Animes everyone has watched that you refuse to watch

So are there any shows out there that you simply refuse to watch even though everyone else tells you to? Pic related is my number 1 choice. How the hell can people watch shit with +200 episodes? I mean, as a child, everyone watched DBZ, but even then, that was too much. Naruto has like over 600 episodes at this point and everyone tells me how it has like 100 filler episodes. Doesn't matter whether people like it for the story and the characters, that's just too much for me.

What popular animes do you refuse to watch and what are your reasons not to?

I similarly refuse to watch the oversized shonens like Bleach and One Piece
I did however read them, which is a lot quicker.

> What popular animes do you refuse to watch and what are your reasons not to?

MHA and BC, both equally crap

Oh the other hand, you dislike Naruto, so at least you have something going for you.

naruto ends at 135 the rest is filler there very few filler before that just runing guy arc.

don't like reading mangas on my PC (university fag without enough money) so anime is the more convenient method to get the series in.

I love OP but stopped during the Enie's Lobby Arc. I got shit to do and I can't watch a show that has like 800 episodes. If it was more like Detective Conan, I would watch it due to the self-contained episodes but this neverending shit they are pulling off should be abolished

Yeah but it's like watching only half the story



Lurk more newfag.

You already hit peak One Piece. You don't have to go on.

most of newfags to anime don't bother with any of the big 3

For what reason should I watch these shows? Honest question.

no reason to, op just posted the anime with the least amount of viewers to show how much higher taste he has on finding hidden gems.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the insight, user. I had been seeing the image posted in multiple threads so I had assumed op had some reason for posting it.


>using op wrong
kill you'reselfes


>Yeah but it's like watching only half the story
its not. Naruto Kai is the only way the franchise should be consumed

I actually did watch some naruto, funnily enough it was awful

>it was good pre-timeskip
>m-muh zabuza
Naruto was always an inconsistent mess. And the chunnin exams are highly overrated. Especially that shitty fight with Neji.

I kind of watched this till Neji jobbed against Naruto and then stopped. Similarly i watched Bleach till little after Ichigo owns Byakuya and saves Rukia.

Both times because filler was unwatchable... so i turned to the manga and fuck, Bleach manga was as shitt as it´s anime filler.

Naruto was a little less so but it was shit too... ended up dropping both.

It´s not only the lenght but the quality drop. There are far better anime out there that is far shorter too.

I never watched OPM.
Didn't while it was airing, and still have no real interest in watching it now.

Or maybe reading the goddamn manga?

fuck off nerd

Don't watch it or read the manga. They're both shit compared to the webcomic

Mkaid Dragon
Love Live
Fate series
Tokyo Ghoul
Gabriel Dropped

>implying even 10% of anime watchers have watched Naruto

Melancholy haruhi or whatever the fuck it was.
Fuck that shit.

You're not even trying

one piece and bleach. i dunno if i would have the patience to watch through them.

Are you implying they haven't?

Considering OP is horrendously paced and Bleach was canceled halfway through the story, you most definitely won't.


You're right. I'm just answering OP's question.

Haven't watched a single episode. What did I miss, Sup Forums?

Tons of them. Code Gayass, SnK, NGNL, Hestiashit, Umarushit, and most of modern Kyoanus shits. Worst offender might be Kimi no na wa.

BnHA on other hand is consistent masterpiece. Sports Festival arc shits on Chuunin exams. Especially that gorgeous fight with Todoroki vs Deku.

>meta thread

If you ever make fun of Code Geass again, I'll kill you.

How does it feel to live a life beeing a jaded asshole?


Oh yeah, I forgot about that shitty loli/shota show from the last season, Made in Abyss.

I thought this show was about solving mysteries
silly me

Anything Fate related. It screams pretentious and obnoxious.

It happened to me with FMAB but finally watched it.
I liked it a lot.

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