3-Gatsu no Lion

Honking intensifies in today ED card

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The rest of chapter 54 and chapter 55 were covered today

Can SHAFT even top this episode? Not just the story was good but the animation was on point.

The animation in the bit where Hina is crying and eating was top notch, the episode was great.

Obv not until they get their staff in order. All their heavy hitters from kizu came back on this so its no surprise that it was amazing.

If they dont pull through again this season I am guessing they are working on Fate

There's one upcoming episode I could see them working that hard on, but I think that's it


sooo... why is the preview at the beginning?

Is that bkub?

fuck, this ep is hilarious


Has this faggot OP ever won a single thing? This is getting so frustrating watching him be a beta loser every damn episode.

LNFags spoil me. DOES HE EVER START FUCKING WINNING? What's the point og being a prodigy if all he ever does is lose every damn time? Why is Japan so obsessed with NTR, beta cucks, and losers so much ?

Can you go away please?

This manga isn't about trivial things like winning or losing. It's about feelings.

How the hell is Hina his "savior" when it was Akari who rescued him and took him in and nursed him back to health?

Sometimes, being saved can mean being given something to love, and something to care about. Hina gave Rei a reason to stop being so cold and sad.

He becomes an ashita no joe reference.


Not but this story isn't about winning or losing. It's like Pokemon. We know Ash is never going to win but no one cares about that. The journey is what's important.

This is your creature for the evening.



It's a manga.
He does eventually, he's just in a slump right now.


>just in a slump right now.
It's been like 3 seasons.

Only about a year has passed in the manga. His slump will end this season of the adaptation.

the story takes place in march


It's may now.

It's November silly user

>His slump will end this season of the adaptation
Well I guess I'll drop it until if it ever gets another season.


Why, you wanted his slump to continue? Just drop it now if you aren't enjoying it.

jeez, talk about taking the title too literally...

I am dropping it. If this ever gets another season then I'll pick it up once he starts winning.

great! thanks for sharing that!

How did you even managed to watch 27 episodes of this series if your main concern was the outcome of shogi matches? I mean, it was obvious since episode 1 that this isn't a sports drama. Why did you even stickwith it for so long?

>Has this faggot OP ever won a single thing
>all he ever does is lose every damn time
What are you even talking about? He's won plenty of times, he just isn't winning enough to move up the ranks.

honestly, i totally get him. He is a prodigy who has big fish in a small pond syndrome, just like lots of people experience moving up in school. He also used shogi to survive after the death of his family, and now he is finding that isn't enough; he desperately needs to find new motivation as a young pro. That's what this work is about.

I can understand him being a loser for the first half of a season but it started becoming apparent in season 1 that he was always going to be a cuck even after he realized he wanted to keep fighting.

I thought because he decided he wanted to keep fighting that he always wanted to win but it never happened. Now it's the beginning of a new season and it's apparent that he's always going to be a loser. So I'm dropping it. Would have dropped it last season but they trick you into thinking that he wants to win when he really doesn't.

If you guys want to watch it and get trained into being fine with being weak, beta, and fine with losing then do you. I have no tolerance for that way of thinking.

good. now fuck off

He was focused on her when he said that because of the currect situation. That doesn't mean he thinks of Akari any different in that regard. Akari was the one who brought him in, but he has more interactions with Hina, they're closer in terms of age and circustance. Akari often said they should give him some space when he had a bunch of stuff happening, while Hina is the one who tried to reach out to him. Hina also did something for her friend that no one did for Rei while he was bullied as a kid. She would have done the same for him, had she had the chance. Rei also thinks a bit too highly of Akari and judging from his monologues a lot of her suffering seems to fly over his head. Because he sees her as a mature adult, someone stronger than him. In his eyes, this is his chance to help them out, take some of their burden.

>I can understand him being a loser for the first half of a season
He didn't lose a single game in the first half of S1, did he?

I don't remember. Maybe that's why I didn't drop it.i just remember by the second half i wanted to drop it. Now with the current season following the same pattern there's no way I can deal with another season of him being a loser.

I can't comprehend how anyone could see Rei as a loser. He is a high school aged kid who has entered an elite professional organization, makes his own living, and yet still wants to help others. He is a fucking hero, with such a harsh worldview from his life situation that he is super hard on himself.

You're a fucking retard, he made it to the quarter-finals of that tournament. He is still winning a lot, but most of it happens off screen. Because it's not that important for this show. Go back to your battle shonens or something.

You seem to really enjoy spouting "droping" alot.

You're full of shit. I just skimmed through the whole manga up to last episode to confirm, and this is Rei's record as far as we know.

