Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Episode 6 is out for AOTS.

I think all 3 people watching would agree this is AOTS.




There might be only 3 watching.

Looks like there's only 2.

3rd here, I just can't watch the newest right now.

I haven't even seen the episode yet, but I can tell it's great.

I love this guy.

Pretty good episode. The first half was a little dull, but the second was great.

Shirou as always being best boy

That poor pheasant


So how long did it took you guys to notice that the person inthis shot changes pretty much every episode. Because I just realized it

I love this asshole

Left or right?

I can't make myself to skip ED song.

Zelda reference?

Oh shit i forgot that there was new season announced for this show.Loved the 1st season was planning to watch second season but it just went off my mind.Thank you based user who made this thread and for reminding me.

You have to watch the OVA before this.

I can't remember half the characters in this show anymore despite watching the whole thing. Still some episodes are hit and miss. I do feel bad for all these kids who died so early and now have to prove themselves just to be reincarnated.

It's hilarious. People just skipped it because it's "fujo bait" for some reason.

Watched all 3 episodes quite a long time ago.What happen to 4th episode user

I don't expect this type of show to be huge on Sup Forums anyway, They are missing out though.

That and most of Sup Forums thought this was too japanese as far as I remember from S1 threads. not that hard to understand.

>because it's "fujo bait" for some reason
Typing in hoozuki into youtube does bring a lot of hoozukixhakutaku amv's. But that's a pretty stupid reason to hate on a show,

Oh, you're right. I had not even realized. I like this ED even more now.

They see your dick.

It's definitely the humor. It's relaxing to watch Hozuki but I really wouldn't call it funny.


For most anime I skip the ending after the first time so I never would've known.

>download the show
Deluge, or windows, or my HDD fucks up and it shows (100% seeding) but windows cant find the folder

Well fuck, not today it seems