Why do you keep reading fan translated manga, user? Don't you know its bad for the author?

Why do you keep reading fan translated manga, user? Don't you know its bad for the author?

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>Please purchase a RAW.

Why don't you just learn Japanese?

>he thinks it's Japanese people who translate manga

Someone send him the paper about the Fan-translation economy.

Not like he can read it anyway though.

No company is gonna license shit unpopular enough to never receive any scans.

>buying manga

>the paper about the Fan-translation economy
The what now?

It's not like those people would buy it without the translations, they probably wouldn't even be aware it exists. No profit lost.

>unironically paying for a bunch of black lines on a paper
Imagine being this retarded.

Can you stop trying to stir up drama over this? He sounds perfectly reasonable.

Scanlation would not exist if everyone obediently bought RAW's and read the translation with it.

>the author of the manga makes an entirely reasonable, rational request about his content
>people act like entitled shit-stains

Author-san, don't waste your time here, these people are socially handicapped and do not care that they are hurting you.

God forbid you have to pay for something the creator intended to be sold.

>gib me ur scripts
>buy muh raws
how about no

Motherboard wrote a pretty in-depth article about it, but goddamn their disgust with weebs is so blatant


>entitled shit-stains
Oh yes, the old "free space" on a scanlation drama bingo card. I'm surprised it took so long.

>God forbid you have to pay for something the creator intended to be sold.
Must be very good shit to buy it in a language I CANNOT FUCKING READ.

Goddamn it how many times must I post this clip?


at least use webarchives to not give this shit any visits

cause making something inconvenient, that only an even lower percentage of readers would enjoy means more moneys for doing nothing

Hel-lo reading comprehension
He's literally proposing a sharing of the translated script so he can publish it as a collaboration.

>he need someone to chew his food first to eat

That's why DJT are a necessity

It's not impossible to buy the raw and just read the translations as they come.

...Yes, and? Most manga are not and never will be officially translated, so if you want to support them the only means is buying the raw.

Which is easy. It's nearly 2018, buying raw manga has never been easier.

Neil Gaiman is a bit more popular worldwide than some mangaka making an obscure manga and his case doesnt apply to a jap mangaka who has 0 way to monetize the english speaking market.
Whats the point of having viral publicity when you only sell something in japanese, probably shit looking scans from 5€ craptastic print quality manga.

>He's literally proposing a sharing of the translated script so he can publish it as a collaboration.
I was okay until he said that RAW + Script would not be combined if he gets the TL.

Yeah that's a bit weak
I'm used to read along with scripts tho

How about Japan fixes their shit slave wages for manga artists first before trying to blame it on westerners that would probably never buy 90% of what they read to begin with?

probably because typesetting is a pain in the ass

If someone did it for him then it would perhaps be a different story, but he's already making the entire manga

Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, meh. The people translating this said they were in contact with him over things anyway

"Entitled" is just a word, user, no reason to be upset.

But you won't wait for an official release. You have no issue taking something from someone who specifically requests that you don't do that in a very reasonable, respectful manner.

While that's a neat idea, any given mangaka is not a world-famous author who already has the capability to put his printed material anywhere in the world (literally what Gaiman says in that video). It's not even remotely comparable, even if it appears so topically. Regardless, that's ignoring the fact the the author of the manga in question is literally telling people exactly how they can buy the manga, and pretty much every opinion in this thread is, "That guy is delusional if he thinks I'm buying anything I can get for free."

Gaiman may have a point about how normal consumers interact with world famous authors; he doesn't have a point with how anons consume manga.

Also: It's furry shit.

It's self-published. I don't think you even know what manga artists' salaries are. I mean, like any art based career it's probably not good but that's just the way it is. On the way to getting your creation out there and noticed, a lot of other people deserve money.

It's just too expensive if I can't even read it.

That argument falls flat when it's a self-published title and the author himself is addressing the audience, not a publishing company.

Manga is cheap as hell.

Okay, that's fine, but you're still saying it's perfectly okay for you to not pay for it. You're going to consume it scanlated, anyway, so the argument of, "I can't read it, though," doesn't really resolve anything.

I think he's trying to say that it's literally not worth his money if he can't read it.

Mangaka are self-employed.

If the publisher does not publish the Volume (which they need to get their investment back (studio rent, assistants, ...)) the mangaka can go and publish it with a different publisher.

