Most anime are good

I'm starting to feel like there's too much good anime/manga out there and I'll never be able to watch/read them all, making me insecure about the quality of my current favorites and preventing me from getting seriously attached to them.

Anyone else feels like this ?

I used to feel that way 15 years ago when I started this hobby. Now I'm questioning myself why I haven't moved on to other things. Maybe I'm addicted to shit posting on Sup Forums.

It's true. And also a lot of movies and books and so on. You should drop any piece of fiction as soon as you are not in love with it. There are too much of them for you not to be very selective.

Less whining. More working on your backlog.

Watch 4 anime at the same time at 2x playback speed.
Works best with surround sound.

No, you are supposed to wear two pairs of headphones at once so you can listen to four separate audio streams.

You are afraid of change.

I'm struggling to find anything remotely good. A friend recommended me steins gate a while back but I dropped that shit after the first episode because of unrealistic human behaviors. Do you have anything good I can watch?


Paranoia Agent
Hajime No Ippo
The Tatami Galaxy
Gatchaman Crowds
Mob Psycho 100
Natsume's Book of Friends
Madoka Magica
Re Zero
Initial D

>unrealistic human behaviors
Anime as a whole might not be for you then, because 99% of anime try to immerse you in their settings while forcing you into suspension of disbelief in order to make the world building, character interactions and etc. believable to you. Even acclaimed shows like Shouwa Rakugo whom everyone praise the characters and storytelling, probably won't be to your liking since it does exactly what I said above.

Everything on that list sounds gay as shit

Viper GTS


cool ill look them up. ill try to find the beauty you guys see in the show.

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wish i could

The absolute state of Sup Forums.

seriously faggots like you giving a fuck about other people

In my first few years as a fan I used to worry that I would "run out" of anime to watch somehow. Now I don't.

I think you're fine. Just enjoy what you will, and see how your tastes evolve.

Sounds like a career MALfag. Just watch stuff.

I feel the complete opposite. I used to think that way, but nowadays I feel like that there is mostly shit anime, same shit, different look every damn time. Its so rare to find good shows. I can go entire seasons without watching any show.

Plus side is that my backlog is almost cleared.