When are lesbian space pirates getting S2?

When are lesbian space pirates getting S2?

Why does she ride like that?

they are butt pirates

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It might've gotten a second season if they had actually been pirates and not a space-faring Takarazuka troupe.

From what?

After Princess gets her own spin-off


Additional propelling by her fart engine.


Chiaka, you don't have a dick, silly girl.

It looks like never despite the anime selling really well and there being enough material for a season 2.

It's actually weird because back in 2012 it looked like we were entering a new era of cute girl sci-fi hijinks with stuff like Rinne no Lagrange, Mouretsu Pirates, Black Rock Shooter and Symphogear all being released and doing quite well, and yet Symphogear is the only one that is even still relevant.

I don't know what the fuck happened.

No, the two Princesses were the worst part of this anime. They should have been removed from the cast after their countries arc was done, but instead they well overstayed their welcome.

Fuck knows why, it's not as if the show was low on cast members(the bloat was real yo).

You really think they don't have crazy lesbo sex toys in far future?


Oh you silly thing.

First princess was fine.

I like lesbian space pirates also!