Prison School

It’s so painfully obvious that best girl is guaranteed to win at this point. Kiyoshi and Chiyo have literally no bonding moments, and Chiyo’s supposed “feelings” for Kiyoshi completely came out of nowhere. Doesn’t matter anyways, because it’s obvious that Kiyoshi is actually in love with Hana, he only thinks he loves Chiyo because of idealization. This manga is obviously trying to subvert the stereotypical nice girl and first girl tropes. It’s also obvious based on other narratives in romance that he’s going to fall for Hana. Kiyoshi and Hana literally have the perfect setup for a win. They go through so much together while bonding through piss moments and she was the last person he thought of before he tried to kill himself. She’s literally the only thing carrying this manga. Hana’s the only logical way to end, and if Hiramoto wastes all of that development and can’t end his own manga the right way, then he’s just a hack.

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pick one, because best girl is mari

Post her feet.

This reminds me of some of the reasoning I heard people give when they were retoring arguments that Tobi isn't Obito, but now with a modern "muh subversion" spin.
Get ready to call the author a hack.

Name me even 3 manga not counting TWGOK (cause Elsie didn't love him as a woman So her little sister end was her win) where Main Heroine doesn't win?

Silly user, best girl Meiko was never in the bowl.

That would actually be a welcome change to me. But what are the chances of the author making Kiyoshi go for either Hana or Mari? I hope its Mari so its a double dose of betrayal and irony.


Hana is my clear favorite for a lot of reasons but she's very much set up to be a romantic distraction/to have Kiyoshi's heart waver. I would love her to be endgame (I agree they have great chemistry) but it's not going to happen so I'm not going to get invested in it.

To be honest, all the main girls in this series are great. I'd be happy if he ended with Mari somehow also.
273 chapter




I love HANA!

Chiyo pig disgusting

i just caught up how often are chapters released

weekly unless Hiramoto takes more breaks.

Seems like raw scans are a little bit ahead though, which is why we know these spoilers like best girl getting dumped.


Classroom of the elite

Name 3 manga where tsundere is in competition, but doesn't win.


Who cares about that shitty piss girl

We should talk about the real and more important relationship in this story: Kate and Mari!

So, what will be the name of their first child? Will they allow Meiko to watch their love, or will Meiko be forced to find some other powerful women to cling to like the shitty follower she is?

da fuck did you just say?

HanaxChiyo and KatexMari.
I approve.

I used to come to these threads because the series was genuinely clever, labyrinthine, and there was good discussion.
Post-Namek, I come to these threads to feed on Hanafag tears.
It's honestly pretty fun either way.

Taking bets on when Chiyo pisses and whether it will be entirely off-screened, implied while visible, or full Hana levels.

Sasuga /u/fag.
Meiko will be their pusy slave, hi Sup Forums

That Hana lost.

Who else is pretty happy that the autistic cavalry arc at least managed to push the "crow user" bullshit into the background? It was so fucking out of place and unnecessary.


Delusional Hanafags who still pretend that Kiyoshi wanted anything to do with Hana in the first place when he literally said something to the effect of
>oh my god I'm so fucking glad I never have to be involved with you again
on the train.
Literally only acts as if they're "friends" out of kindness despite her abuse because he's a wonderful person.
Literally wanted to kill himself when she pissed on him. Not even because he doesn't like piss, as we can see he was blushing after he fell out of the tree at the beginning. Just because Hana is such a terrible fucking person that every interaction with him feels degrading. To be honest Chiyo herself doesn't deserve Christyoshi, she's petty and vain and selfish inside too, but at least she can be NICE unlike literally everyone else other than idol-chan.

Ookami Shonen, Ichigo 100%, Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, Mashiro-iro Symphony.

So what happens when Chiyo inevitably says:
>Yes all this is nice enough for all of you but did anyone even remember that it's my birthday?

Hey Chiyo.

hi Hana, stop pissing on my man you slut, he is exclusively for my urethra to love

On a scale of 1 to 10, how desperate are the Hanafags?

since when? 274 isn't out yet

11, but I'm 12 desperate to see Chiyo pissing so who am I to judge. The good news is literally can't lose.

