Have you said fure to your sheep today?

I want to die


But sheep are woolle not fure.

>stalking episode never

I want to fuck Lala.


There'll be one in M4katsu next year.

Maybe if I keep saying it it will come true.

I only keep goats.

Have you visited メェ〜王性?

Nope, but I have visited 地獄.

They recently put these up at one of the Aikatsu Shops s-so there has to be something in development right?

And Horieru and Louns"-nii" seem to hang out together often despite Aistars being their only work link. (I think?)

Also Andou, who tweeted his desire to create an M4 spinoff, didn't direct his last storyboard despite having ample time to, so he has to be busy on something. I'm desperate and trying my hardest to meme this shit into existence.

That sounds nice, too.

Fure, sheep

I say it with every thrust.

/ai/ in idle hour

Nice and warm. Perfect place to get a tan. a really dark tan


I want to die.

Yui told me she saw Lala kissing Shuuka

Yui told me I got her pregnant.


Actually, Lala got her pregnant. But she thinks if people find that out, they'll put them in different rooms.


Mia told me Shuuka pleases old men for money

Shuuka is for Lala only


Hagkatsu spin off when?



>not neigbaahood

One job

Please listen to this user.

Mia told me my semen tastes bitter.

Mia told me my semen is ichibaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Mia told me to kill myself.

Mia told me Shuuka is going to marry Lala

>meanwhile at Prism Stone


Nah they already have merch. I was pointing out how it's kind of weird to display the shikishi autographed by their seiyuu for no reason whatsoever, while their characters are dead in s2.






Doesn't count if seiyuu of main girls don't advertise it on their twitters.


Boys are noice


They are.

SheepXFairy is best pair.

Roller is incredibly thirsty for Kanata.

>that face
Is that the effect of BTFO or what?

Remember when everybody said Yume and Subaru were like a married couple and they would both get mad? What ever happened to that?

Yume needs a dick in her.


Subaru need a dick in him.

I want Yuzu to get the Sun Dress.

Sekina is nicer.

He does.

How much makeup does Ako wear?

>still no Amemeya in DanPri episode

God I love Lily's bakaness.



Just like Mana.

Is everyone excited for Build and Kirakira today?

She really looks like Serena here.

I'm always excited!

Why would I be excited for garbage?

Tsukamou ze! DORAGONBŌRU

I'm excited for Pokenchi.

I don't watch Build, just started the first series. But I am excited for KiraKira. It was great recently.

Yozora has the Uzuki look going on.

I am excited for Build and mildly curious for best male fairy return. Need to catch up with the Lucky show.

> for best male fairy return
Coco was better.

Because it's cute?

That's a big burd.

It's not a burd, it's a borb.


He's okay, but he is taken, and not a hilarious asshole.
Okay. Is it better than Pretty Rhythm live segments?

Stop being the best iM@S!


>best iM@S
But that is Ryo.

would you spoil her if she was your sister?

I'd fuck the one on the left.

It has much better 3D idles in it.


I'd despoil her.

Sophie episode when?

Shoko-tan is the only thing I miss since dropping the Pokémon anime.

fuck 3D Lala.

You can still watch Pokenchi without watching the anime, you know. They're not really that connected.

threesome with 3D Lalas.

>I thought she was really flying
>Starting to think girls actually had powers
>Then they show the strings
>Start thinking the dresses are actually useless and everything in Aikatsu if fake.

When did Parado become Lala?


I want to fuck Sophie.


I was checking Pripara gallery on pixiv and saw this.
What the блядь? Can someone explain this to me?