Authors are either naive sheep or retards, manipulated by butthurt publishing Jews.
In the US you can't make money as a writer unless you're J.K. Rowling tier. Literally almost all of them are starving. Manga has the appeal of massive merchandise tie-ins that Americans spend most of the money on shipping and retail markup.
Cartoons or comics as promotion with merchandise as the actual driver of sales has been known for decades in the US. That was the drive behind Transformers, Power Rangers and Pokemon. Nobody actually buys manga.

Read that again. They aren't saying it's expensive, but shit you can't make use of is a waste.

If you can read it in English and pay for it legitimately I don't see where the waste is.

Nigga I'd still have to use a bunch of retarded proxy services and forwarding services if I wanted to buy something RAW from Japan, fuck I tried to buy a song on jp Amazon of all places and it wouldn't take it. I'd quicker have the manga industry die than suffer trying to import shit from Japan.

The author just admitted to a general lack of trying though and wants the money to fall on their lap without extra work on their part.

>But you won't wait for an official release.
I see no reason not to read the latest chapter even if I buy the volumes.

But they have to be available in German or English in the first place.

I am also not able or willing to buy EVERYTHING I read online even if it were available. But I buy a sizable amount of volumes already.


I don't have money to fucking eat sometimes, there is no way in hell I would buy some ching chong pictures


No, no you don't. You can buy everything digitally and for cheaper than physical volumes. There are also several websites that are not hard to use if you're American at least and want physical.

>probably because typesetting is a pain in the ass
if he worked the the scanslators, he could supply them with his untouched panels and they could typeset it without the need to redraw. he could even comp them for their work, based on future earnings.

I'm going to look at the archives and download multiple copies of the manga chapters. I don't read it but this way I will make this author go bankrupt and there is nothing he can do to stop me.

If he's don't to be going though all the extra work I hope people wouldn't get mad when he asks for extra money.

>but that's just the way it is

And it shouldn't be. Drawing, writing, pacing out the story, and ending with an enticing cliffhanger on a weekly basis is much, much more difficult than running a half decent marketing campaign. I've seen both sides of the industry, and it's fucking disgusting how little the artist gets despite doing 90% of the work.

The point is that a few more westerners buying shit isn't even going to amount to anything noticeable for the artist. We're talking a few hundred yen here. What the effort should be going to is reform of the shitty industry. But nips won't do anything because it's not in their nature to rock the boat and boycott. Rather just blame it on those damn gaijin again.

I'm still waiting for my english release of Pandemonium, Sho. Where is it?

>My unpopular manga is my only source of income
This dude is going to die in a cardboard house at the park.
Feels bad man.

IF it is available in English AND it interests me, I might buy it.

"I can't read it" is a bigger argument than you think. I am buying localized stuff as it is. Not going to waste money on stuff I can't read (or am not allowed to purchase in the cases where I want to buy the RAW because it is interesting enough).

>You're going to consume it scanlated, anyway
Nah. How would you know.

But you can't. It is not going to get typeset.

He worked doing artwork fro children books and doing some Yokai Watch promo art, he still have royalties.

>No, no you don't. You can buy everything digitally and for cheaper than physical volumes.
Actually there are lots of ebooks on bookwalker & amazon that are not for sale outside of japan, not having a jap ip has stopped me for buying more than a few ebooks.

Again, self-published, this has little to do with the industry.

As a creator myself who enjoyed light doujin success I completely understand why publishing houses and producers still exist and are necessary. Unless you're doing what you're doing as a hobby, it's not worth trying to make a buck off work on your own with no marketing behind it. I guess Patreon makes this easier now though, and it is based on the old concept of patrons, but often people who use it don't deserve it and those who deserve it aren't recognized

Ebookjapan has 0 restrictions.

Sounds like you can read it.

>he thinks the people reading the translated scans would buy it if they didn't exist

His naivete is so cute

>As a creator myself who enjoyed light doujin success
You know what I'm going to ask now.
Come on, post that http

In general, nips are incredibly naive.
I can't understand why

Guess what:
Hmmm. Bookwalker promo code.
OK. Going to buy translated Konosuba LN.
Fuck Region Locks. (FYI the LN is available on German Amazon).

