What is your honest opinion about Kyoto Animation?

What is your honest opinion about Kyoto Animation?

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Can I tell you my dishonest opinion?

Boring highschool girls over and over

mostly trash

moe is the cancer that killed the industry

Hit or miss.
Very competent at animating.

It’s a god damn crime Nichijou tanked

The greatest animation studio of all time.

Top row are all 8/10 at least except for Air. Bottom row is trash besides Keion. what happened?

Not perfect but mostly good.
>FMP Fumoffu

>FMP 2nd Raid


>Kanon & Clannad
Often funny, sometimes powerful but with letdown endings.

>Lucky Star
Muh references, but fun still.

Classic moe.

Bizarrely fascinating considering its subject matter.

Solid entry.

>Tamako Market
Forgotten and/or derided but I think it had a lot of charm. Could have used more focus on the main characters and less on the prince plot.

Kind of meh, I enjoyed S1 but didn't care to watch the rest.

I sort of liked it but it was just there and then gone again.

One of their strongest entries that shows the studio's strengths in all fields.

>that thing with the magic limbo dancing
Watched a handful, was not grabbed by it.

>My favourite: NICHIJOU
Bizarre comedy often dismissed as muh reaction faces, but plebs gonna pleb. Probably the same plebs who hated Ren & Stimpy or the Tick. Has a lot of weird comedy and animation.

Good animation, mediocre adaption choices.

I'm actually impressed they finally learned how to make a good anime. It's shocking they weren't shut down before having a chance to make Maid Dragon.

Good quality of production, too bad they usually use it to adapt some shit. Made no great shows since Nichijou.

Good to great animation. Clearly far better at managing their resources than most small studios.
Far better at handling character interactions and seem to fall apart if anything like a plot turns up. Haven't really cared for their recent shows.

I wish they would stop adapting their shitty in-house novels.

This, besides the Tomoko market movie.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Violet Evergarden, though, I think it has the possibility of being a return to form for them.

I respect them as a studio even if they don't always make things I like. Yamada is great though.

Waste of talent.

I wish they'd adapt battle shounen

Pretty much this. While they are technically skilled, they're also creatively vacant.

They're probably my favorite studio because they actually put care into shows that most other studios would just give to a B team to shit out. I love high school dramas, and they're the only studio that aims to make them visually interesting on a consistent basis.

Consistently good CGDCT studio. Occasionally make a must watch, OP and ED's are top tier

A little bit of a house style goin' on that's relied on too much sometimes, but overall the best animation studio in business right now. They need to really stretch their legs lately and get way outside their comfort zone. They can do 10/10 mecha insanity battles like Chuu2 had but they need to push that and focus less on perfecting quirky characters and more on epic, impressive animation. I never thought I'd say that. More stuff like FMP and less like K-On, in other words. Absolutely unforgettable characters like Haruhi and battles like in Chuunibyo. I wish they were the ones doing more FMP. Amagi Brilliant Park was a big step in the right direction.

Going 5 years with 0 characters who are in school would be swell.


Naoko Yamada unironically changed my life

I don't like their writing. They always make everything overdramatic.

I respect them. I think they're one of the best anime studios. I love Lucky Star, Haruhi, K-On and Sound Euphonium. I hate the trends they propagated inadvertently through no fault of their own.


3 out of my top 10 favourite anime of all time are made by KyoAni. So there's that.

they need to make s2

4 here, and three of them Yamada directed.

What the fuck happened after 2003?
Did designing good looking characters become too expensive or something?

Kyoani a shit.

Nice shit taste you have there

They have great artists and animators but Yamada ruins everything she gets her hands on


Hyouka and Haruhi are my shit, dunno if really interested in something else from them.

I like that meme.

Best studio of our time

Nichijou season 2 is my only dream tbqh

Why does this studio have so many sakuga sjw fags as fans?

>fans of moments of high quality animationn are also sjws

All of FMP is really good and that goes for most of their Pre-Haruhi and Lucky-Star anime (which are both really good) after that shit gets sorta rocky. K-On Nichijou and Hyouka are my favorite Kyoani animes but at they same time they've made stuff a lot worse. Chunni and Market are good but not great. Kanata is pretty bad and same goes for Hibike. Dragon maid was painfully average. Silent voice was a step in the right direction but we can hardly tell where they go next. Hope for the best with Violet I suppose.