>wet t-shirt contest
Literally best end thematically.
Moderate probability of Chiyo pissing, best girl wins.
It's shit, but basically guaranteed at least one more time of Hana pissing.
Proof that miracles exist and fucking magnets don't real. But she's hottest girl so still win.
Literally what tier, likely Meiko pissing which would also be very satisfying to me.

Chiyofags probably fine, Marifags and Meikofags screwed unless /u/ end, Hanafags destined to continue to fall deeper and deeper into hell, Andrisa fags already on the steps to heaven (shame about that shitty Namek arc though), and me I'm completely set unless he ends it without one of the girls pissing, in which case I will literally kill myself.

I'm a Hanafriend and all, but we have to face that it's a one sided thing after the events of 273.

it ain't over yet user
>don't count your chickens until all the eggs have hatched.

That tears it. I am going to go back through Prison School and make a collation of all of Kiyoshi's facial reactions to things the various girls of this series have done or to seeing them and post it in this thread or whichever one is up when I finally finish. Then you will see for yourself the completely impartial situation Hanafags have always been in, straight from the artist himself.

Do that if you want
I just don't trust Hiramoto not to throw in more twists.

Don't forget Kiyoshi's bladder is still on the verge of bursting. Even if Chiyo accepts, it will surely cause Kiyoshi to explode a golden shower of happy pee on her.

It's so gay, when will Chiyo piss.
inb4 Chiyo goes "here!" and catches the piss with her hands lol
Also when will Kana Hanazawa move to a less censored country and do an uncensured gravure-style shoot with her peeing. She's cute and she also was Akane and Mayuri, do want.


This checks off almost every point on the Hanafag shitpost list, minus “b-but she’s gonna be mad when she learns he doesn’t like sumo, r-right?” That aside, it’s so much of a typical shitpost that part of me thinks it’s falseflagging.

I think it's gratuitous self-indulgence.

Hanafags just can’t catch a break, can they?

As soon as some other girl urinates they will literally have nothing left.








Here comes the Shitposting School thread

Man, he really hates Hana now.

If he don't want Hana's medusa, I'll gladly take it

>people still think Hana has a chance

Can someone summarize the most recent chapter?

Kiyoshi tells Chiyo everything, including the futon stuff and his suicide attempt, confesses his love
to Chiyo and asks her out.
The shit ship is ready to set sail.

Interesting, thanks.

Everything that Hana's been doing is making Hitoshi hate her.
Also, why are people thinking that Mari is going to leave Japan when it's her sister's birthday?
PS: Mari will end up with Kate

there was also a line where Hana accuses Kiyoshi of trying to drink her pee but he tells her he was just trying to kiss her according to a longer summary in an earlier thread.
either way we'll find out in a month when Utopia finally translate the chapter.

But Chiyo isn't the main heroine, in fact she is barely present and rarely does anything, her main role was just being Kiyoshi's motivation. Hana, Meiko and Mari all are more central characters than her.

oh and some user was proposing that the series might be following a narrative development more similar to a hollywood romance based on Hiramoto's use of western films.

Supposedly spoilers outright state that the love triangle will be solved in volume 28 ( that is, this volume, meaning everything will be sorted within the next 4-6 chapters or something like that). I ship Hana and Kiyoshi but in that time frame there is no way that is going to happen.
Regardless, even if Chiyo rejects him now everything indicates they'll just get together later, probably at the climax of the manga, near the ending.

>The shit ship is ready to set sail
No, the Hana ship is losing

>barely present and rarely does anything
Hanafag speedreader, what a surprise
>Hana, Meiko and Mari all are more central characters than her.
Mari is arguably the heroine, and Meiko is the mascot, but Hana has plenty of chapters where she does nothing or doesn’t appear, she’s hardly different from Chiyo

I expect Kiyoshi and Chiyo will find out they were childhood friends any chapter now.

Not even /u/fag normally. Kate is undeniably best girl, with Mari being second best with best body. All the boys are trash except Joe so the best end is /u/ end.

