Tfw no mom to isekai together with you

>tfw no mom to isekai together with you

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>tfw no mom-fu

>tfw no mom wife

>non-blood related



What? Is this continued?

this shit got manga this fast?

It will get an anime as soon it has enough content
Get your asshole ready

first chapter came out yesterday

Really? Welp, no guesses on whether they get together or not.

He's lying

can't deny that since the mom part is a bait and there seems to be female love interest for the MC from what I saw, or am I wrong? that girl literally looked like a tsundere
on the other hand the threads won't get deleted now because it has a manga

that's the artist drawing the manga, i knew it gave a hentai vibe

don't sexualize old ladies while traveling in another world

>Your mom will never be drawn by pochi

Sauce? no ketchup
just sauce
raw sauce?

>draw a mom
>its a young woman that looks in her late 20s with no fat, saggy tits and a flat ass

>Finally got a manga adaptation
Guess there'll be an anime soon enough.

Unfortunately the manga artist is different. Pochi only draws the LN art.

The mom is the main heroine of the series. Since the main character has a massive mother complex (due to how beautiful and young she looks), it's up to you to decide if the author will actually go for it.
The girl you're probably referring to is called Wise. A shitty modern tsundere, Wise is without a doubt the worst girl in the series.
Porta is the third girl who joins the group. Outside of being the loli character, she's just plain irrelevant for most of the first volume.

Would your mom approve of you getting a harem?

harem of fat elves

I hope the next page is both of them flying out of the room via a boot.They remind me way too much of my sisters

My mom is about to go to isekai ahead of me ;_;

I'm sorry about your mom user... Hope you get better!

I usually hate everything that involves moms on any anime/manga, but this one looks interesting. Sauce?

Anyone else sick of LN's?
As a mangafag it's suffering to be treated as a 3rd class citizen.

Look at all the blubber on those two landwhales. I bet you could get a ton of oil rendering them down. Especially potato elf, with all the fries she eats.

You ARE a 3rd class citizen. Sorry.

Your sisters offered you sex and rimjobs?

Yours didn't?

I'd isekai with an ohohohojousama, if you know what I mean. Maybe even reverse isekai if she's looking at me whispering she's defenseless.

This fucking manga was a mistake.

Mistakes are experience points. Don't you know the basics of MMO logic?

So basically the guy is in hard denial of the fact he secretly wants to suck mama's big titties again.

I'm more for public. A theater or a classy bar.

arent we all?


My mom is 45 year old (I'm 23) and she looks better than most 25 year olds. It's not as unrealistic as you may think.

It's never actually clear if he's got a crush on her, only that she acts completely inappropriately around him and she's seemingly unaware of how hot she is.

>mom ntr

Look at people like Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci, both in their 50's and still hot as fuck.

Liz Hurley was in her mid 30's in Austin Powers 2 and easily as hot as Mamako with similar tits.

>non-blood related



>isn't that bothered when the MC gets into a hot springs with her
>gets annoyed MC looks at his mother more than him

Plus her mum is a demon queen.

Its on its third volume and it's selling pretty damn well for a series by a newcomer.

It's not like a monthly will catch up on the LNs any time soon and it's good cross promotion for them (and the inevitable anime).

Not at all!!!

I haven't read something this funny in a while.

We live in a golden ages of milfs

Highest taste

There's literally an isekai out at the moment where it looks like the MC will fall for an OHOOHOOHOO (and getting together with her results in a Bad End in the game he's in)

>and getting together with her results in a Bad End
What kind of hack wrote that

Someone who understands the concept of stakes

what is the name? and is it translated?

Wholesome family isekai.

I hope this doesn't devolve into incest and it's just really wholesome and happy.

Publishing a manga is a vastly smaller investment than producing an anime. So no.

OHOHOs never get good endings.

Except in Slayers Next. That's the only example I can think of.

Anime series are cheap/money making adverts for LNs and the LNs are selling pretty well at the moment.

It's very likely this will get an anime. Doubly so given this series has a lot of "Buy the BDs" potential.

An anime series is still pretty expensive. Yes they are used to raise the profile of a franchise, but that doesn't mean that they're made lightly. Their creators need to hope that they'll at least break even.

It's a much lower risk and the fact it's moderately fanservicey means that it gets a boost in dvd sales which lowers the risk further

Most of the humour is down to Mamako being completely unaware of herself. Stuff like forcing Maa-kun into a 'family' hotsprings or openly talking about the thong she's wearing.

Christ she should be more careful with herself.


>“NNNNo, Maa-kun! Mom and Maa-kun are mother and son! No matter how much you like mom, to think that you pushed mom down, melted mom’s clothes and tried to do something! At least, at least turn off the lights!”

Ano-user stop

>“Then mom will be next......oh no, thinking about it, mom is wearing a skirt. Maa-kun will see it from below.” *Blush.*
>“Stop blushing, mother! I won’t look at it even if I die!”
>“Saying that you won’t look even if you die......sob sob......even though mom is wearing a new pair......even though it’s a T-back so that the underwear line won’t show on her butt......”

dropped if true

It's a crime that the leveling on this is so fucking disgusting.

>There's literally an isekai out at the moment where it looks like the MC will fall for an OHOOHOOHOO
Picked up-
>(and getting together with her results in a Bad End in the game he's in)
And dropped.

Is this the one where the mom is a manga artist?

Yep, she's writing Mysterious Girlfriend Y, a romance series about a weird girl who keeps a spanner under her skirt.

Yeah that's it. What's the name user I can't seem to find it


He's trying to get her and avoid the bad ending.
Well, at least she's a better girl than the otome mc girl

What's the appeal of momwives?

Their cute, cuddly plump figure and warming, homely nature are perfect for afternoon cuddles on the couch.

softness and tender unconditional loving

That makes me think. Is there any adventure anime featuring a cool family as the main cast? I can't remember one sams for very old stuff like the Robinsons.

Ask Freud

Too bad that it's NBR.

many thanks user

>Can't stop reading isekai because the RPG genre is dead and because it's the only fantasy genre stuff being produced

Kill me

I know the story is still getting established but this manga really is all over the place.

Is it a standard rom-com or is it a full parody?

Is it going the 'godlike powers' route, the 'I know everything about this game so I can cheat' route?

Is he trying to hook up with the ojousama having a prosperous homeland to avoid the bad end or just avoiding her altogether?

Does he actually know the characters and their backstory or not?

It seems to set out exactly what it's going to do, what the character knows etc. Then has the character do completely different things, not know things he should know and his goal suddenly becomes ambiguous.

>That part when she breaks and just gives in

Ayy you might like this



>thong-wearing mom
Picked up.

I wanna read this, but I'm worried they'll cop out with no incest end and I'll just get mad.

Dat shit good

Literally can't wait for the doujins

Please tell me you are lying.

I'm sure we'll have a Record of Lodoss War-ish anime any day now

The best kind. I dislike incest so it helps that the son is being cucked. It's nice when the son is just some loser or treats his mom badly so that some alpha his own age can fuck her.

Stravaganza just got a new chapter and that's a fairly neat fantasy

Nicely camouflaged request, but I'd suggest you visit /wsr/ instead.

>grocery and weapons
I like this

Literally one of my top ten fetishes.