Shingeki no Kyojin

This what we'll be seeing in chapter 100

Please be so

If """it""" happens the stage will nuked with the audience

we will see armin and mikamika canon yes?

It's pocky day and Porco's birthday, post pigs


>in the hole

But is this not likely to be counterproductive for them?

Chapter 101 will be a flashback, Zeke will hide behind Eren when negotiating with SL

Why is Eren missing an arm and a leg and an eye and living in Germany?

He's only missing an eye and a leg.

He's been posing as an amnesiac veteran to infiltrate.


He likes it.

Grim Reminder 2: Titan Boogaloo

It's what happens when an Ackerman rapes you

It sells his injured veteran cover. He can just regrow them with titanization later.

I'm sure this is what's going to happen down there.


Whoever can up with that at such short notice is a damn hero

I'm really glad we got Porko in the story. There is only a limited number of titan shifters and I like him more than Ymir, so this is a good upgrade.

Grim reminder soon, lads

I miss Ymir. I would have taken Porko over Armin though.

How much Hange knows about Ackermans?

I'm sure Pieck is the less scaring thing that's going to appear in that hole

>tfw it took me this long to realize that Jean, Floch and Porco are just slightly different variations of the same character

Pretty much. Floch played the role Jean was supposed to play before he became a beta

I thought that was obvious. Ymir was also similar to them.

fucking nothing, nobody does

I just cannot wait for the doujins.

you're retarded if you think he would oppose the idea of saving a friend when he himself joined the corps because he lost a friend


It is obvious, I'm just a dumb dumb.

Happy Birthday! He is going to lose his virginity in that hole but not with Pieck

Pieck is scary.

authors often need those type of characters that look at things from a different point of view and shows that what the characters did was no always correct, Floch was introduced for that reason only

Good morning ~

fuck off

Isayama cant stop using default faces
, or eyes for that matter

Honestly a lot of the Marleyan characters have this disenfranchised side. Pieck was just as sarcastic as Porco after they discussed the plan to go back to Paradis.

and more Porco fanart

Has he really lost an eye? Surely hi eye would've healed by now if he lost it. I can imagine having to lop off his own leg daily to keep up the charade, but there's no need to keep taking out his eye when it's hidden behind bandages.

I must impregnate her

>two enter
>three get out

Shifters can control their healing, as evidenced by Reiner's arm not doing so till he focused on it when he and Bert revealed themselves.

Ooh you don´t mean that
Cute, Porco is going to protect Pieck. Will Hisu be there to claim Ymir´s genes?

Nah user, they have to escape. The prophecy must be fulfilled.

Right. So do you guys think there's someone waiting for them down there? My bet is it's Zeke.

The one who set up PP to fall into that trap is obviously in cahoots with Eren, since if they weren't, they would have asked for Reiner as well. And Beard-kun wasn't surprised at all that Reiner was missing.

Reminder to take your meds.

Or is a group ready to stop them from shifting. I think Zeke needs to face the bigger ranks in the military, while Piek and Porco just need to be eatem or stopped.

>Zeke will hide behind Eren when negotiating with SL
>dat pic related
Once a bitch always a bitch.
Jean >>> Flocke = Pork



Or it might just be Zeke's way of "protecting" them from participating/getting caught up in the coming carnage. I can't really see him plotting to kill Pieck, he seems to have a soft spot for her.

>t. deluded shipperfat

If the pit is narrow enough, they wouldn't be able to transform at all I imagine. No need to put someone down there with them.

yfw there are still people who think Eren would side with the Marley Elds. He's the only one who has any motivation to attack them because of his memories and what he has been through. No one else in Paradis has any real reason to go attack, especially with their lack of manpower. The only reason they're doing this is because Eren wants to.



>No one else in Paradis has any real reason to go attack
Yes, because obviously Eren was the only person in Paradis to be negatively affected by Marley's surprise attack? With Marley, it's kill or be killed. A preemptive attack to steal their shifters is definitely something the SL would do. If anything, Eren would be less inclined to kill mainland Eldians since he has his father's memories of living there.

