Dragon Ball Super

What will it take to defeat her if UIJ can't?

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The D

Cabba’a dick

I kek’d, it really is that ridiculous.

I want to FUCK Kefla.

Joblifla is part of her so her jobbing in some way is guaranteed to happen.
Also, she has inherited AIDS from the same joblifla side so she has a limited timespan either way. The disease will eat away some of her fusion time and will be part of the explanation for her not lasting even 20 minutes despite no meme ki usage.

>no island filler
Confirmed fake.

ultra instinct lssgss3 golden frigitohan calvo completado

what would you do to this booty?

>Kefla speed blitzes and oneshots Tori-Bot

lost here


Name ONE character who could stop this madwoman.

Who is she looking at?

My dick

Exhausted Goku still attempting to tap into UI again


Should have used the dance.

Gohan fused with my OC

Reminder Videl is a Shotacon that has been fucking Goten.

Gohan after she defeated him.

Goku after he defeats her, completely submitting to him.

What if she's constantly being satisfied by kale mentally while fused? That be kinda strange haha.

>Episode 132 "The age of darkness begins? Kefla gets BLACKED"

>hfw she sees Kale's memories of her masturbating daily to Caulifla while they were fused


The embodiment of jobbing.

We get it, pedo. You hate Gohan.

so which character are the shitposters going to latch on next after the saiyan shitters are erased?

>Kefla goes SSJ3
>Defuses because lmaonokicontrol
>[muffled OHOHOHO in the distance]

this whole arc is going to be completely pointless, right?

>they only go SS3 because goku showed them
all according to keikaku

How long does he have...


Do not open this.

Are you happy with yourself now? Fucking cuck

you know the rules

u7 wins simply by having more players on the field at the time limit.

Who said that? Gohan should be with that girl Lime. Goten works better with Videl since they were the original plan.

You didn’t even spoiler this.


Rest my head on it and take a nap.

Jiren will have finished catching up to Beerus by mastering UI when all is said and done.
That's not pointless unlike the entirety of the FT arc..


>Gohan should be with that girl Lime.
haha filler dubbie confirmed

Shit, Goku not Jiren.


I fully expect either the Zen-Ohs or the person who makes the super dragon ball wish to revive all of the erased universes

But then somebody would have to step in and deal with Toei's non canon universal Zamasu.

Just because she was filler does mean she could become canon later. LSSJ was anime only and look at it now.


They are a cute couple.

human/majin/saiyan hybrid when?

I was thinking it would only be the present time universes. If the future universe with universal Zamasu was revived then the future Zen-Oh would probably go back to that universe, and I don't think that will happen. Future Zen-Oh is here to stay in Goku's universe.

Caulifla daki when?

Reminder that Android 18 is beautiful.

Romance could always work. Kefla is for 18.

You mean like LSS""J""" being movie material that made it into Shitper? Not that it even matters when BoG itself is what began the non-canon attempt at a sequel aka GT 2.0.
None of the Z movies are canon, BoG and everything that followed or was inspired by it included. Super beggining with BoG by tself means that Super is not canon.

Leave the Monkey Mash to me, desu-ne.

Why do all androids have the same eyes?

They would have an amazing potential, sad thing is we won't see him anytime soon, unless he is a time traveler or some shit like that.

Because Toriyama can only draw about 5 different faces.

Aren't body PILLOWS supposed to be soft? Counter intuitive to do one with bony AIDS patient trashifla when she would feel like a rock or worse (because she stinks on top of being a stick hoe)

17 and 18 were originally human twins


18 is for Vegeta.

Is Gold Broly stronger or weaker than Green Broly? Could Broly be able to use a more-powerful, controlled Legendary like Kale and Kafla have? Could Kale have a Gold Berserk form?

Yea I know but 16,13,20,21 have exactly the same eyes

When are we getting our comfy beach SoL episode? I hope we get one after the ToP.

Look at this perfect and happy family

Kale would disagree.

"Gold" Broly is just how he was drawn in movie 10. I don't think they intended anything suggesting it was a different form back then.

Gohan you can't just call someone a retard or autistic.

Calm down user. She’s just a drawing.

dom on dom relationships don't work

Ultra Instinct Shaggy was mentioned at the Injustice World Championship after the Injustice 2 DLC Pack 3 reveal.

>implying Jiren isn't already stronger then Beerus


Leave Jiren to me

I wish we could see Nigrisshi fight.

Will she beat Pepsi-man?



>rekts goku azul

The time limit.

he's a overcompensating manlet
of course he will try to be the dom in the relationship
18 would get bored and leave him

Gohan jobbing and getting cucked by his brother.

Reminder that Alien X could solo all of Super.

Christ you really want this to be a thing don't you?

Have you ever been in a relationship?

>that filename

>has to have a trial before he attacks
>has to be selected before he is summoned
You are small time.

Except that 18 already dommed Bejita.


For all the plot-handed free power-ups Cowliturd and Shitle have gotte, they have failed to eliminate anyone worth mentioning, and they¡re not getting pass Goku. It's like after the show's writers finished snorting the last line of cocaine they realized they still had a tournament to complete and these inane boring dykes have nothing exciting to offer besides asspulls, so they'll need to get back at the characters people actually give a single shit about Like Frieza.

Frieza's getting eliminated by Jiren.

Why does 17 have no good porn?

That's what happens when you're forgotten for years. Dragon Ball doesn't have good porn in general though.

*All those typos
Meh, shit quality post matching these shit quality characters.

Because he is a DB character.