Shokugeki no Soma

How do we protect her smile?

Time travel and kill Azami.

>How do we protect her smile?

Force Saiba to eat her food.

Kill Megumi the jobber

>Grandfather wants Saiba's dick.
>Father wants Saiba's dick.
>Daughter wants Saiba's dick.

Is it just me or is the whole family sluts when it comes to Saiba?

Only father wants Saiba's dick.

Grandfather and Daughter respects him as a chef

Erina and Soma should just get married so they can all be one big happy family.

Whats saibas background? Totsuki is mostly only for rich or influental people

It's might come into play after Azami. During the bento match flashback Joe mentioned Souma never meeting his grandparents.

Maybe all four of them are dead or it isn't significant. I can see Joe being disowned but Souma's mother was probably normal.

Have her go against Eishi alone so it's not as embarrassing when she jobs.

Soma is gay and Erina wants that DILF dick.

Azami might actually be masturbating to Saiba.
Nah, that's impossible right?

>Erina wants that DILF dick

Everything is possible for that absolute mad man

Reminder of his face when Joe offered to bend over ideologically

Leave Azami to me.

Weren't both of the Soma/Curry matchups also boxing themed?

Pajeet had a spear or something.
>Souma/Megumi avatars are both boxers

What the fuck is wrong with you?

The Soma vs Hayama rematch retard

>being this delusional

>shirtless Pajeet.


I said both and he's right. Pajeet had a spear in the autumn election preliminaries.

Let her to eat my cocking

Fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from.

>Soma is gay
Why is he gay anyway?

>his dad is Saiba
>his best friend is Takumi
>his master is Shinomiya

Geez, I wonder.

How new

The boxing motifs are alright. There are some they favor and return to now and again.
Next match is bushido again. I hope it gets a colour spread.

God I want Megumi to punch me.

I want to marry Megumi

Me first

Why does Anne, Charme and Historie look like if they were Megumi, Takumi and Subaru from another timeline.

How smooth and comfy are these thighs

she looks fat as hell here

CAnt wait till they show her with the messed up hair in the anime its gonna be cute as fuck.


>its gonna be cute as fuck
I agree

That would make Erina miserable.

Would you all say the manga has gotten better since the new editor took charge last month?

You can't possibly tell if it has gotten better, worse or consistent at least until 2-4 months has pass.

You can't. Azami broke her.

Only Souman can fix her by giving her the Dish

Well, he has a picture of him in his suit, so we can only guess what he really does with it.

She's just plumpy/ THICC. Know the difference.


That would make things worse.

from the thumbnail I thought he was sucking some dick

I wonder why Rindo talks as if she knows nothing about her fellow non E10 third years?

Do you just forget about the other students when you make it into the E10?

I want to hug Isami

In Rindo's defense she spends a lot of time off of school grounds.

It kind of makes me wonder where the story is going to go from here.

What is the point of advancing to the next grades if the E10 can be completely annihilated by a bunch of first years?

It makes me sad that non-E10 seniors were only brought up as a plot device to wank Hayama.

>wanting the inferior brother.

Get out, Bianca.

Kid Erina a cute

Fellow Erinafags, do you have any fanart you'd like to share? I found few new arts over the past week.






Final new art I have

I found a new Soma x Erina fanart

Erina is meh. Post better girls.



Ayyyyy, underappreciated girl.

Superb taste sir.

This thread is severely lacking Three Best Grills

Best girls

Weak Tsun and Filthy Traitor can get raped by Azami for all eternity. Both deserve it.

But where the fuck is her mother?

Why not both?

>It was Pocky day on Japan.
>aka the day nips use as excuse to draw any pairing
>no fanart of any non gay Shokugeki ship

Feels bad.

Here's a better version user.

Why not all?

(still needs Ryuko and Jun though. Jun best non-student grill)

>>no fanart of any non gay Shokugeki ship

>MC is gay
>Why does he always get paired up with boys?
I wonder why?

>no fanart of any non gay Shokugeki ship

But yeah, only fujos do things.

Megumi > All

>Three Best Grills
They are the true holy trinity in Japan now. At least on 2ch

After I realized who they were i felt kind of bad...then I realized that I had sprouted a diamond hard boner and imagined pounding her on a counter top in the kitchen while she screamed daddy over and over and over again

Rindo gave Isshiki shit for not remembering Julio but can't even remember her 10 classmates.

Boxer Megu a cute.

Also from the flashback we saw she was a spacecase staring at birds and shit. She honestly probably doesn't pay attention to anyone who doesn't catch her interest.

She referred Julio as Isshiki's classmate so because they're classmates they should be familiar with each other. The people Rindou don't know aren't from her class. They're her fellow third years but not a part of her class therefore she isn't familiar with them.

>that Eizan.

On the other hand user, there's only like 20 third years or something stupidly low like that.

You don't know that.

Erina-sama is love, Erina-sama is life

The graduation rate is like 1% or less. is correct.

In the first place, Rindou reacting at all is surprising. As a member of E10 herself, and seeing that those guys are going to at best get a seat lower than her, the fact that they exist shouldn't faze her, whether she knew of them beforehand or not.

Again, you still don't know that despite the rate being 1% or less. There are still multiple classes in every grade but whatevs.

Thanks, user


I want to do lewd things with Erina's God tongue


>only her tongue

I want to see adult Souma working in his own restaurant with a pregnant Erina assisting him and Hisako taking orders.

I wish.

Erina is the heir to a multi billion dollar company, an institute for world renowned chefs, she's not going to settle down for a cheap local restaurant.

>adult Hisako is still worthless and can't create her own life.

Sounds about right.

I want to see cute, flustered Erina again.

Erina is pure sex