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You genuinely seem quite slow.

Prove it!
Can't be the fastest in the universe when you're dead.

F-fastest in otherworld coming through.

Well at least your death was quick....
Oh wait...

Why did nobody tell him that you get faster automatically by getting stronger?

Speed is defined as distance over time and there's a guy that can move within stopped time in your squad. There's also a species in the universe that has a teleportation technique with a soft limit on distance. Speed also strongly correlates to powerlevel because flight is Ki based, and you're not even the strongest in your squad.

Because that's wrong. You get faster the redder you are.


Why is the sound so sharp and tinny and the video so sharpened, oversaturated and in the wrong aspect ratio?

Fastest jobber?

Holy shit, the voice actor for Goku sounds like he's acting in The Room.

1) Burter is the fastest in the universe
2) The Flash exists within the universe
3) Therefore, Burter is faster than the Flash

Capeshit BTFO

But jeeth is not faster than burter

But all three of these statements are incorrect.

>so fast that he dies decades before you
Nothin personnel kid

This logic is completely valid, user.

1) Burter is not the fastest in the universe
2) The flash does not exist within their universe
3) Therefore, Burter is not faster than the Flash

... and that's actually invalid logic.

3) Therefore, there is no way to prove that Burter ks faster than the Flash.*

>no way to prove
But that's wrong.
>if p, then "Burter is faster than the Flash"
>therefore "Burter is faster than the Flash"

Logic can prove (almost ?) anything. It's the work of the Jew.

>Burter is the fastest in the universe
prove it

Except statements one and two are false meaning it cannot be proven as p is not present.

He is fucking Burter, fastest in the universe

Emphasis on the "fastest in the universe" part


but hes not even the fastest in his squad