Frying Witch

New chapter about best brown witch.

Destroying mountains like it's no big deal.

commence dumping








Carry on, OP.




all that effort to cure best doggo


dem inconsistencies

Akane doesn't have a smartphone in this day and age...





What's with the arrows?

pointing out how her hair changed over the course of the page.
and how the chalk switched hands, i assume

and how the straight line in the previous panel becomes a circle in the next

Akane's middle name must be Coyote




blundering Akane

and there goes another mountain

and a little fanservice for the footfags amongst you

And the incredibly rare curse breaking flowers.

and that's it. for now.

Thanks OP.

What is this ending? Earlier she said it'd take 4-5 years to make.

>tags: pubic_hair_peek

Why is only one of the sisters brown?

That was how long it would normally take to get 10kg of 100k years old ice, and to put together some way to get that flower without it dying within 1 hour.

It takes 4-5 years to get the ingredients.

I don't see it


Me neither. But I am curious about the origin of the water droplet.

magic. Or dare i say... witchcraft?

Africa is one hot mother.

there's two more between her neck and cleavage. So I'd assume it's sweat, but the shirt looks quite dry around the pits

>cliff scooper
these translators need to kill themselves
>taking a diarrhea shit on someone's floor
the artist too

Thanks op

>arrows everywhere
fucking stupid

Akane got some sand in her panties, will you help her get it out?

good god how do you fuck up which foot has the big toe on which side!?
She literally has two left feet in that picture.

don't worry, I'm sure she knows a potion to fix that

>La Roque-Gageac
Now that's a name I didn't expect to read in a manga

Makoto sure loves farts

Kenny not so much

Can Akane beat servants?

Thanks for the dump.

Nice read. Akane could destroy my mountain.

What the fuck did i just read and why the fuck makoto is in France