Best dragon ball super char coming through, he will be a god of destruction, outfit was made for him

best dragon ball super char coming through, he will be a god of destruction, outfit was made for him

Really the saving grace of the ToP, at least until that new animator came god damn

*saves your series*


yeah right, shes just fusion fodder for kale and kafla

Frieza has quickly become the most interesting character again

>Clothes made for him
what did he mean by this?

*predicts your instant transmission*

after 2nd death he was retconned/character progressed to be more calm an conieving and frostlike, for the greater purpose of having a new guy join cast. all the other antagonists did. in buu arc vegeta killed people for a fight with goku.

never once would i have guessed freeza becoming one of them


>he will be a god of destruction
>implying Beerus isn't going to Hakai him as soon as the tournament concludes

Denying facts

goku literally wont let him
goku wants freeza back
freezas characters changed for this
oh right hes literally already back on the same team as goku and has helped goku more than his son or vegeta ever did

these are meaningless
anyone can cherry pick data from an entropy based system

>this week
Now stfu

Kinda what happens when everyone else sits around with their thumb up their ass waiting for Goku to do something.

>not understanding the system of viewers and the show are technically an entropy based system with the graph being based on unprovable axioms of faith

or just reply with another post implying you understood nothing

Frieza would enjoy his job too much, he'd be a terrible GoD.

Couldn't be worse than Beerus

dont forget
>s-spirit bomb?
>here goku-san, freeza will don8 to bomb and save u

freeza dindu nuffin wrong

Not really.

He's done very little in this tournament. He mostly just stands and watches, while occasionally eliminating a weak fighter.

i understood nothing
but my point still stands

good, there was nothing to understand. i just used words you likely didnt know and concepts you didnt understand to force you to concede.

Why didn't Frieza just train before going to Earth with his dad after getting BTFO on Namek

why did he not finish training his new form?
nobody fucking knows not even toriyama, he just made it happen

Thank you Caulifla!

Cyborg Freiza wasn't a prodigy. Only full biological Freiza is.

Based monkey saved Dokkan battle

We liked it though

No we didn't

Gohanfags hated it, as it made Gohan seem like a retard since he couldn't adapt to Jimenez's IT after getting beat up by it for 5 minutes straight.

>Old ass Supreme Kai already took Gohan through some ridiculously long ceremony to unleash his FULL strength
>Chadfags still think he get can stronger

Explain this.

>posting worst villain

>day before the episode
>dead thread
Waifu posters killed this board

There is another thread.

>Frieza being GoD
El Grande Padre ain't stupid enough to do that. If he wanted the universes destroyed, he would have Zeno just do that.