Boku no Hero Academia

>"Hey kids! Let me tell you about the time I helped the Mighty Deku save his now wife."
>"I wasn't too bad back in my day..."

Fuck off, you quirkless freak.



yes sir

This has to stop now. Yakuza created antidote, fucking speedreaders, I swear.

>they created antidote
Where is it?

Think on the brightside fellas. If Mirio hangs himself, he won't go through the rope this time.

Why doesn't he have his power back yet, huh? Explain that, smartass.

In the van, you idi-OH, SHIT!

How lewd is Kyouka?

This made me laugh than it should have.

Amajiki is so fucking gay, it's almost unbelievable.

Not at all, she is a pure and lovely girl

poor guy,

got shit on because the mangaka needed to have the MC take all the glory,

even the loli went back to the villian just so that the MC can save her once again

How dare you slander best girl

LOL damn i love mirio
But shiggy doing somethink like that is awesome aswell

Ahhh poor mirio
Hes my selfinsert ; stop bully

When are we gonna find out what Gran Torino was doing?

>But shiggy doing somethink like that is awesome aswell
Yeah. Boy's growing in da man.

>Good parts
Mirio fight and subsequent quirk loss
Fatgum & Red Riot vs Rappa & Bubble Buddy
Twice & Toga telling the yakuza that they suck, the flashback explaining their quirks in detail, and wall boi getting ass mad
>Shit parts
girls not doing anything, may as well have brought ear jacks to scout out wall boi and the other goons in the shape-shifting labyrinth
o my rewind quirk yet another one for all 1v1 smash harder finisher
pro heroes jobbing hard, basically look retarded compared to Deku and Mirio carrying the entire fucking operation
pointless fucking Red Riot flashback

Hopefully soon, and he better not die.

It's not slander, it's a question.

Tracking down Tomura, right?

Does this look like a lewd woman to you? An absurd statement, truly.

The MUH YOU CHANGED THE FUTURE shit was also underwhelming as fuck.

I don't get it. Why did the eye sensei that can cancel powers when he looks at someone say sorry to Deku? Wasn't taking away the girl's power helping Deku?

When Ururaka confesses to Deku, what do you think he'll do? From what we've seen so far, I think he'll say yes just because he can't wait to have his first girlfriend, and they'll grow from there.

It's a Victorian Era friendship, stop saying he's gay!

very lewd

look who's talking

I wish she was lewd though

Not gay but I'm ok with this
It'd be funny if him and Mirio got together after this

Leave best boy out of this

It will be cute

To be fair there is literally nothing gay with making lewd things with a cute boy like Kirishima, I say this as a 100% heterosexual male

works for me

you might be gay user

I can't be gay, it's the boys who are too girly, it's all japanese sorcery, IT'S NOT MY FUCKING FAULT
Look only Kirishima, Ojiro and maybe Amajiki are attractive to me, that means I'm not gay

Hey dude, it's [CURRENT YEAR]. It's okay to be gay.

What the Amajiki fight/flashback?

This pic is wrong user
pick one

>Kirishima, Ojiro and Amajiki

I could give you Amajiki and Kirishima but Ojiro is not girly.

Can't Eni or whatever her name is just revert him back?

>He will never have a wife or kid because Amajiki keeps eating them as they don't deserve his sun.


But he has a nice tail, nobody can resist that

Give him a better haircut, add tits and larger hips and it's a girl, try it

Please don’t include tail man in your homo lust, he is pure

Kirishima is manly. Rappa, who's also manly, confirms this.

Amajiki is his wife, and swallowing Mirio's cum doesn't count as eating his children

But the tail is a slut.

GUYS ALEX JONES WAS WRONG! It's not the chemicals in the water that's turning us gay - ITS THE ANIME

Once I draw him I'll make him wear a skirt then, that way it isn't gay.

Does anybody have the comics strip with (((japanese))) using anime to cuck occident ?

All we need is Mirio waking up to find him by his bedside in the hospital, and we're golden.

He allows traitor to play with his tail - he is not pure.

Ojiro is for no body.

As depicted here.

This is true, it makes out with Deku and then turns around gets intimate with Kaminari

This panel is so fucking cute!

Don’t do that, it doesn’t work like that


Is he even doing anything? He's retired isn't he?

it's never going to happen because as this chapter showed hori gives fanservice to popular pairings like aizawafrog so this confirms deku getting cucked by bakugo 100% screencap this

You can't stop me


But boom boy hates floaty girl and floaty girl likes fast punch kid.

Why won't anyone love sero ?

But that’s not Aoyama

Why Eri can't reverse drug effect and return his quirk?

Sero is great

Sero is for bullying

he's impure

If that was true, Midoriya/Todoroki and Kirishima/Bakugou would be canon.

I like him though.

We'll see, but what I think is that Hori won't have Eri use her power for anything other than this Deku vs OH fight because it's clearly shown she can't control it and she'd just be a danger to anyone she uses it on. If Mirio is going to get his quirk back, which I assume is gonna happen, it will be through that antidote that was mentioned

I can’t wait to see his poop joke animated

>a guitar with 7 frets

..the fuck?

as if homo pairings could become canon in a manga for kids

tumblr please leave

This is a teenager manga though
And gay teenagers exist

So how come Shigiraki has all of his hands again?

That is a very cute nobody

not it japan, unlike the west they don't propagandize faggotry to kids

Are you retarded? I was commenting on the fact that if all popular pairings were to happen, such as Bakugo/Ochako, then as would the homo pairings which are even more popular. I had never said they would realistically happen so learn to read.

Isn’t the one of his face his dad’s or something like that? The rest are probably for aesthetics.


Nobody does that.

I'm glad I am not the only one to realise this.

>Nobody does that.

So how many of the Yakuza will actually join the Villains? Rappa is probably a given.

>Implying it won't be

Why do homos like Rappa so much?
Is that because gays like to be punched in the face?

Was there a point in making permanent bullets a thing?
The risk of being powerless would still had been the same regardless, mirio would be weakened and went through the motions of pushing himself to protect Eri.

>unlike the west they don't propagandize faggotry to kids.
No, they teach them to treat it as a childish fancy.

Any proof for your words? Say, an article about a teacher, telling to kids "and remember - you are only allowed to love somebody of your sex, eveything else is a no-no" or something this retarded?

I never said I liked him, it's just obvious that Hori is setting him up for a rematch with Kirishima, and he needs to stay out of prison for that to happen.

>Did I ever tell you guys I was one day away from being the successor to the greatest hero ever?

>/po/ is leaking yet again

There's nothing wrong with origami user


Pic related is all you have to do

>gay awareness
>tolerance faggotry
>sex ed
>gay fucking parades everywhere
>media full with homos
For instance tumblr universe is dyke propaganda.
>he prefers fujospam

>Eri rewinds Miro to before his quirk was erased from time removal