He watches mecha garbage

>He watches mecha garbage

What's wrong with Broken Blade?



>he watches psychological garbage

Go back to Evageeks

>He reads western VNs that weren't made by Sup Forums

good taste

>he reads Western VNs

Should have stopped at VNs

>he still likes DDLC after a month

>English only western VNs

>reading western VNs
Sad. Might as well play the Meet & Fuck games in newgrounds

The first time I saw this I knew it was going to become a reaction image.
Also Sayori a best.

>grasping at straws to make a counter argument
>using a reaction image to a game i haven't played yet

Hi-Fi is unironically better than most anime composers

It's not supposed to be an actual legitimate VN you fucking retards.

Post Knives

>he reads western VN and thinks he can call out other people's tastes

>Doki Doki Literature Club is actually a VN
I don't even think it's that good of a horror meta-game, but this line of logic is fucking moronic.

Defensive huh? Did you clap when it broke the fourth wall too?

Why does everyone think this "VN" was good/unique? There was an actual VN with the same twist well before DDLC.

I haven't read it and probably never will. What's the twist?

Astroturfing from the devs on Sup Forums, ironic nu-weebs on twitch, babbys first VN, etc you know the rest. Just pleb shit.

I wouldn't know I haven't played it.

It was popular with Twitch streamers.
Any other VN is pretty much unstreamable, but this one had a "gotcha" twist that made it streamable.
This is the same way PUBG was marketed.

Yandere that breaks the fourth wall.

Because that one hasn't been translated and this one was made in English, of course this one will have a bigger flock this side of the world.

It's actually a horror game.
A not very good one, but a horror game.

Doki Doki Literature Club reminds me of an older time on the internet when people would make neat little subversive flash games.
It's not very good, but I like it for that. It's like a relic of the past.

>Thread goes off topic because fragile Sup Forums can't handle a reaction image.
Sad. Also, shit thread OP.

Same reason KS got popular.

Released around Halloween so streamers played it on their Halloween streams.

Looks like someone's getting that hard choke on a first date.

I only watch good mecha shows though

I think I will remake this thread later and use a different reaction image.

I legitimately have not played ddlc, and Intended for mecha discussion.

It's sad how these games need to rely on shock factor. First Undertale, now DDLC.

>Undertale relies on shock factor

A shitty thread will still be a shitty thread even if you change the OP image.

>he watches shonen shit

>He watches

It's a gag game. It's not supposed to be legitimately good. Also
>Implying VNs are good at all.

A shitty thread > off topic thread

lets be real, Sup Forums is comprised of nothing but shitty threads.
and I have a feeling that If i use the Madoka puking image, it's going to end the same way.

I'll make sure to derail that one too.

>implying VNs are good at all
That's what everybody who haven't experienced a true kamige says.

Not making a thread at all would be better.


I'm not a cuck like you, I don't watch other people discuss things, I go out and do it.

Lucid9 was cool. Goit zero attention though despite having better writing and being free.

It'll have an update soon too.

Looks good picked up.
>10-30 hours
I don't mind wasting a weekend reading some VN, but lots of people seem to.
Part of the broader appeal of DDLC was that it was a quick 2 hours thing, and free. So you're not wasting time or money giving it a try.

I'll admit it sratts off kinda slow but it gets rolling real good. I have 30+ hours in it.