But not on Bookwalker.
The fuck I know.

Region locks are a mistake.

Fuck no, those days are long behind me and I only work as a hobbyist now.

Big fat mistakes, and some regrets.

If your stuff is interesting, Patreon might do.

I said POST IT
your current stuff works too.
Come on, I'm trying to go back on the art saddle. Give me a hand

>Give me your translated script
How about no?
If he wants people to respect his work and buy more, the very least he should do is respect the people he's asking to 'collaborate' with, recognize that's work too and pay them for it. Oh, and maybe respect readers by giving an actual English version instead of offering a script?

Sorry, no, I don't like posting stuff on Sup Forums, at least not related to my creations.

I do write manga extensive reviews now, though, and there's a small chance you've seen a link or two on batoto depending on what you read, but that's the most I'll say. I very rarely post those here despite having written many. Like, maybe 3 times I've linked a relevant review myself.

>Region locks are a mistake.
elevens are control freaks, who think region locking content gives them more negotiation power, when it comes to licensing content to other regions. this is why all your vidya, etc have region locks

>american pirates telling how japan how to do their business

>I-I create stuff
>B-But I-I will not post it

Oh yeah and I am Yoshihiro Togashi

Advertising is against the rules.

I buy tanks whenever I go to japan, so it's cool. I can't read them yet, but I can have them on my shelf. And I support the author with the least amount of middlemen.

Americans are the one that set up the jap business structure long ago. Then the jap fucked it in a really bizarre way

You the guy with that review site?

The one that always starts with "Thus I reviewed [insert series name here]"



Wire-ring him cash would be more efficient.

I'd gladly buy a ton of series if they came out here. A lot of the stuff I like never does though or is out of print.

Imagine being retarded enough to think this is a coherent argument against actually paying for what you consume.

Post the link

Dude, I'll post my abandoned, shit filled tumblr, if you want to contact me and show me your stuff privately please do.

Since I write and you art I'm not sure how inspiring you'd find me and my exploits anyway.

>paper about the Fan-translation economy.
what, link please?

>A financially unsuccessful furry artist
He must be REALLY bad.
Also, people only get into art because they like making it. These entitled fucks don't seem to understand what a fucking boon it is for your job to be your hobby, and still expect it to pay well when they don't put effort into it.

>I'd gladly buy a ton of series if they came out here. A lot of the stuff I like never does though or is out of print.
Learn Japanese and buy those. It's only going to get worse. That is the reason I buy licensed Volumes on Pre-order.

I've always wanted to ask. Can you actually speak japanese?

Barely. I read and listen to it much better but am incredibly out of practice. Need to change that since. Once upon a time I spoke it very well.

Something you failed to do, meaning I just read the link that user provided.
Do you actually care about what you purport to, or do you just want to complain?

alright, I'll buy it. But only because you asked nicely.

Cry me a river

Can't find it at the moment.

google End of Goldfish Kingdom or something.


I'd love to but I don't have time with work and other obligations at the moment. One day though.

I just want to say I enjoy the new arc and hope you resume in january instead of blue balling use until next summer.

I'm in contact with the author. I told him I could make a guide on how to purchase his chapters from note.mu. Should I also suggest him to get a Patreon with a monthly plan?

He is not entirely wrong. Whether you like his shit or not, it's still work he is doing which means yes he is untitled to remuneration. The issue is that he is not doing it in English in the first place, so I feel like he has no right to profits related to people doing what they can to enjoy his content in a language he is not releasing on.

In fact, not even the guy doing the work to translate his stuff is probably getting anything. At this point the only ones who get money are the ones who don't do any work at all. The host websites. Not the guy who wrote the story and drew the pictures, not the guy who spent time cleaning, translating, typesetting. But the fucking websites that just host it.

That's the worst part about the current status quo.

Yea, I had the same thought. My room mate is still looking for a job in the industry but is able to sustain off of furry commissions alone. As long as your art is half decent and you're willing to draw big dicks on various animals, you will always have income. What I want to know is what the fuck the furries do to have so much expendable income

I think all of you are severely overestimating the amount of people involved here

This, this is the first thread of this manga I'm actually seeing here. How many people would actually even bite into this with only 2 chapters up?

I could see this working if it was something like, say, We Can't Study or whatever has at least some traction.

Japan is not America