Non Non Biyori

I recently re-watched Non Non Biyori episode 4 and it really struck me how lonely that town must be. Honoka may be the first girl her own age Renge ever met and there was the promise of an entire summer together filled with bonding and picture taking. Only it's cut short by Honoka's dad having to leave. Just like that, it's stripped away from her.

I wonder how Renge will handle her senpais gradually moving out of town for further schooling.


She'll start an abusive relationship with the candy store lady.

This anime helped me feel warm inside when I was a NEET. Based Ren-chon.

You just had to remind me..

Cutest Nam vets in anime?

Heart crushing episode

>Iyashikei that has the main conflict in the background.
>Disintegrating Japanese society due to Demographics.

Who knew?

It doesn't help that the show is wholly unrealistic to begin with. Usually the girls leave town early, and the young men stay behind for work. In the real world there would probably be some adolescent guys out there flirting with the girls simply because they are the only girls around who aren't old or don't have their own kids already.

Japan's population decline is getting better though. People are having more kids than they have for the past five or ten years or so.

Still no word on what they're making yet? The "new anime project" might just be a one ep OVA for all we know, or if we're lucky a film about the Okinawa trip.

She'll be fine.

She'll get over it. Actually she will prefer being alone as an adult.

20-something field labourers hitting on the school kids would be so creepy though.

I fucking cried like a bitch that episode because I'm also from a small town of less than 200 people and I remember when one of the friends I made during Summer also had to leave when vacation was over. A lot of shit in NNB really hits home for me.

I felt like shit with the 30 seconds build up to her crying, why did they do that I only wanted comfy times

>less than 200 people
>a town
You liked in a village, aho.


Living and liking things on social media are pretty much synonyms now.

Daily reminder the Komachi sisters are not blood-related because they have different hair color to their brother and "mother"

>watch S1, Ep4
>shed man tears
>watch S2, Ep4
>cry rivers out of my eyes
why are episode 4s so good?

There are no people with naturally violet hair.

4years later and it is still the one of the most memorable ep this decade. The only one that came close was the ep where she was learning to cycle.
S3 when? Wasn't there a leak by some bookstore about s3? What happened to it? Will they ever reach okinawa?

Why was Honoka's grandma a bitch? Didn't even comfort her and just slammed the door.

not my kid, not my responsibility