Just what are they feeding this big bat?

Just what are they feeding this big bat?




Whole humans and oddities.

While she was human, she made french dishes for herself.

Off Season can't come fast enough. Loli Shinobu is adorable and has great gap moe, but I need to see more happy big bat.

small shinobu for headpats
big shinobu for lewd

I'm going to headpat and lewd and adore every Shinobu.

I'll make sure to bring some donuts and donations next time there's a bat signal.


garlic filled donuts

>big bat hates donuts but can't stop eating them

click on OP's picture... there are moonrises and latin letters. Zoom in in the lower left corner and you got url with the title of the movie.

I'm pretty sure she only cares that it's a bad combination. She can ignore babby-tier vampire weaknesses.

She consumes donuts, coffee as well as other human foods just to satisfy her wants and is a form of gift from Araragi. She also consuming oddities from time to time, which gives her more power via reserves of ghastly energies. Araragi's blood is what's giving her nourishment and is keeping her alive. Consequently, it also gives back their powers back bit by bit so Araragi needs to take some blood back from her to keep their powers at a certain level. This is to maintain their status as non-harmful. After the two of them has been employed by Gaen, it is possible that this bar is raised a bit as a requirement for their job.

The bar seems to be Araragi not personally using vampire powers. That was what was causing him to turn: thinking of vampire powers as his own. However, if Shinobu drinks a fuckload of blood and then pulls some bullshit with the extra power, it's fine. They already expect her to have vampire powers. Hell, from what Gaen was saying in Koyomi, Shinobu needs a bit of help to seem vampire-like after how laid-back and affectionate she's become.

>female writhing in pain in the subway with their feelings laid bare instead of trying to control everything or plotting
that was the greatest part of the whole anime/manga

I want to drink her bat milk

>if Shinobu drinks a fuckload of blood
What is too much? Nobody really knows except her. She could drink all the blood she wants and Araragi would not know it is too much unless they get sun burns. My guess is that Shinobu is the one giving the cue when he needs to take blood from her and how much. The success of that pairing really depends on the original vampire. If Shinobu was a bad vampire, Araragi would have been dead a long time ago. Gaen was so sure that Shinobu would have killed him after reverting to her original form. I bet she did not expect her get that attached to him.


In Bake it seemed like they were both still figuring that out like when he told her when to stop before fighting monkey. Also at the time he was only going to the school on a routine basis, she couldnt just drink from him whenever she wanted. Meme was the middleman in that too, he probably worked it out with Shinobu how often to have Araragi come over so she didnt have to talk to him herself.

I still can't believe they didn't fix this

Owari II was fucking ugly in general but this is inexcusable

I want to give her all my blood.

>Meme was the middleman in that too, he probably worked it out with Shinobu
Araragi is just too dense to the core. They should be able to feel each other because of their connection. Yet, he does not pick up what Shinobu feels. With Meme gone, Shinobu is the only one who decides how much and when. It had been repeatedly shown that he rely on her advice on important matters and that surely includes their blood-sharing. It would have been great if they showed and give more details about it rather than leaving it as an implied off-screen activity.

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I wonder if Shinobu is aware that this blood sharing is actually sex. They probably did it more than 100 times

>her eyes being fucking CROSSED is sexual

Cow blood.

I also want to see more sensual blood drinking.

How come kizu anime sucks so much?I enjoyed bake but kizu's pacing was the worst and they had the audacity to make it 3-part-movie?

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She should have figured that out on her own after he French kissed her. If her mind went blank a bit during that, imagine what she does when he drinks her blood. They've done it 100s or even 1000s of times already by musubi. I bet Araragi and her would take a sip of each other's blood whenever they are alone. That is the vampire version of a quicky.