Izetta the Last Witch

When is S2 Happening?
I want to see some high impact Cold War Witch action

Never, it flopped and it was mediocre

I'd rather see Arpeggio get a hand drawn Animation based on the manga. CG Ships are acceptable though.

but wasn't Sup Forums talking about it for a month after it was aired? Surely they could pump out merchandise and OVAs as well as collaborations to make it float?

>Sup Forums talked about it for a month of two, therefore it must be popular!

Theres an izetta figure on preorder that just got released. The show wasn't anything to write home about, but it wasn't bad.It hasnt been completely forgotten, but its not as if its part of some ongoing series. Like most original animes its 1 shot and done. Fuck the only reason were getting sequels to shows from almost a decade or more right now is because japans bankrupt on new ideas, and they did their service in sales over time. After this I'm expecting a giant wave of isekai, smartphone jesus was just the tip of the iceberg.

Women can't make babies

how bankrupt is Japan's anime industry in ideas?

>See multiple sequels and reboots airing and going to be airing such as tenchi muyo or kino
That and the severe lack of new original shows that actually do well, and by well I mean above subpar.

best witch

>new original shows
You mean shows that get greenlit and never heard from again?



It was a mediocre anime about handicapped witch lesbian. S2 never. Although I wish we could have a crossover between Izetta and Tanya.

Patrician taste.

Would've been nice if the entire shitshow in Izetta happened many years after Tanya took place

I would have preferred if it was about the princess doing spy shit like the train and plane scenes early on

Was it yuri?

Izetta sucked out all of the magic in the world during her final fight. I am not sure how they are going to work around that for season 2 if ever.

I blame Yoshino for the crappy writing

Maybe America or Russia does some artificial magic tinkering which causes a small arms race to begin in Europe

The only cold thing in future would be in Izetta's bed when in couple of years arhduke will find someone younger, more stacked and with working legs.

my dick when all the rape doujins bangin that hot red headed witch

Sorry to inform, but the series start tumbling down after first 3 episodes. The arrival of Sophie (as much as I love her) was the last nail in Izetta's coffin