Or would you actually argue that Kiyoshit deserves any of the girls?

How would Sup Forums react?

I say let him have Chiyo, he’s done some shitty stuff but I think he’s paid enough for it

That just happened.

We'd say Hiramoto is aiming to subvert standard manga tropes in the vain hope it's true while getting endlessly baited by Chiyofriends. So pretty much same thing as now.

>thinks Chiyo is an angel
>Kiyoshi is no good for Chiyo because watersports and stuff
>talk shit about Kiyoshi
Hana even thinks she´s not good for Kiyoshi ( train chapter). As far i want Hana to win, its gonna be hard.

Totally wasn’t at all Gakuto’s fault, right?

Gakuto still wanted to the bitch though. A situation where he got tempted enough would've happened sooner or later to be honest.

If it makes you feel any better, at least you accept that it’s hard. Those who still say shit like “LITERALLY CONFIRMED BEST WAIFU HANA ENDGAME CHIYO BTFO” are going to drown the threads with their tears. And it will be glorious.

Seriously, why do people Hana is that terrible? She's far from a good person but her behaviour is largely explainable:
1.No contact with men during formative years (being in a girls only school)
2.Is still in high school
3.Has such underdeveloped/innocent ideas about sexuality she has problem calling body parts by their proper names (mushroom and medusa), doesn't figure out what the "Ourobouros" in the dvd is, doesn't even know how to kiss, passes out with things get too close
4.Know full well she likes Kiyoshi (see the page when she's editing the photos she took with him) but has no idea to make meaningful contact with him, agravated by the fact he likes Chiyo
5.Thinks Kiyoshi is into watersports so she tries to indulge him without a second thought
6.Pays for him to spend time with her so they'll have some normal contact
7.Asks him out twice on the train, breaks down crying at the fact he doesn't even consider her as a woman
She's pretty much made of spaghetti and is the main butt monkey of the series, but she's hardly as terrible as people think, specially compared to the rest of the cast bar Chiyo.

>but she's hardly as terrible as people think
Are you fucking kidding me? Sure, majority of the cast is made up of shitty people and/or people that do shitty things, but Hana is completely in a league of her own. Stop trying to excuse her shady and shitty plan in attempting to sabotage Kiyoshi and his character to Chiyo, a plan that backfired anyways and managed to make her look completely pathetic/desperate. If she truly liked him then she wouldn't stoop to something like that.

Because being an abusive cunt and forcing your shitty piss fetish a guy who you know likes somebody else is shitty, sure it’s understandable, but that only means it’s understandable that she’s a cunt


Does she even actually has a piss fetish? Kiyoshi fell headfirst on her piss when she was doing it, I think she sort of mixed her desire for revenge with thinking Kiyoshi has a piss fetish.

Well, I'm asking for evidence of why people think she's that bad in a series where nearly everyone is scummy.

>but Hana is completely in a league of her own.
Not him but let's not go that far now. Both of the student councils are massive pieces of shit. They're both made up of potential rapists, physical abusers and people who will do ANYTHING in their power to get what they want. I'm not defending Hana at all but I hate how so many people want to paint her as the worse when Mari has done just as bad, if not worse. She practically tried forcing kate into having sex with her, abused her power and blackmailed the guys so they wouldn't rat to their parents, tried destroying their friendship, mocked them publicly, and even tried baiting them with love. I just find it weird that almost everyone immediately forgave Mari and started liking her as soon as we started getting fan-service with her. I mean, she has literally done nothing to redeem herself and hasn't even tried making it up to the guys. At least Hana is doing it out of love, as terrible and manipulative as it is. Mari literally only joined up with Kiyo so she could get out of prison and get back at Kate. Even titty monster has tried giving the guys an inch, even in her weird dom way.

>Well, I'm asking for evidence of why people think she's that bad in a series where nearly everyone is scummy.
Literally only took this page for people to go from hating mari and loving her. As much as I hate scapegoating and generalizing a group of fans, it feels like it was just an easier excuse for people who prefer Chiyo over Hana to go for. Mari on the other hand seems to be welcomed by Chiyofags and even some Hanafags as a potential option, so they give her a massive free pass, despite her being the worse person out of all the girls, barring Kate.

