On a scale of 0 to 5, how much do you love Lain

Well anon, what
is your answer...


I love Emilia.

Bear-chan is the best

I love you, Lain! 5/5




I have to ask first whether a score of 0 would be indifference or hate.

0 = no love
5 = Love
it's simple, you can't hate Lain

I love Lain with all my being.

If you love anything at all, you love Lain, because Lain is everywhere

>having to explain the meaning of the word omnipresent
brainlet tier show

I love Lain I love Lain I love Lain I love Lain I love Lain I love Lain


Let's all Love Lain!

I love lain!

0. Lain and her shitty anime need to be erased.


She already erased herself. All this fake love made her uncomfortable.

Why is Lain so Spooky

Infinite love for Lain!


Let's all love Lain!

I hate myself and want to die.

kyoani faggots leave


I like both


Over 9000