I really like their shows but the thing I respect the most about them is that they always treat shows with proper care and attention instead of half-assing adaptions.

Yeah I can't imagine how much time and effort went into making Hibikek. The audio especially must have been so meticulously put together to sound authentic.

Aside from Nichijou and Hyouka, Kyoani sakuga never stood out that much for me. Overall their art is very consistent and has uniform animation quality. But it's very rare to see technically complex character animation from them, something with full body shots, utilizing perspective and vanishing points or animating backgrounds. Their fight scenes in Kyokai no Kanata and Phantom World usually rely on fast cutting and medium shots, which is pretty much the same camera techniques they use for most of their sakuga.

I'd say Kigami, Satou, Ishidate and Kitanohara are the only ones with above average skills in the studio, since they are the ones who actually make stuff like these:


Sadly they're getting old and I don't see any new hire or graduate from their school get even close to their level.

What about Shinpei Sawa?

imo they've never been a "sakuga" studio. They place much more focus on uniformity and consistency than spurts of great animation. They are much more similar to Ghibli in that regard.

That being said, Munto did look great in the sakuga department (at least in the remake). The show itself was weak but it looked good.

The sakuga cartel praises Kyoani as if they have the best sakuga in the industry

That's because the sakuga cartel isn't as much about actual sakuga as it is about anime production, and KyoAni has the best production model and a very different business model than usual so they are interested.

They deserved it.

What's it?

It (2017)


Was I right?

I like some of the shows they ve done, I wouldnt consider them shit nor amazing, just normal. Most of their shows can be mediocre.

It has to be that.

inb4 clannad, free, hibike


With the amount of actual mediocre trash that comes out each season, KyoAni shows are definitely not normal

Incredible talent wasted on adaptations of subpar works.

To have produced It or to have been eaten by It?

I hate them,but I'm not sure why.

They peaked when they made the Super Mario Brothers movie.

Probably the best studio working today, don't think anyone else even comes close

Idk maybe you re right. They do stand out sometimes, but they also have mediocre shit.
Things like kobayashi are great tho...
But would you consider that they are one of the best studioa right now?

Why do they keep making sequel movies and seasons to shit I don't care about? Where is Amagi s2 and the Hyouka movie?

Okay okay, after thinking for some minutes I agree with you xd

They have the best production model and most consistent animation but they keep wasting them on boring or awful material.

This. Kyoani should listen and pander only to anonymous poster number 164582775. What are they thinking?

tamako market and kyoukai no kanata were objective flops on both the critical and commercial level yet they somehow got sequel movies and hyouka didnt. explain

1. Unlike Hyouka, they are KyoAni IP
2. They weren't flops

I think the fact they did make those movies confirms they weren't flops in the studio's eyes

they exclusively make sameface creatively bankrupt moeblob garbage to pander to pathetic otakus. all their characters are utterly flat, lifeless and identical. all their shows are the same thing in a different wrapper. they pour time, effort and animation budget into thin air and end up with only weebwank to show for it.
haruhi was trash, lucky star is like an unironic manifestation of what normalfags think anime is.
if you like kyoani and you're not a little girl then you're genuinely pathetic.

>Kanon & Clannad
Agree but there were two many moments of pure bullshit to take either that seriously


>Tamako Market
Agreed about the plot but it has some fantastic stand alone episodes

Greatest living director

This, she's an unprecedented prodigy of her era

Where's muh Nichijou? Their best series for sure

>Yamada is the greatest living direc-

Best studio.

The current best and will always be the best, Will also go down as the best studio in anime history, Hyouka is light years ahead of its time and still puts 95 percent of studios to shame.

Sameface isn't a criticism either.

dont they belong to group with a Ln publisher in it ?
so they""forced"" to do a lot of ln adapation that the right to Ln publisher ?

They successfully polished the turd LN that is Violet Evergarden, let's see how it goes.

A-1 is better in every way.

Their anime original characters actually improve the source material.

They publish their own LN or something. I think they're the only studio to do it


Excellent animation quality. Their shows are usually good but are rarely great.

Peaked with disappearance.

Haruhi did but not the studio.

A1 is the landfill fire that made RPG isekai the biggest genre of anime.