Is this the most unrealistic pairing in anime history

Is this the most unrealistic pairing in anime history

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>t. lonely lanklet

that would be everyone and their waifus

yeah he really went downhill after Maron

>Dragonball fan proves to have low powerlevel
Shocking truth.

Is Krillian asian?
Is this a case of getting RICED?

It'q not because it wasn't shown how it happened you dumb fuck. The very fact that you use a DBZ picture on the behalf "Anime" as awhole shows that you're most likely underage and should fuck off this site.

Yes it was and even Toriyama admitted the only reason they got married was because Krillin deserved a "prize" after getting fucked over so many times.

Who did Krillin really deserve?

she's like 16 and thought he was cool what's wrong with that? after that he brought her back to life then put a baby in her a tale as classic as time itself.

Krillin saved 18's life even if it meant putting the world in danger. How much of a gigantic cunt do you have to be to not show some interest after that?

I'm smoking hot and my husband is short funny and muscular. So no. It's a walking fetish, you just need to have taste

originally asian (tibetan) retconned to mexican

>you just need to have taste
The same goes to you.

Women don't owe you pussy because you were nice to them, user.

Almost as unrealistic as this pairing.

This is what Toriyama said.

Nope. The most unrealistic is Gohan & Videl.

Goten was far far more compatible. Since that was the original plan.

Gohan and Videl is the most boring and vanilla couple of DB.

In what way?

Gohan and Videl were basically Goku and Chi-Chi again.



Your right because both Goku & Gohan were never around. Videl has spent far more time around Goten than Gohan.

the most non believable pairing in recent memory

Chichi has spent the most time with Gohan

But he also said this:

You’re right, he is the strongest among the Earthlings. But in spite of that, he tends to end up in a bad way, so I thought, “once in a while, I have to let him be happy,” and had him get married. (laughs)

In short, he gave Krillin 18 out of pity.

I doubt it was pity, otherwise Yamcha would've been given someone too.

The doujins are proof!

>ruining her superior blonde genes with a non existent nose
Krillin should've stayed in pieces and Toriyama needs to be shot.
Yamcha is a cheater! (laughs)
But seriously, I think Toriyama just doesn't give a fuck about Yamcha.

At least he cared about Krillin as much as Senbei to give him a blonde wife.

Yep. You need to treat all women like shit to let them know that you would be doing them a favour by sleeping with them.

Krillin is a fucking Asian Shaolin Monk.

Nice to see Krilin fucking 18 still upsets younglings

Why is Krillin bad with women?
>>hurr manlet
There should have been pedo women wanting to suck him off after watching him in the budokai

Also Krillin can fuck up any dude on earth and is indestructible to all human weaponry meaning his dates are always safe around him.

>all those autists who would complain that 18 was "too hot" for Krillin or some dumb shit like that

kek, memories. 2009-2013 were good years for dragon ball

shaolin buddhists aren't tibetan, they're chinese

What happened in 2009-2013? One of these specials with Vegeta's little brother?
but yeah it's cool to see all these (probably ugly and obese) kids getting mad that based Krilin gets some fine pussy.

>t. chinese
Free Tibet you soulless chinks

Chink here

Say it to my face and see what happens.

>threatening some anons on tibetan shaolin kung-fu forum
The balls on this guy, how does he even walk?

shaolins dont even live near tibet, they're in henan province, they practice chan buddhism

t. actual chinkfag

Is Tarble even canon anymore or has Vegeta swapped him for Cabba?

More accurate translation.


It's hilarious

Getting cucked again Gohan.

>flip doujins

Yamcha is that you ? Stop being so salty.

dang fact check confirmed.

get rekt amerifags

The tiny floating talking cat

>left to right


considering it can transform into any character from the cast, it would be an upgrade


>Chink here
>Say it to my face

you have some platform shoes and maybe a couple phone books to stand on first?

Cutest couple right here.

Is it weird that I hate any mix race couple accept for AMWF. I'm not even asian or a white girl. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something so adorable about an AMWF couple.


fuck, I shouldn't have dropped out of college

With blonde hair and blue eyes 18 is def a white girl. But, is Krillin considered Asian?

>she's like 16
Actually, she's 18.

Kurririn is a Shaolin monk. Last I checked Shaolin Monks are asian.

too soon

Almost pairings in anime are unrealistic, but it doesn't annoy me anyway because Krillin is not the MC of the show.

So who else would have been a better fit for 18, anyway?
Saiyans? She's too cool for them, all they want to do is fight (something she's better at, but isn't particularly interested in unless she gets paid for it) and eating (she doesn't like cooking). It'd end up in a divorce like 5 days after.
Yamcha is a chump, Ten is a monk, Roshi is too old, Yajirobe is too fat, so who else?
Piccoro doesn't even have a dick outside of fanfiction.
I also think they make a cute couple, really enjoyed their episode on the tournament.

Yeah, it's the same situation as Bulma.

Either she fucked a sort of relevant character or she would have been Launch'd

I seriously thought he'd end up with the cafe girl


Ten has no balls

I never watched Accel World, but doesn't that have a fat short guy as the MC who falls in love with a 10/10 girl?

How about the short, ugly frog MC and bomb shell heroine from Nana to Kaoru?

Vegeta x 18

Krillin x Bulma

18 wouldn't stand Vegeta's autism.

Not as ridiculous as Vegeta settling on Earth and shacking with Bulma after the first time he gets resurrected by the dragon balls.

I think the BoG movie mentioned him?

Why does this pairing look so hot!?

Nah 18 is a robot

>tfw Toei gave him a better girlfriend than Toriyama
Maron was the hottest DB chick ever

Fuck Krillin. He became the most unlikeable character after that shit.

That was just a Bulma with bigger tits

>jinzou ningen

Yamcha has it way worse
And I don't care what Toriyama says Tenshinhan is stronger than Kuririn

t. mad lanklet

Goten wouldn't have ruined Videl since he likes his women cute and feminine with long hair.

>Vegeta x 18
relationship where both try to be the man
it wouldn't last a week
>Krillin x Bulma
krillin is too much of a wimp for bulma

I want to protect this creature.

This... is actually true.

>Using VIZ scans as soruce
Fuck off

It was mentioned that 18 feel for Krillin's reliable honest student-esque personality as she was a delinquent before then.

>tfw she was talking about Baseball

Fuck off ssfags, this is the real shit

Goten x Marron is pretty much destined to be canon.

If Marron ever stops looking like a toddler.

And she doesn't even have the saiyan puberty excuse.

Bigger tits and way bigger ass(pic related) and with a more cute ditzy personality unlike Bulma's

Basically perfection.
18 is shit and a step down in every way.





She will, it’s being foreshadowed

literally who?

The hacker formerly referred to as Sup Forums

They look lovely

>moot finally found a bf who looks like him

Is that a half hover hand?