Fate/ stay night

Fuck Marry or Kill

Kill, Marry, Fuck

kill and fuck all of them

Kill, Fuck, Marry

Fuck Sakura because of them tiddies.
Marry Rin for stable income.
Kill Saber because of them tiddies.

Kill all
Marry Caster
Adopt Illya
Make Rider a concubine

this guy knows what's up

But user everyone know that Rin only has that money because she fucks old men

B-but i don't want to kill any of them. I would marry Saber though and marrying someone and then fucking another is cheating, so i will leave this choice unanswered too

B-But I need to fuck Saber for mana transfer user. My wife Rin understands it too.

Kill Saber and Rin.
Keep Sakura to open a worm hole leading to Tsukihime, killing her in the process.

You're forcing my hand here, friend. Another word and i will have to reconsider my choices accordingly. my wife Saber understands it too

It's easy. Marry Rin, and Saber comes free of charge. You then get both.

Tuck them all in and fuck kotomine

Smug Rin is cute.


I just want Taiga

I don't think he's going to be fucking her, he's going to get cuckolded while he cuckolds her with wormy.


> ywn pass Avalon repeatedly to Saber and Rin to restore their hymen, just to tore it again next night.

EX-Rank wife material

Fuck Rin
Marry Rin
Kill Kotomine


Only acceptable answer. Would gently choke her in front of her fireplace.

The only acceptable answer is fucking Kotomine user

I'm sure he'd fuck the devil out of any TM girl. After all those years wearing the collar he'd probably explode or something.

God bless!

I choose the harem ending. The one that doesn't involve wormslut or the girl who fucks old men for money.

Kill sakura and then marry rin fuck saber

>yfw raider is your concubine


First post best post

Fuck Rin, Marry Sakura, Kill Saber.

Marry Sakura, fuck Saber, kill Rin.

I wouldn't be able to kill any of them. Or fuck them.

I'd just adopt them all. Shirou too

Fuck Shuten Douji
Marry Tomoe Gozen
Kill Raikou

Marry Iris and you get best girl and Illya for free.


Kill all, marry and procreatw with Astolfo

You can't procreate with boys

Does this prove babies are born only from lesbian relationships?

Just watch me B)

yes you can at least according some noukano and nostrike VNs

Kill Sakura
Fuck nobody
Marry my ideals.

Anything else is cop out and being a complete pussy.


Fuck lion, Marry gamepad, Kill girls.

This guy gets it

>Make Rider a concubine
because taking a greek concubine while married to Medea worked so well for the last guy

marry caster
fuck caster
ignore rest

Kill Sakura because I don't like worms. Kill Saber so she could return to her timeline. Fuck Rin who has the nicest body. Not too thin and not too busty. Marry this simple, understanding, devoted and cute girl.

Fuck Rin
Marry Sakura
Kill Seiba

You won't be able to fuck Saber after you kill her because she will disintegrate. Sex with Sakura and Rin would be much better if they are warm and alive. Dead human corpse does no moan and show lewd faces.

Hakuno is for Gilgamesh

>marrying an NPC

You cant, user

Mah nigga!

Sakura is a cutie.

Who is the better Rider cosplay.


Or Sakura?

DELETE THIS! rin is pure

She has worm in her pussy so no



>Sup Forums suddenly likes wormslut
What the fuck happened?

Get used to it tsunfag.

They grew up. Hatred for her was always based on misinformation and immature memes.

Like am I in some bizzarro Sup Forums where everyone magically forgot that she got raped by worms nonstop? This is ridiculous.

How can his anus handle enough mana transfer for powering up the reality sphere for tree fucking times

There was an all-ages version released that makes her a virgin.


>complaining about worms
>posts asuka
At least Sakura recovered.


At least Asuka is a pure virgin.

Sakura has very nice oppai but Illya looks way too cute in Rider cosplay

>At least Asuka is a pure virgin.
She was desperate for Kaji's seed, so no. She's a slut at heart.

>At least Asuka is a pure virgin.
You really enjoy digging holes for yourself, don't you? Asuka was a slut at heart, and Sakura is pure at heart. Not even a sakurafag.

>girls aren't allowed to have crushes
Still better than getting fucked by worms all day.



>wormslut denial

Option A: Devoted waifu that only loves you but happened to be raped

Option B: Slutty tsundere that hates and attacks you and is really in love with an older man.

But she doesn't. The new canon is that she's so pure she'd even kill her brother to save her virginity for Shirou.

If Hakunon is a NPC, so is Shirou.

Kill Saber after she receives the holy grail so she can archive her happy ending.
Fuck Rin because she's best girl but...
Marry Sakura because she would be a better wife.

>Option C: pure tsundere that loves you but doesn't know how to express it because she's a damaged, broken girl

>asukafags are this delusional

Fucking this.

>gargles Touji's semen

Kill and fuck Rin
Marry Saber

>HF route in a nutshell

Fuck Rin
Make Saber my pet
Save Sakura
Bring back Illya

Marry Saber. I don't care about the rest.

>The new canon
You mean your headcanon.


>Sakura is pure at heart
Wormfags really need to make up their mind.

Can someone translate these moonrunes?

She's pure of both body and heart. That other guy you quoted isn't even a Sakurafag, by the way.

The goddess of marital devotion is referring to Sakura and saying:
>I borrowed a pure girl's body to manifest myself.

Kill the wormslut, Fuck Seiba, Marry Rin