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- Oda revealed it will take another 1-2 years for ONE PIECE to enter Wano arc. He also says Wano arc will include an episode about Ace.

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Reverie arc will be a proper arc then.

post yfw you're not a wanoposter

I hope so. A full Reverie arc in 2018 sounds great.

>"Wano in 2017"





>nah it's going to be 2 chapters tops

A thing being foreshadowed ever since we got into DRUM ISLAND (17 years ago) wouldn't be something as small and worthy of only a handful of chapters

Fuck YES Revolutionaries arc is coming!

Oda won't leave Luffy out of the manga for long just like how every episode of the anime has to have Luffy in it. Expect some arc with the strawhats to happen alongside Reverie.

Reverie can't take an entire year. There are no SHs in the reverie. Oda won't make an entire year long arc with no SHs.

>a entire arc without luffy and the crew

Sales will drop



I-is Big Meme going down after all

So who do you think will be the main protagonist of Reverie then, if there's any. Vivi? Sabo?
Rebecca? Someone else?

>Tfw not a wanofag, but still sad
What is this feeling bros? I'm enjoying WCI too, but bruh.

I think that is right. We wil have some SHs doing some stuff and the Reverie happening in 2018. And someone willl crash the Reverie, surely. BB or Dragon.

>tfw no Zoro for another 2 years

Oda had Wano planned in 2017 according to his editor. An error margin of 2 years is unthinkable. So what happened? Is Big Mom going down anyway? Did Oda add another arc? does he want to show more of the revolutionaries and Blackbeard? Did he feel like Wano wasn't as polished as he wanted it, and was afraid is was going to turn into Dressrosa tiers of mediocrity? Is Oda taking a prolonged hiatus?
What do you guys think?

Not gonna happen. Zoro is the most popular character in the series after Luffy. He isn't going to be absent from the series for 2 years. Sales will drop.

>believing editor lies
That's your mistake user. No one with a lick of sense trusts editors to tell the truth


>according to his editor

Luffy is going to the Reverie with the Germa 66 then.

Wano in 2017 was probably referring to the One Piece x Kyoto production which featured Wano.

>Sales will drop
remember Amazon lily, Impel Down and that one arc where Whitebeard and Ace died?

Oda ditched half of the strawhat crew for two years and sales where fine. Volume releases of Whole Cake are great too. Oda can leave Zoro alone for two years, but Luffy himself is another story.

Sounds possible actually

You faggots really think we get a decent Reverie arc? Hell no. Enjoy your Whitebeard Pirates/Weevil arc

>thinking Mugiwara no Ruffy won't somehow end up involved in whatever arc happens next year

>smoothie will actually do something


>an episode about Ace

What does Luffy have in the reverie? There is nothing for him to do there and there is no foreshadowing for him to have a reason to go there

>mfw there will be wanoposting for another two years

Why would Luffy want to? Why would the World Government let the Germa in after their deal with Big Mom hits the news (even though they were tricked)?

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

His waifu might be involved

>We're entering another one year of nothing happening.

Absolutely fucking epic.

We'll be seeing this post for another 2 years, huh?

This. I can't believe some brainlets seem to think Luffy won't be around during an entire arc.

>Meanwhile on Wano...
>Zoro: "oh shit"
>Back to WCI

Why would BB even waste his time doing that? He is far too concerned hunting devil fruits left and right, while Dragon already left Baltigo and assembled all the commanders at Momoiro Island

>Luffy at Mariejois this Reverie
>Strawhats meeting Vivi again
>Revolutionary plots may imply Luffy meeting Dragon
I'm so hype guys

I'm game, looking forward to likely seeing Vivi take the centre stage again as a temporary protagonist while the Straw Hats are traveling to Wano.

I am not looking forward to seeing Rebecca again unless Oda somehow makes her a bearable character.

Dressrosa isn't as bad if you binge. It was a just a slog on week by week.

Sanji is still there with like 50 votes of difference and was left out for 80+ chapters of Dressrosa without damaging sales
Leaving Zoro out will be fine too

Looks like it

Say goodbye to your friend for a couple years. This news is definitely not the greatest birthday present.



Also Rebecca and her constant fucking crying.

What if they are separated? We don't even know how they are going to leave Tottoland. There is Big Mom ships everywhere. Luffy might end up on Germa 66's ship instead of the Sunny.

And Luffy is friend with half of the the people that wil attend the Reverie. Also, Ideo's mini story is also tied to the Reverie.

>N-Nothing happened in Totto land

>tfw your birthday present is not appearing in the next 2 years

oh my god, i even forgot that today is zoro's birthday too. this shit is too perfect

>An error margin of 2 years is unthinkable
Dude, Oda has the same grasp on time and delays as like, a construction company. He thought One Piece would take 5 years to draw. Whenever he gives you a time just multiply it by 4 and you'll get close to the truth of how longit's actually gonna take.

