The absolute strongest humanity has to offer

>the absolute strongest humanity has to offer
>jobs to a two month old ant to demonstrate his overpoweredness

I don't like this meme desu.


Meruem jobbed though.

Which is just another job to demonstrate how powerful antagonists in the next arc will be. Still loved the fight though.

he isn't the strongest tho


>character that ridiculously strong dies to poison
Makes you wonder why didn't they just crop dust NGL with the stuff if it's that deadly.

The strongest human alive would job to a 2 year old Lion. What's your point OP?

Netero isn't even the strongest. He said it himself. Ging, Pariston, and Beyond will all be stronger.

>jobs to a two month old ant

by all accounts the fight was at least a tie. Also the fight led Meruem to gain a respect for humans. I would say that Netero accomplished his mission.

>The strongest human alive would job to a 2 year old Lion. What's your point OP?

Except we've seen far weaker humans easily kill other lion-equivalents. You'd expect a long-lived, experienced, and trained human to at least seriously damage someone who got their power through good nutrition.

he said so himself and even if he was being humble(which I doubt) his prime is long gone and he had to prepare several days to get in form, which just shows how weak he got. The only reason he even went to fight meruem was to have fun

if you do that you run the risk of it spreading among the general populous and killing a shit ton of people

you miss the point. this fight was a battle of humans vs. a new species. compared to humans, animals are superior in a lot of areas. they can swim better, run faster, fly, have much better senses, are stronger, etc. the only thing we have going for us and that saved our existence in the first place is our intelligence. If you pit a human against a lion, bear, shark, whatever without any technology or weapon whatsoever, he´d lose.

now, there is a new species that not only combines the natural abilities of animals and beasts, which are already far superior to our measly bodily abilities, with our human intelligence which enabled us to survive that long against the odds of nature as well as the ability to use the life force in the form of Nen. with all that in mind, pit the supposedly strongest human/hunter at his life span's end against the fresh born strongest collection of animals, beasts and humans of a superior race that absorbs the life force of anything he eats and you can compare it to a fight of an old hunter with a knive vs. a young grizzly bear.

so how can the old hunter bring down the grizzly bear? by relying on something that I already mentioned before - humanities iron will to survive, using any means possible. Atomic weapons, Biological weapons, Chemical weapons, pick your favourite. And to put it into Netero´s own words: "King of the ants, Meruem. You don´t understand a thing about the limitless malice of mankind!"

So this fight shouldn´t piss you off, but should actually impress you, as it really is above other fights, especially in the shounen genre.
It´s not willpower, friendship, life force or magical artifacts that saves humanity. It´s technology, it´s the unbelievable malice and viciousness to use any means possible to stand atop the food chain and defend it´s title of evolution`s finest. It´s technology, with the sole goal of killing everything it touches, originally designed to kill it´s creators, namely humans.

hisoka wouldve beaten meruem

this is literally indisputable

Well put user, I didn't think about it that way.


beat chrollo

The point I'm trying to make is animals are generally stronger than humans. The reason humans are the apex species is because of our intellect. Not because of our physical strength. That was the point of the Chimera Ant Arc. The ants lost because of human intellect and because of the evils of humanity. The Miniature Rose a weapon created to be used for other humans was all it took to end the ants. As humans created new weapons to be used against other humans they've also virtually made it imposibble for another species to overthrow humanity.

The rose was not an asspull. It was the point of the chimera ant arc. A rival species will never compete with humanity because human cruelty has constantly pitted humans against each other which has led to the rise of new technology that would easily fight off a rival species dumb enough to unite humanity against them.

This guy explains it pretty well

>the absolute strongest humanity has to offer

You mean the Miniature Rose?

Would be better if they just sent one guy with the same bomb in his heart as netero to just suicide bomb that place.

And before this bullshit starts.

The bomb wasn't an asspull since Netero mentioned earlier in the arc that he would need to "sacrifice someone" foreshadowing that he knew that he'd blow himself up.

Your average random joe would break down just from contacting with the ant aura

could have just use zeno to transport him and have him die to some random ant

The bomb only worked because he was the only guy strong enough to keep the ant king in range long enough.

He would die from contacting with the En.thus setting the bomb off from fuck zillion miles away

The reason a bunch of hunters were sent to take care of the ants instead the military was because the powers that be wanted to keep the existence of the ant infestation a secret, just blowing up the palace of a nations leader would have caused a shitstorm

>muh civilians

Basically they were going to let everyone on the planet die to save some people in fantasy North Korea.

Worst part is Kubo stealing the idea.

