ITT: Girls that are literally flawless

ITT: Girls that are literally flawless.

>Has birthing hips and thicc legs.
>Can fuck in the after life.
>Most powerful girl in series.



Don't forget
>wears pantyhose

>has adult form bypassing need for hebepasta
>yan type

Rena is actually perfect.

Does she come with eternal servitude included?

Oh yes. Cant forget that.



>Most powerful girl in series.



Fuck off.

There has never been a worse girl ever in the entire history of fiction.

Doppel is just a shapeshifter. She even stated she was no stronger than a human.

Lala has soul reaping and teleporting to locations and dimensions at will.

She's very very bad, but Taiga is the worst worst girl in the entire history of fiction.

Get into a tub with a jellyfish. Chode choker.

She's a eldritch horror user and can cause mindfuck and insanity just by looking at her.

I haven't seen the chapter you posted though so I got some chatching up to do, maybe I'll change my mind.

Huh, but Kirino is the nicest person ever, also she gives her all to everything she does, she might not be the best, but she always give her best, why would you say that?

She never sent me her pictures, now I know why.

She actually is very good.

That's a literal middle schooler you sick fuck (or Alabama congressman).

No doubt that she is. But is she 2.5D?

Yeah, no. She's cancer

Does she slowy encroach on your heart and every part of your body?

Have you tried making toast in the tub before?

Go try it.

Is this the latest reddit meme?

Why aren't there more doujins for best Musume?

Do 4channers even know what reddit is? Or is that just something you people say because you got it from a youtube comment and think it's an insult?

Needs more seasons.

I liked more Road in the first season.

Literally shit taste

Only one way to find out how she tastes like.