Oh, wow, does this mean he's managed to fine tune his power to the point he's abusing it to appease his ragetard tendencies?

He semed to care for Annie-chan too. But face it, Zeke is capable of leaving behind others for the sake of the bigger goal. A guy who accused his parents hardly would be soft for other people. Also, why would he want to spare them when the 13 years is curse itself?

Anons, remember that panel with Zacklay and the nobleman on the shit machine? Did he kinda implied he was a Marley when he say some of them were free from the mind control or something like that?

Levi, what are you doing?

Yep, he was talking about Zackley having "slave blood" as opposed to himself, clearly implying he's a non-eldian. Seems none of the noble families in Paradis are, with the exception of the Fritz/Reiss of course. With what Willy said this chapter, they might even have been invited along, to help him with his bullshit plan of letting his descendants and subjects atone for the sins of Eldia.

Earning extra fujobux...

Oh just watching this makes me cum

Isayama please

did you just realize that the nobles weren't the so called children of ymir? user Eldia was a nation and had all kinds of people in it and many of them went with the king, those without the eldian genes were made into nobles to keep the information of outside world secret while asians and ackerman didn't agree and were purged until kenny got friendly with Uri and ackerman were no longer hunted and that's the reason mikasa was still

I was thinking in the noblemen keeping some type of communication with Marley, but doesn’t make sense, they would have helped or got rid of BRA.

Yes. Very counterproductive. If Paradis were sane, they wouldn't do it. But the Paradis crew aren't exactly the epitome of sanity, are they? By doing this, they would effectively unite all the nations of the world (excluding perhaps Asians) against them. As we already know, at least the MEU has anti-Titan weaponry. So once an international coalition forms, the chances for Paradis start dropping dramatically. The mature choice would be to NOT do a grim reminder. But of course since this is Eren we're talking about, grim reminder is 100% guaranteed because 'Eren' and 'mature' cannot fit in the same sentence.

they were enjoying the power they had, the easy life they lived, the fake news about wall breaking showed how less they cared about anything other than their own life

>The mature choice would be to NOT do a grim reminder.
I think the same but I guess that would dissappoint normies and well grim reminder could be epic.
> But of course since this is Eren we're talking about, grim reminder is 100% guaranteed because 'Eren' and 'mature' cannot fit in the same sentence.
I think the opposite, I would like to believe that Eren is the one NOT doing the grim reminder, but it´s SL the one who are going to do it (to take the Coordinate back?). Pretty sure the Helos actor will attack Billy and some titan will appear.

Shitren pls

What if the whole point of ch 99 was to rescue the Warriors from Billy and his plan on making another Helos or whatever

Reiner is isolated. Porco and Pieck have been thrown underground. Zeke got sent off to the gates.

Maybe Zeke's plan is to keep the titan powers away from the Tybur family as soon as possible

>making another Helos or whatever
That´s where manlet enters, he has Kenny´s hairstyle now.

I miss Mikasa

We know, Jean.


i wish she existed

Reminder that Eren is around 6ft based on this chapter

Just age up and put battle wear on Gabi

Post your favorite endgame

I doubt all nations are in the festival. Maybe other powerful nations are just waiting to see what's going to happen.

but gabi is annoying

Their son will be the smartest and strongest ever.

Honestly, this. We already know Willy is looking to create a new "narrative". Zeke is trying to stop him, and Eren is helping him.

So cute!

Reminder that Pieck knew something was up and gave that guy a message.

And SL are the retards that are going to give Willy the narrative he wants

She told him that she is going to rape Porco

Reminder that trapdoor guy is a new character altogether,

Bertolt coming back?

Why is she so loyal to Marley cock?

she little poked fun at how 'smart' it is to send 4 children to such a mission, she probably only cares about those she knows are is close to


if you knew you are going to be ambushed, you wouldn't have done the same?
her loyalty to Marley has nothing to do with this.

>Shingeki no manlet.

Because she has Marleyan friends?

Friendly reminder that Annie:

Gabble gabble. Cuddly Gabi > Galliard.

Why are Chandler and Sachin such ledditors?