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All hail best grill forever and ever.

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Trash thread already. Good job OP

>frame counter

Kei is lewd


Could we get a sequel of her route? I want to see Ren use best girl's sword some more.

A challenger appears

>Being this triggered


Purest love. Nothing else compares.

It's not even a challenge if the girl is handicapped in the first place.

Newcomer who's finished two routes so far and is probably 2/3 of the way through the third. Some general thoughts:

Ren so far kind of sucks as a protagonist. I understand in hindsight that part of the reason why, from the get-go, he seemed kind of stilted as a person is because he is Mercurius' Ahnenerbe rather than an actual human being, but that doesn't change the fact that the way he was presented is not very good. You're told everything and shown nothing, especially as pertaining to his relationships and motivations--except Shirou. Shirou and Ren actually have a good dynamic in the story that makes them come across as genuinely being friends.

Reinhard so far kind of sucks as an antagonist, which is a direct result of the role he has in the story. He is an obstactle/phenomenon that happens to have a name rather than a person, and you aren't given any insights as to what motivates him or makes him special other than "foreknowledge allows him to do anything but robs him of all joy," "he alone was able to grasp the Spear of Destiny," and "he epitomizes a new law of Hegemony." It would have been nice if the story did more to show you what he was like before he became a host to millions of souls and/or tied the character more closely to the historical figure.

The most interesting members of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden are Mercurius, Valeria, Lisa, and Beatrice, probably because you are clearly shown what their stake in the whole conflict is. Bey gets an honorable mention for being a formidable antagonist who, refreshingly, is unashamedly ruthless and evil without being an animalistic retard like Schreiber.

I can't believe they killed her off so quickly in that route. Poor aho girl, jobbing right at the beginning of best route

continued from :

I wish the story didn't begin with Mercurius' monologue. The whole thing came off as being hamhanded and gives away too much as to what the story is going to be about.

The common route is kind of long. I would prefer that it was shorter.

Kasumi's route was basically a Bad End. I can't say I really enjoyed it, apart from the part where Shirou actually managed to kill Bey as a normal human being. That was awesome.

Kei's route was fine until the sequence leading up to the ending. It was extremely anticlimactic. You had those great scenes like Beatrice defeating Elenore and Ren winning against Machina being followed by an hour of escalation that amounted to everyone being helpless against Reinhard because they stupidly chose to try and fight him instead of leaving and then Kei's brother coming out of Kasumi to save the day. It felt really dragged out.

Finally, a question--assuming that foreknowledge did not contrive some way to ruin your plans, would it not be possible to permanently end the ritual in a given cosmic cycle by killing both Sonnenkinds?


Reminder that drunk Rea is a miracle of the universe.


>would it not be possible to permanently end the ritual in a given cosmic cycle by killing both Sonnenkinds?
This comes up in Rea route.
All I'm going to say is that you finish the VN as the last route really explores what the core themes of the story is about and goes into the issues you mentioned, there's a reason you have to read Rea's last.

Did you have to unlock the routes in a given order in the initial release of the game? I saw that the general recommendation on the internet was to do Kasumi -> Kei -> Marie -> Rea.

If we talk about the complete release (Acta Est Fabula), you first had to do either Kasumi or Kei, which would unlock Marie. And doing Marie would unlock Rea.

See seiya-saiga.com/game/light/diesirae.html

I want to fuck Marie

Fuck off you pretentious cunt. Every single thing that comes out of your mouth is a more ridiculous lie than the last


Gilgamesh is not from Mercurius's world, so Mercurius can't just wish for him to not exist. Furthermore, Enuma Elish is an anti-world NP. I'd say Mercurius is fucked.


Is it confirmed whether the anime is going to be following a specific heroine's route? Betting on Marie if so.

This makes me incredibly sad. I want to be her tutor.

Not confirmed but it's highly suspected to be Marie's as that route is the only one that works on its own anyway.


Watch it be anime original and end with a trailer for Pantheon.

Dubs confirm it.
Seeing how things were changed already I wouldn't be surprised if this happened.

Didn't Masada say back when the crowdfunding ended and they confirmed they'd do a full TV adaptation that it would be Marie with some stuff from other routes?

Why exaggerate everything? why not just get to the fucking point?

What point, user? Complicated and overwritten prose is the point of dies.

I want to fuck Kei AND Rea.

Isaak lacks emotions and basically speaks like a machine. I don't see anything wrong with that.

>I want to be her tutor.
Read that as "I want to be her tumor".

Mercurius still more powerful than him though

Can Kei beat this guy?

Fucking jobber.

Gilgamesh has the largest jobbing record of all.

What about Lancer? Guy can't even hit with his guaranteed hit NP.

Yeah but Cu doesn't have an annoying wankbase that actually thinks Gil would win against one of the three commanders.

I always wondered what would happen if pic related met General Esdeath. Would they get along?

This thread needs more FOREKNOWLEDGE

The only woman that Eleonore sort of liked was Beatrice. Anyone else would get railgunned.