Because most characters are nowhere near her level of shittiness

>shitty attitude
>shit talks the guy she supposedly loves behind his back
>piss fetish
>abusive in literally every way

>down to earth
>defends kiyoshi and states that she would make an effort to accept his more perverse ways
>unknowingly stops kiyoshi from committing suicide

Both girls are attractive so there's no use bringing up looks, but Chiyo is simply better in every single way.

Simply the BEST

>Hates boys
>Used excuse she could to screw them over
>Keeps doing terrible things until she loses and gets a roll reversal
>Still hates them, doesn't find the irony in what she did now that kate is screwing her
>only sees it as a war with kate now,
>kiyoshi gets stuck with her
>doesn't reason with him, apologize or anything
>only works with him as a means to an end
>gets fan service with him
>fans: wtf I love mari now!
>still a piece of shit

The other girls are still terrible but at least we were given some kind of development or warped justification with their characters. Meiko, Hana and Risa have all gone through some kind of character development or given us more backstory into why their the way they are. Mari and Kate were introduced as antagonist and given little to nothing to redeem their behavior or allow us to begrudgingly (Meiko and Hana) move past the terrible things they've done.

Kiyoshi was his pimp.

>Mari and Kate were introduced as antagonist and given little to nothing to redeem their behavior or allow us to begrudgingly (Meiko and Hana) move past the terrible things they've done.
They are both lesbians with shitty personalities. That's all there to it. Not all characters need a background to redeem themselves or to make their actions understandable.

Eh, not really. Gakuto was going to be tempted eventually by bitch. Did you forget that he paid money to spend more time in it with her?

>They are both lesbians with shitty personalities. That's all there to it. Not all characters need a background to redeem themselves or to make their actions understandable.
I'm not saying they need anything like that. I'm just pointing out the fact that people want to point and Hana and even Risa at being the worse characters when these two clearly fit that boat. It's even more dumb when these same people outright hated Mari until we started seeing lewd stuff with her. I just don't get why people want to bitch about the author no longer trying to make the fanservice funny or charming like the first chapters and sticking with just throwing as much lewd out as he can, if they're going to turn their brains off and praise it anyway. Pick one.

I think he's saying people like them despite how unabashedly perverse they are, where Hana gets the short end of the stick regardless of the fact that most of her shitty actions were due to childishness, naivety and really bad luck rather than malice.

I did say most, the shittiest girls in no particular order are Hana, Kate, and Mari. Meiko and Risa, as you mentioned, have had development. Can’t really agree about Hana though, she seems to just get shittier and more autistic.

Thanks, you explained it much better than I did. All the other characters have some weird personality trope or justification for their actions, while those two do not.

Yet Gakuto willingly paid for more time with Slut-sempai, Kiyoshi even tried to cover his ass up and put the money back in the box when Mitsuko showed up

>rather than malice.
She was malice in the beginning. Plus, shit-talking Kiyoshi's character to make him look bad in front of Chiyo is pure malice; she wants Chiyo to hate him so she has less/no competition.

>She was malice in the beginning.
Well Hana is a more complicated character, shitty, but complicated. It started out as malice but then became her excuse to get close to Kyoshi. I do agree that her whole thing in-front of Chiyo was a complete scumback move, but this is Hana we're dealing with. We met her as this psychotically innocent character who somehow thought getting to watch someone else pee was good enough revenge, and so on. It's akin to how Meiko's morals on abusing people are the base of her character. Hana is basically Anna from Shimoneta. She's this super repressed girl attempting to be innocent but just about anything can trigger her going off on people. She clearly didn't like Mari at first but never spoke out on it, and were nice to the guys until they fucked up. That doesn't mean it's right, but in a series where all the girls but the 100% innocent ones all have severe issues, you're forced to look at them with these weird standards. I'm a Hanafag myself but at the end of the day, I know she not only won't end up with Kiyoshi but doesn't deserve him either. Though Kiyoshi doesn't really deserve Chiyo either.