Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san

A new chapter about the best cake is out!

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>the best cake
You called?

Ok hold up what is this.

Click the saucenao link next to your image.


Pound the pixiv. Thanks yo. Shoot, I thought it would be from like a translated manga or something.

There's the thread I was looking for

looks like kaede from idolmaster cg and then ur image in danberu wan mo something japanese












What a cutie.


Where are the paizuri





>the author does a lot of porn implications for his characters in his twitter account
oh boy


I saw straight porn tough, blowjob and shit.

Cosplay addicted Christmas Cake Tachibana sensei is the best

Anime when, seriously? I'll even take a three to seven minute ep format.

yeah, censored and all
guy's awesome

Why is Takizawa-san always so sweaty?

post best cake doujins

Short format seems befitting, I guess we can only hope...

Her chest can get pretty hot


are the spic translations up to the last chapters or there are more?

She may be a old hag but I would pump&dump.


You're terrible person.

>not pump&pump&pump&pump&pump&marrypump&pump

You got it friendo.

Some don't fit the cake category but fuck it, Oyakodon is tasty.

>garter belt, stockings, nakadashi
I see, you are the man of culture as well.

Thank you my guy.


I see you're a man of culture such as myself

brb /r/

>first chapter was amazing
>second was eh
>third was better, but not as good as first
>incest ending
FUCK this guy and his eodipus complex. First Milf was good.

They replaced the A/C. Why is she always sweating?

>He doesn't like mother/son incest

Get a load of this fag.


god fucking damn it, this isn't translated




Not a cake but how many of you read Yakumo-san?

>There are 9 whole chapters
What fucking rock did I sleep under the last year holy shit. I've been following Yanbaru for almost 2 years too.

>Bland as fuck mundane ass manga
>Jokes focuses solely on xdddboobies xddd
>Literally no substance

Was this made for 12 years old?

I only discovered Otochihi a couple months ago but he's made me consistently spill buckets in an alarming amount of time

I'm working on it.

It's a 5-6 page monthly 4-koma manga bud, don't expect it to be a work of art. The heroine is cute, the MC is a good tsukommi, and it's fine as is. I don't know what kind of substance you were expecting from something so short.

When will she be raped by fat old businessmen?

this desu


Yeah, it's quite amazing just how good he is at that.

Do you like your cakes with cream?

No, I'll get them the cream myself

Milk preferably

why is she always sweaty with that stupid look on her face?