Amagami SS


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Ayatsuji is definitely the best girl. Can anyone else even compete?

They can't

Cuddly sensei

Still waiting on that S2


Cute boy

My niggers

An angel.

>Game translation still not done yet

why do I have to go trough so much suffering for so many years


I expect a Christmas release.

You could've just learned Japanese in instead, would've let you play it sooner.

I was going to learn Japanese
but then I got high

How can she be so perfect?

What would Tsukasa have studied at university? I'm going with Mathematics.

Perfection with NOTHING to hide


What about her sister?

Too dumb and irresponsible.

Ai is good.
Ayatsuji is great.
Kaoru is best.

She won't step on my dick, so she won't be enough.

I love this chick

Ayatsuji isn't real femdom.

You're right, but I'm sure she would oblige if you asked.

Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person with nothing to hide.

Sex hair best hair



this so much

>3 best
I'm sorry, you have an Ai where your Rihoko should be. Don't feel too bad about it, everyone makes mistakes, but you should fix that before you post this image with that name again.

Ayatsuji is the most perfect character ever.

After Kaoru, of course.

That she is.

VN fucking when?

did I mention she has nothing to hide

stop posting images of my child

So what exactly did Tsukasa have in her diary? She mentions that whatever she had in her diary would get her expelled.

Foreskins of her exes.

It's never fully explained.
Not even in the VN.

Is that foreskin thing from a doujin?

Yes. And she will never live it down here.

The clitoris's of all the cunts who got jealous of her perfection with nothing to hide.

A common theory is that it was her tool to vent. She's got no one to tell her problems to so the diary keeps her sane.
No one to confide in and help her with her family troubles.

That's why when she got Junichi she just burned the thing. Jun1 became her new diary. Someone who knows what kind of person she is and will accept her and her faults.
She no longer needed the old one.

I know that, but why would the contents of the diary get her expelled?

It's not that they would get her expelled. It's that if someone found out what kind of person she was her somewhat peaceful life at school would go away.

Rumors about how mean she is would circulate and she'd have to leave. That's why she told Jun1 that she had a good run, but had to go if anyone found out.
Suddenly she has both a poor home and school life.

What ever happened to Seiren?

Did 1 season, sold poorly, and was never heard from again.



>Ayatsuji will never be real
I unironically want to end my life


why does she cut her hair when she grows up

is there fanart of her with short hair that would make it more appealing to me

>why does she cut her hair
Character development.

Girls who cut their hair after becoming moms is also a fairly common trope. Long beautiful hair is something for people with the time to maintain it is the logic here.

I'm tired of seeing stuff about the Amagami SS girls, what about the regular Amagami Wehrmacht?


man that is an old ass image, I'm pretty sure that was made before the show even aired

Ayatsuji did nothing wrong.

tfw so in love with Ayatsuji that it gives me severe anxiety

Ai was the only arc that made me feel like this was a legit believable couple who were into each other.

It's not that I didn't like the other arcs but they didn't sell me on themselves like this one.

How many examples are there of the opposite

My niggerers.

Ai's arc felt like the closest thing to an actual teen romance, and that's why I liked it the most. Plus, Ai herself was the best girl.

Kaoru is a good second choice though.

Release me from this 3D void. It hurts to live.

Translation fucking when?

what was the number again?

>literally became a slut and got demoted to a shitty public school

>ywn have a Manaka in your life

>best girl
>no route


She should've had an arc in Seiren instead of this other girl

New Sasaki Akira Hibiki?
Is that cropped?

It is not cropped, I think.


Snippity snap

Anyone got any good Amagami wallpapers?

I've got a couple.

I love this show. One of the best parts of it is that none of the girls "need" him. No matter the route, the other girls will still be fine.

I've got my annual re-watch coming up. This Anime is as close to perfect as anything I've seen, especially in its genre.


>those artifacts

We're done as far as translation goes as of 11/02, but I have yet to make a formal annoucement yet. have to plan out some things in respects from now until the completion of the project and I've been busy with real life stuff to update at the beginning of this month. Didn't write a blog post last time either...

There are a couple of important things which are very concerning, which involve the hacks we did to the game, where the backlog and mahjong won't work in the game. On top of that, I am trying not to make the editing process like the translation process which took 5 years and I have no clue how good the translation is yet because it has yet to be seen from the public eye.

I'm already pretty much prepared to be lauded as incompetent all around. If not from the translation, then surely from the half-assed hacking.


Surface of the Pool~

Best girl hasn't been posted yet, wow. It must be a hoax.

>all the plebs ITT

Please user, I didn't plan on fapping today.

Being a Harukafag and Hibikifag is great desu

SS+ Tier : Hibiki
S Tier: Ayatsuji
A Tier: Kaoru, Ai
Why should I bother? Tier: the rest

There wasn't enough of this

RIP Ruise’s VA debut.

>RIP Ruise’s VA debut

Don’t forget DEER.

The fact that she knows about love hotels makes you really think


Poor girl

Everyone knows Sae is best girl

Sae is for nonstop creampies

Her story will be forced as shit anyway and a complete carbon copy of Tsukasa's "lolufounddatrueme" route.