, there was a sponsorship for it




Anime girls have two weaknesses: They are weak against dicks and hamburgers.

So naturally, American expats are super effective!

Half the fat goes to her boobs. The other half gets burned by her head when she talks to Taihei.

pretty sure she just uses the street

Fatty fat fuck face fuck


Burger thread?


>cold burgers
oh man, how do people do it?

their sense of taste is long dead

You see what you've done OP? You see what you have wrought?

I know I have a burger image somewhere around here...

By winning the Taihei bowl

That's why Onii-chan has to fondle them to evenly distribute the fat

backspace this


I want one

fatty fat fat fat


Why is this savage not eating that burger with a fork and knife?

country bumpkin

all the fat goes into titties

the fucking dream of every woman eating sweets

>Go outside
>See this
What do you do?


>the fucking dream of every woman eating sweets

You sure are an expert on women, huh user? It's not like they'd find it inconvenient at all.


She burns it off by doing squats on to my dick.

tell her to stop shitting in my yard

she can pull my weed

Why do you think her tits are so big.

Girls are greedy little monsters. They will always eat more than you.


she values freedom

> "You're prostituting yourself for cheeseburger again, aren't you?"


>poor Bobandy is all alone now
There's no cheeseburger to fill that void

I would have a hard time finishing one of those.

t. skeleton

I'm a skeleton and I can eat like 10 without breaks
in fact, thin people usually have great metabolism so we should be able to eat more than fat people

She sure does know how talk her way out being a glutton. It would have been great if there is a clock so we know how long she ate all of it. Less than 30 minutes would be impressive.


Look at how big that thing is compared to her hands. Either she is super small or that burger is actually quite big.

>thin people should be able to eat more than fat people
That's a lie. Yes I know about metabolism but you are taking it to comedy levels.

Compared to Ebina's titties, how are yours? Are you at least a half-Ebina?

That's not an appropriate question for this thread. Or any threads on Sup Forums for that matter.

what if he is a hummingbird



she's a country bumkin, but she's definitely not from your country

>That's a lie
Yeah? look up most eating record holders
You'd be surprised how thin they are.


>record holders are normal people
If they were they wouldn't be record holders.

Man you cry for attention so fucking hard. It's honestly embarrassing to watch.

Every single threads I am that you happen to show up it's like you are constantly crying and trying your hardest to get people drooling over you.


yes I am an expert
and yes, they say it every time
praying that all the fat goes to the tits and not to the belly or ass

I mean that being big doesn't mean you can eat more / faster you fucking imbecil

Like, people think being fat means you can eat more


You're the only one paying attention to its trip

I didn't mention trip at all. I mentioned behavior. It's honestly beyond me why you would white knight that guy. You must have zero self respect.

It's ok if you want to give attention to someone. You don't need to act all tsundere about it hoping you'll get special treatment.

>tfw turn derailed into a tripfest
Daily reminder that trips often take their trips out to make anonymous posts as if they were someone else. I've seen a couple make the mistake of doing that and accidentally leaving their trips on.

If a random anonymous shows up defending them, don't reply. Just report.

easily, this is my normal breakfast

t. 9 year old girl


>unzip dick

Why hello koneko-chan, are you in need of an older sibling?

>white knight
Don't be stupid, I'm just calling you on your idiocy. I don't give a fuck about what that other faggot does, but you sure are annoying with your bitching. Kill yourself, and take him with you as well.



Guys, why do the burgers that serve me in Mcdonald never look like this? It's not fair!. Real life sucks!.

It's your fault for eating at McDonalds instead of WacRonalds.

Jim is one with the Liquor now.....

You all talking about burgers when pizza is better.