Good morning user we came here to bath with you

Good morning user we came here to bath with you

no thanks, wait your turn

But we're all little girls, why can't we bathe together?

My shower isn't really big enough for that, even with lolis.

I hope you two don't mind my huge raging erection.

It's a small tub. One of you will have to sit on my lap.

I'm sorry kids. I'll take a bath with my adult woman sharo.

Its not hard for 3 lolis to fit, user.

That depends on how big they are.

How to get clean.

3 naked lolis can just squash together. Maybe they'll even awaken to new feelings for each other.

You wont fit please wait for me to finish


Why is that little girl so sad?



Sure thing, but first I have to teach you, in the hard way, not bother strangers in their bath


I'd rather just take a shower and think about despair.

Get the fuck out.


She's sad about shitty Sup Forums maymays.

>Not wanting to bath with a bunch of lolis
What are you, gay?