>No Wano until 2045 confirmed on Zoro's birthday
Have Zorokids ever been so BTFO?

I hope he kills Marco

I don't mind the friendly old person poster, he's harmless

Oda ended up loving One Piece so much that he decided to turn it into a epic. And the silly billy overworks himself so much that he is forced to take breaks by his superiors hoping not to repeat the same mistake they did with Togashi.

I don't actually mind this one, this user is cool. The meme poster I hate is the one who posts the "are we in wano yet"? Triggers me everytime.

>include an episode about Ace.
Why should we care about a deceased whose fruit has been transferred to someone else already?
>Inb4 Luffy got summoned to the meeting just because

So, Revolutionaries storm the Reverie right?


So can we go back to posting this again?

So Reverie is going to be 2 years long?
I'm confused.

>"damn the latest chapter ended with not really much to look forward"
>"what are gonna discuss for two weeks straight"

Likely. They couldn't just have them been defeated by Blackbeard so easily.

>Why should we care about a deceased whose fruit has been transferred to someone else already?
Well we already know Ace went to Wano so I assume the Ace Wano flashback will be used to both pander to Ace fans and to set up/introduce some things like certain characters or events on Wano.

>Why should we care about a deceased
You must be new to OP

>why should we care about a deceased whose fruit has been transferred to someone else already?

Too bad Blackbeard killed them all. But I guess Blackbeard could storm the Reverie instead.


2nd training period with Scopper Gaban, third mate of Pirate King Gol D. Roger incoming. Except this time it won't all be timeskipped. We will see two years of Scopper training Luffy. Luffy will emerge from the training near EoS strength.

Did I get this right?

>Luffy / Nami / Sanji / Brook / Chopper / Jinbe / Carrot / Pedro (RIP) / Pekoms / Firetank Pirates / Gangster Gastino / Sun Pirates - Leaving Tottoland.

>Zoro / Robin / Kin'emon / Kanjuro / Raizo / Law - Heading to Wano.

>Team Cat Viper - Searching for Marco.

>Dog / Momo - On Zou, will move to Wano later on.

>Franky - Building weapons. Going to Wano too?

>Apoo / Drake - Working for Kaidou

>Kidd - Sitting in a dungeon.

>Killer / Hawkins - ???

>Urouge - Still recovering?

>Bonney - Escaped Marines again.

So what the hell is going to happen after WCI that will take so long? I can't imagine Luffy will be out of the spotlight for an extended period so I assume he's going to the Reverie or whatever the next arc will be. However, are we really going to see the same crew we've seen for 60 chapters now for another year or two? What about the Marco search? What about Weevil? He's possibly looking for Luffy to find info on Marco.

Is this where they end the shichibukai shit and say Amazon Lily is fair game to get rekt

You will get Weevil arc too, if you like it or not.


>- Oda revealed it will take another 1-2 years for ONE PIECE to enter Wano arc. He also says Wano arc will include an episode about Ace.

>- Oda says the characteristics of islands in each arc are pretty different so that audience don't get bored.

Guys, what if it's just Oda doing what the fanbase wanted? Everyone said it would've been better if Dressrosa events had happened on two islands instead of one. He's maybe just doing that for Wano.

I dont get it though. This arc is boring why would he want to postpone the likely better arc?

I just realized that Oars Jr and Kaido could be the same species of horned giants. So it's likely that Oars Jr will play a role in the Wano Arc.


>implying implications

Nah, Amazon Lily will be fine. They already know Hancock betrayed the Marines during the war by helping her future husband Luffy, but she got away with it because she's beautiful.

There's no way Big Mom is having a second rematch arc with how long WCI will end up to be.

At this rate, Oda will die before we reach Wano

Good. To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to Wano Arc. You just know it's gonna be full of NIPPON STRONK wanking.


There's still the destruction of fishman island

Wanobabby tears are so delicious.

We miss you Zoro

Apart from Ninja Rebecca, I see nothing wrong with the left side, crazy ass painted samurai and kabuki antics sound like a ton of fun to me.

If only Jump had the balls to focus on Zoro for a year. Oda thinks each of the Strawhats could be protagonists of their own series. Let him prove it with the pre Wano arc.

Zoro, Robin, Usopp, Franky, Kinemon, Kanjuro and Raizou is an all star cast.

Judge can try and bullshit his way into the Reverie, say he was blackmailed by Big Mom or just participated in a coup against her.

Roger became the Pirate King without defeating her.

Well almost every named deceased who is close to somebody didn't get further mentioned post said person's own arc.

But the big question is, will we get another time skip?

My friend of african descent. I for one wouldn't mind if Luffy ended up settling on Totland as Brulée's husband and governor of Meat Island to become a family man and a father.

Wano will be Zoro's arc like how Whole Cake was Sanji's.

That's endgame, boy. That's when Luffy destroys the Red Line.

Cmon man don't hurt Zorofags like that. Waiting 2 years to se him job.

So it won't be his arc?