>by all accounts the fight was at least a tie.
No it wasn't, stamina was what won the fight which Meruem had an overabundance of. He kept jumping around trying to find a hole in Netero's defense until he succeeded. Netero despite slapping him for an eternity was barely able to damage Meruem.

In addition, will add that the crux of the fight was that Netero is an old fart with a mind far slower than Meruem's, but Netero has also trained his whole life to bring his technique as close to perfection as possible. Thus the fight was a life time of effort versus someone who was extremely capable at breaking down habits and patterns. If the fight was repeated, Merum would win in a second. Meruem won in the sense that he cracked the puzzle that is Netero.

Emission nen a shit

Hisocucks btfo once again

Say that to my face motherfucker not online and see what happens

>Emission users are allowed to construct Nen object / living being

Really made Conjurer redundant

If Beyond was stronger than Netero then he wouldn't have waited until after his death to go to DC.

Forgot pic

*blocks your path*

Togashi will be back before this year's end.

When you think about it, Netero's mindset in this fight was similar to Gon's when he fought Genthru. Both were up against a much stronger opponent and had a trump card plan to end the fight, but decide to delay the plan which endangers everyone's lives. I mean if Meruem defeated Netero and left before he could kill himself, the human race may well have been screwed.

Also, the anime's translation of malice to evolution works pretty well as well, considering the ants' development is always limited by the host species, whereas a human can always evolve past their limits. If Meruem couldn't surpass a human at a board game, it would be inevitable that a human would arrive which could surpass him in combat. Hell, there even was a human with that potential at the palace.

Really don't know why he was such a coward. Any power over space is pretty OP.

Why the fuck did the girl have to suicide with the ant

Naked in a blizzard.

Because she's a fucking nerd and Meruem was the only source of competition for her. She felt the most alive she ever did when he was around, because she was constantly growing and improving. Obviously over time her feelings grew to be more than just having fun based.
Fuck, I got something in my eye.

Courage =/= strength

Gon is the worst shounen protagonist of our generation

I can think of like 3 shittier MC right off the top of my head

While what you say is definitely right, why then have humans not been able to break into the dark continent successfully?

Kurapika is getting married!

>Simbolic asspulls are OK

He wasn't covered in protective nen at that time and really fucked him over.

Pitou did nothing wrong

How will the Kurta clan recover if he goes into a faggot degenerate relarionship? Kurapika has a better sense of duty than this!
but if he does marry a man, I want to be the groom.


This never made sense to me. I thought that the blizzard analogy only applies when someone was exposed to malicious aura, but Pouf was using En, meaning he would've known immediately if someone had been exposed to his aura since he would've sensed it. Since he had no idea that Knov was present, it would mean that Knov wasn't directly exposed to Pouf's aura, and Knov was scared shitless just by seeing it.

No, Knov as near the boundary but wasn't directly in Pouf's en. It's like hovering your hand over a flame, you feel the heat without directly touching the fire. It was that that spooked him. And Pouf's nen is by definition malicious.

Ant arc was a clusterfuck, as is HxH on the whole, but I did like the idea that Meruem was not beaten by nen but by intelligence and the will to claw our way to the top of proverbial food chain no matter how disgraceful it may be.

His rip-off managed to reproduce despite being a raging homo. But Kurapike will need to tone down the edgyness.

>Ant arc was a clusterfuck, as is HxH on the whole

Togashi has no consistency in any aspect of his work: tone, story direction, characters, powerlevels, art.

Everyone has kids in shonen epilogues. And we all know HxH won't have one.

Not really. It was very elaborate.

If you paid attention you'd remember some characters say that Netero was trying to get Beyond to fight him and kill him. Giving Netero the final fight he wanted.

Beyond didn't feel comfortable killing his own father though.

You know there was a guy who punched bulls to death right?

If Kurapika really was a girl how much do you think that would've changed the plot?

Possible romantic sub plot with Leorio?



Can this guy instakill meruem by using chameleon guy to make him invisible and use scream on the kings head to decapitate him?

>If Kurapika really was a girl how much do you think that would've changed the plot?

Still would have gotten butchered.


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>I'm greentexting sarcasm stuff with no useful information to disapprove his claims, that'll show him!

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I really liked Netero's ability desu
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How are they going to do that? Carpet bomb their way through with nuclear weapons? Nice radioactive continent left for exploration


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Not an argument.

Deku is worster.

Was the bomb in Netero's heart? The way I understood it is that they planted the bomb at the predetermined location, and Netero's heart stopping was only the trigger.

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