Fate/Apocrypha 19

Hey, fags. Where were you when the dick was out?

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This show is garbage.


full image


Only good parts of this series were the beginning.


>His cute trap nipples are not shown.

Are they fighting over his dick.

Thanks, if you wouldn't remind me every week i would forget.

Buy the BDs

Fucking golden!

Astolfo knows the other girl is in there!




Would it be considered lewd if his nipples was shown?

Nobody's talking about your childish mobage for otaku self-insertion, get out.

Do you have brain problems?

I wish I could eat baklava. Nut allergies suck.

is there still no Mordred?
I'm getting close to dropping this shit

When is Sieg gonna give the strong and think dragon dick to Jeanne and Astolfo?

Putting one shit next to another won't make any of them look better.

Why are Apofags so insecure?

My heart!

Remember that "Mordred, weebshit's idol is a futa like Artoria

That's precisely the point.

Astolfo is the only reason I'm still watching this shit.

That's a terrible sentence construction.

Hair down Astolfo is great

In a few episodes.

>[Minutes earlier]
>"Earlier from Rider"
>Since It's pokey day, you should play the Pocky game.
>Try asking Ruler to play, I bet it'll make her really happy.
>"Is what he said."
>(Anyway, how do you even play the Pocky game?)
>(Rider... I'll have to give him a piece of my mind later.)
>"Are you okay, Ruler?"
>"Y-Yes!? What is is!?"
>"Since the start it looks like I've been the only one advancing."
>"T-that's not true!?"
>"I see."
>"Ruler, your eyes are beautiful."
>"S-so close."
>"A-ah no more, I can't take it!!"
>(That was close! Really close!!)
>"A-ahaha! Looks like I lost!"
>"Which means it's Siegs WIN"
>"Well um"
>"For me to win, I think a head on collision is necessary, ...am I mistaken?"
>"OUCH- W-wait Ruler. Some hitting me, Oww."

what is it?

The virgin Saint vs the Chad-astolfo

Nigga, watch it.

That's cute as fuck, yo.

Why would Jeanne be embarrassed? She must have seen plenty of dicks in her lifetime.

>Jannu saw Astolfo's dick first before the Dragon Dick.


Someone draw a Jannu waving a GOD HATES FAG flag

depressed OL Ane-san


Astolfo saw Sieg's dick first before the Jeanne

Stop being an infant

Jeanne, perhaps. Laeticia, don't think so. Double the fact that up until now Jeanne thought Astolfo was a woman. The Le Secret gender works.


What did I even say to make you mad? Dude, chill.

do homunculi even have dicks?

Well they have their crotches covered by a cloth when in tube for a reason.
I doubt anyone would want to stare at dozens of dicks for 24/7.

I learned two major things from this episode.
1 - Jeanne is denser than a 2×4.
2 - Astolfo remains best girl. She’s optimal girlfriend material.

>beta girl episode

this guy was right

Astolfo x Jeanne x Sieg threesome when?

Pick one.

Why is she so uncomfortable? She's French.

Skip button.

they're literally desperate, just like redditors and /fgog/tards who are shipping Jeanne with any character other than Sieg.

Unfortunately, hatred blinds people making them stupid.


So why would the virgin see all these dicks?

>Give me another season of a pedo loli bait
>a pedofag was right

Is that Ikira Ishida?

Love blinds us to faults, but hatred blinds us to reality.

Yes, its ishida akira

If we don't get a MMF doujin of these three, we riot


Spanish dubs need to die

What is written here?


"got it from rider"

At least Italian and German Astolfo sound nice. Admittedly I don't understand either well at all so the flaws are lost on me.

I thought England has only been an island of horrid pedophiles since, like, the 60s. History lessons with Jack.

from mexican subs


- Are you in love with my master.....right?

- If you don't take the initiative yourself and start things first, I'll take it from you.

>no female voice just a faggy voice
worst thing is it sounds kinda like me

To think they could make Jack even younger in FGO.

best girlfriend

what a slut

You're a slut

what happened afterwards after Karna found out the truth about the masters?

There's people still watching this?

This is better than the other fate anime
Not having shirou is a plus

Semi wants to get rid of them so he is guarding the room.

yeah, my dick in your mother's vagina


Instead, you got all of Shirou's bad elements without the good,great trade there.

When does it get subbed? I only recently catched up to Apocrypha. Also, if Flat appeared does that mean we can get Gray too?

Shirou has no good elements

I like it more than Zero

Oh shit, it's the strongest master in the entire franchise!!!


>a blonde waifushit as his servant
>multiple love interests
>blush in front of girls

these clichés and tropes don't exist in APO

are you blind or retarded?

>check the Fate/Apocrypha Episode 3 thread on MAL

Why do you keep posting Fai pastas?

Astolfo has a giant-taming dick.


Because anime tropes are more important than characterization

Episode 18 was better than most

blush's trope doesn't apply to the female characters because 65%of women blush, while only 2% of men blush in real life.

chibichuki translations when?


its already subbed if you know the superior language

>being a englishonly fag

these are Argentine subs, they are as bad as UTW.
Always prefer the mexican subs.

its a girl with a magic dick like Rin

this, my fellow user knows