All Eleonore needs is a spark of her cigar and a smug face to burn Esdeath to cinders.

Esdeath would bitchslap her for same reasond Brenner did, only it would be more painful.

Pretty sure Eleonore's presence alone would be enough to melt Esdeath's ice.

Why the same? Aren't they both very into murder? Doesn't seem like Esdeath would be all 'womanhood is important' like Lisa.

I'm a filthy secondary and this is the only show that interested me this season. What was this series all about?

It's about God and the Devil making a bet. Also, there are Nazis.

Play the game and see.

Why are there all these threads from a 2000s anime all of a sudden?

>this is the only show that interested me this season
There is bad taste, there is shit taste and then there is this.

It's not like there's anything else to watch besides kekkai sensen and may be kino. But I agree that calling this adaptation "interesting" is really, really weird.

Who wins? They have mostly the same powers (super armor, one-hit kill spear that makes them job once they use it).


I actually would like it. It's interesting to see something new hat wasn't in the VN.

I can already imagine how bad the backlash would be though.

Karna is retarded faggot so Trifa.

Considering not many people watch it in the first place nothing big would happen.

>Everything happens as Marie route's ending when they open the singularity
>But then we get the scene of Rea's route with Renhard's past
>"I love all and everything"
>Reinhard vs Mercurius

Well shit.

It's about cuckoldry and a bunch of autists

>FOREKNOWLEDGE comes to an end
>Our FOREKNOWLEDGE also ends

Find me a scene more Kino than this.

Protip: You can't.

Maybe not as good as that one, but I just love the scene where Marie embraces Mercurius at the end of Rea's route, specially the part where he sounds like Ren for a brief moment.

Give me an Ahnenerbe and a kickass codename and I shall help you.

Trifa is a fucking jobber.

Karna has literally never won a single fight though.

Karna's also a jobber

Trifa isn't a jobber, you are.

Probably a double KO, if they use their NP/Beriah at the same time.

Sit down fake priest.

>Strongest in the LDO after Reinhard and natural counter to Trifa
Of course he is gonna job to him.

King Hassan vs Machina, who wins?

Does the bell ring?

The one who hits the other first.

King Hassan is too slow. Gets one punched.

Wilhelm vs Legend of Drácula Vlad, who wins?

They're kinda even, but I think Wilhelm would triumph in the end, thanks to the energy-sapping his Beriah provides

Wilhelm absorbs everything in his Briah be it electricity or magical energy,

Both of them get killed by the superior vampire.

Is is just me, or does Methuselah vaguely resembles Yato?

8000 souls Wilhelm is already beyond Alucard. What do think would happen if this all you can eat buffet of souls appeared before him

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this

Ancient mythological gods all resemble Mercurius who Yato resembles. Jesus probably looked like Mercurius.

>Mercurius faces stronger than saberfaces.

>The one he had yet to annihilate. He who had been the most worthy of his love. To separate him by a wall of friendship was an insult to his credence
Is he confessing his love to Mercurius here and saying he is more than friend to him?

>implying Alucard wouldn't butcher him and absorb his soul
Alucard killed vampires and nazis, therefore, Alucard can kill Wilhelm.

No. He's saying he treated him in a special way from everyone else, like an equal, and instead should've shallowed him in his destructive love like the rest.

Weak Nazi who don't crush entire continents. While Wilhelm is a true ubermensch who protected his waifu from an evil black man trying to NTR him.

Midas Philosophorum

user's Assiah allows him to reduce the metaphysical value of anything he touches down to his own worthless value of zero. Despite the fact that user is an Ahnenerbe wielder, he is but a simple human and his shoddy third-rate body would surely crumble were he to suffer even a single gunshot. However, by diminishing the value of a fatal attack or a mortal wound, he can protect his untainted inferiority from superior existences. By reducing the distance between himself and a destination, he can achieve ungodly speeds. By tarnishing the sanctity of a diamond with his unworthy touch, he can lower the pure gemstone to the level of mere talc.

Yetzirah: Creatio ex Nihilo
user's Ahnenerbe which takes the form of various constructs created out of nothing. Because user considers himself to be a worthless existence that will never be loved, he supposes that anything forged by his petty hands must also be worthless. Therefore, no laws of equivalent exchange are being violated with the usage of Creatio ex Nihilo. To be able to truly create something of value out of nothing, one must upturn the laws of the very universe. In order to do that one must be truly special, unlike user.

How far do you guys think would make it in the Gr/a/nd Guignol with just Assiah and Yetzirah?

>8000 souls Wilhelm is already beyond Alucard.
Confirmed for not reading Hellsing, the work to which Dies Irae is what Fifty Shadey of Gray is to Twillight.

Pretty good until he meets the three commanders since he would only do shit from sidelines. Afterwards he gets a speed trip to Gladsheimr though.

It's pretty much on point too.

2D world creation.


But can this Super Aryan 3 Señor beat Gohan Blanco?

>We've arrived at a point where the birthday of one of the most evil persons of all time is celebrated

Man DI has gone too far.