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New episode is airing now.

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Did everyone stop watching this?

I think people are waiting for subs.

Thanks doc

Why does Libra have so many top tier girls working for them?

Subs when

Has a plot emerged yet?

No, and it never will. The source material 100% episodic. The White/Black storyline from S1 was anime only.

I had a dream last night I was in a used book store and in the magazine section there was a collection of planners that had illustrations inside. I found one with my husbando klaus on it and bought it.
There was also a ChainStephen one and a LeoWhite doujin novel.

Bump until subs

480p out.

720 OUT

Why bother then? They should have just made OVAs and bundled them with manga volumes.

>Why bother then?
Have you never seen an episodic anime in your life?

>can't even save the full size image

The ones I've seen are all original anime.
Usually, a manga/LN adaptation will have 2-3 episode arcs.

I’m always on mobile so I don’t bother




>Zed episode next week

Can we discuss how best Klaus is?

Because you are excited for new episodes, because you like the series ? There really is not much difference between episodic or plot driven series in that regard

>Episode is out
>Nobody gives a shit
What killed the hype?

There is though. I don't care for the characters and their daily lives for one. I want to see conflict and tension and be amused. Is it so much to ask for? You must be one of those people who watch CGDCT shows.


This kind of show is pretty hard to discuss. Shit just happens.

good anime

Do you really have to post this in every single shounen thread in existence?

He's the cutest

Zapp would be pretty sexy if he wasn't retarded

or a Dick Suck.

Retard moe.

I still have one.
These things don't last, the paint get diluted or something, it starts getting white stains. It also doesn't flow as smoothly as a new one.
And to answer your question, no fucking idea.

>Half the banter stuff was removed
>No fishing leo
>No Stephan telling Leo and Zapp that Anila is not a lazy fuck like them
I'm glad they have Stephan being mad at KK, at least

Stephen seems like a proper dick such himself. Why is he being mean to Leo when he's the victim of constant bullying and unfortunate events? Going even further, why is no one standing up for Leo? I remember in the first season Klaus was fairly protective of him.

>Stephen seems like a proper dick such himself
How? The guy busts his ass 24/7 for his job. Zappa and Leo just clown around 99% of the time. And when is he ever mean to Leo?

I'm still here
don't die on me thread

There is no real plot like S1.

Zapp is mostly playing with Leo, and Steven is their superior. Klaus might be kind, but that doesn't stop him from beating Dick Suck for instance.

But "real plot" of S1 was fucking trash.

Because they have top-tier men.

>This was thrash
Fuck you

It's really gotten this bad, huh?

He wasn't arguing that there was no thrashing.

So she's a poo in loo?

yes, she's your mother

>every character is suddenly being super supportive to Leo while fighting some random zombies because Rie didn't come up with anything better for them
>random flying and Pain vs Naruto-esque animation
>Despair Ou is still a boring faggot
>Klaus beaten by some bitch OC don't steal fever dream
>Leo talking some morally howaito trash out of blue
>OP playing in the background
I hated everything about this.

>every character is suddenly being super supportive to Leo
fucking speedwatchers

I don’t see the issue.

So is Anila dead? She didn't appeared again after the bugs.

I want a backpack Leo to wrap his legs around me.

>fucking lower case faggots
It's not that they were just supportive, it's that they didn't play any significant role in this episode other than being MC cheering squad, which doesn't have a proper impact because the whole issue with Despairman was poorly presented. And what's with Zed of all characters praising Leo for being courageous and shit? He was only relevant for two episodes to be giving big speeches like that.

She's alive in the manga.

what else have you got?

there being no plot is what made s1 good
the last 2 episodes were by far the worst part of the season

At least I've got an opinion, you can only call people names. No wonder you've managed to enjoy that generic filler made by a woman.

So, what happened to her? She got eaten by mosquitos?

I had one for a while, some of the liquid inside evaporated after a few years and the whole thing got fucked by air bubbles

Klaus was shown saving her in the manga. I have no clue why they didn't show it in this episode.

Yeah, because you're on that tiny-ass screen.

Should be a good one. The villain's a cute.

The show feels like a fucking mess and I stopped trying to understand any of it since most shit goes unexplained. I still like it if I just turn off my brain.

Seriously what the fuck was this guy's name?

Did brownfu die?

This episode was pretty bad. Really boring.

Season has been a huge step down from S1.

Why does this season feel so disconnected? Is it the monster of the week stuff without any overarching plot?

This was a rather tense episode but there was none of the usual hijinks and stuff. Character development or introduction is not even present and they got the anime talking ONCE AGAIN about Leo's background and stuff.
That said, I loved the beginning with the 8-bit bgm, our beautiful doctor showing up again (best girl) and some funny stuff like Zapp and the fishes or Steven and K.K.
First disappointment of the season.

Only plot we seem to be getting is "Michella......." every so often. I don't mind, it's fun.

Everything's adapted out of order thanks to S1. They want this season to be the sequel manga and later stories but had to backtrack inbetween to the very first volumes because of how much was left out last time.

The art is preddy kino and the show is so fun.

>You will never taste "el pene del cero absoluto"
Why live?

I actually think that White was one of the best aspects of S1. It's not even due to the story with Despair (this guy was never that interesting) but the evolution of White's relationship with Leo throughout the story and the parallel with Leo and Michella's situation served as a good line that cemented Leo's stance as the MC and gave season 1 a layer of consistency by going beyond "monster of the week" without being too overwhelming. White was also cute and quite charismatic.


>you will never do "Blitzkrieg" with Klaus

It hurts.

Yeah so I don’t take in consideration a random user’s whining when I save my pics

The directing and sound direction were better in season 1.

Fuck off Chain.

Why would you want best girl to fuck off?

So why the fuck did they just completely skip showing Anila after that?

Not enough screentime.

i want to get into it, but i cant find BD versions of the first series anywhere

Steven looks like Spike Spiegel with a haircut.

>This Michella tease

It hurts so much, I just want to see more of her.

Lurk moar


I miss her, will we get her in any form this season aside from butterfly shots?

literally just have to google it

kekkai sensen blue ray torrent

Living the dream.


>You will never be surrounded by a bunch of doctor loli's.
Why even live?

>Klaus beaten by some bitch OC don't steal fever dream
Klaus has never had an easy win against any vampire.

>Next episode is a Zed one
Sweet, then it's...

>It's not THAT Zed episode
Pity. Maybe later then?

And this bunch can fuse together to either look like a hot chick in her early 20's or a hot babe in her late 20's.

She makes my heart go doki doki.

Prepare for a changes to the OP
These two are about to meet up.

I love that random guy and her just disappear for no reason.

Also if anyone needed even more confirmation that the Michella visit is gonna be animated

Just realised that the OP is entirely in english until the second fake town.

When you've got roughly twenty minutes to animate Kekkai Sensen's long chapters you gotta make cuts somewhere, I guess.

Whoops, forgot the image

OH, that´s neat.