His dad
The grumpy old man
The drunkard who's a bad father
One unnamed opponent in the newcomer match

A quarterfinal match in some random tournament (we didn't see the previous matches, so I don't know how many he won)

he's tsundere


I'm tearing up just remembering this scene.

It was beautiful scene

>he lost his sister
>he lost his family
>he lost a fight against some old fake gangster
>he lost to some sickly beta nerd
>he lost today
>he lost to bullies his entire life
>he loses at school so much his teacher has to eat lunch with him

>I'm gonna drop it guys, I'm gonna do it!
cool, fuck off. I can't believe you made it this far without comprehending the premise of the show

Someone needs to make a "Do it for Her" image for Hina.

>that seamless transition from a serious topic of bullying into shogi tournament shenanigans.
This show is something else, I probably underappreciated it myself but S2 has been so solid so far.

I love it that Rei is finally motivated because he's playing Shogi for the sake of someone that he loves. I mean, i get the feeling he doesn't really understand that he likes Hina but i'm sure sensei will open his eyes.

He wins at life

Oh I get it, Sensei will win the Akaribowl because he makes her feel youthful

>hina's character development

Anyone else feel a sense of despair when the yearly dose of new chapters was over in under an hour?

Even when nisio isn't controlling Shaft, they bring the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.


One great episode after another.
What a fortunate bunch of weeks we've had.

>Masterpiece Count
Shaft: 2
KyoAni: 0
Trigger : 1

How will KyoAnus fags ever recover?

She looks cutest with her bob cut.

But shaft have 4 masterpeices.

This is disgusting. This guy is damn near 18 years old and shes in middle school. He's a damn loser.

Welcome to Sup Forums.

fuck off


That's a 3-4 year difference, it's not that much. And in a few years it will mean absolutely nothing

Grow up

I read somewhere that Chika Umino said she got the original idea for this series when she saw a movie poster of a 1992 film of the same name featuring a girl with a bobcut. So her original image for Hina was like pic related.

Are you new to anime? There's absolutely nothing wrong with an age gap, especially when it's just a few years in this case.

>If you guys want to watch it and get trained into being fine with being weak, beta, and fine with losing then do you. I have no tolerance for that way of thinking.

The show is teaching you the exact opposite. You have to work at everything you want. Nothing is given to you. You have to lose before you can win, and only you can make that happen.

He's like fucking 16 and he's in the top 100 or 200 or so pro shogi players in Japan.
Fuck off back to your battle shounen.

He's second year high school and she's third year middle school.
Literally a 2 year gap

It's 3 years, because he took a year off from school to concentrate on shogi.

It could be a 4 year gap because she just started her 3rd year of middle school, so she might not have turned 15 yet. Rei is already 18. Still it's not that big of a deal.

3-gatsu Team Epic


18 and 13. Pedo confirmed

Nikkaidou is such a fucking bro.

He's Japanese, it's pretty much expected.

It's sad that he thinks Rei just wants to be a better shogi player, but I'm sure if he knew what was happening to Hina he'd be even more fired up

You've obviously never played something competitively. If you have a 1-1 ratio of wins to losses in a professional sport or game that's pretty fucking good, and in shogi most people are either middle-aged or senile. An 18 year old being able to stay afloat in a professional shogi league is worthy of being called a prodigy.

How does it feel knowing Nikaidou will die during one of his matches?

I'm surprised he didn't die when he essentially beat the meijin

Okay, good riddance.

>one has initial age
>one doesn't

one goes through a time skip

Well, I guess I can finish watching this show before sudoku.

>he essentially beat the meijin
He didn't, though. That letter showed how he would have gotten out of it, remember?

Didn't it not? I don't understand shogi at all.

I don't understand shogi either, but this was pretty clear even without knowing what the moves meant. They all thought Nikaidou was on the verge of winning, but actually Souya had seen a way out that none of them had.

Who here would cut down to 52 kg so Akari could take them in and make them fat again?

Gags were on point this week. Glad they were there to lighten up some of the heavier stuff

Why does Rei consider it Hina and not Akari that saved him when it was Akari that started to invite him home to them in the first place?

Doesn't that look like that show with the tiny plump shinobi kid? I can't recall the name at all right now.


how hard to you identify with him? This is the weirdest lynchpin I've ever seen.

Thanks. Thought I read through the thread but apparantly I'm an idiot.

Uhhhh... Kiteretsu? idk I got nothing unless bkub's done a shinobi manga I haven't heard about

I love fatkari. I would lewd her very gently