Do the words "JC character" synonymous with "perfect character"?

Do the words "JC character" synonymous with "perfect character"?

No, there are plenty of terrible JCs.

It actually means Juicy Cunny, which is something they all have in common, mostly, not as juicy as JS's though.

No, as there are some JCs whow are disgustingly fat and physically old. Pic related.

Necessary but not sufficient

But that picture is an example of perfection.

I don't think you know the meaning of "perfection".
Perfection looks like this.

Aoba is a working adult.

That's why he posted loli Aoba, not this old hag.

Does the working adult do adult work?

Damn, Aoba is hot.

I'll never know why did I skipped watching this show.

Looks like you skipped english classes too.

Enjoy your two seasons full of fun


careful user, cunnyposting is outlawed out these parts, especially when the mods have itchy trigger fingers

Aoba's boyfriend Dong sure appreciates it

cunny posters are disgusting Sup Forums 3d pedophiles who deserve the rope.

based loliposters keep their degeneracy to fantasies and headpat kids and send them on their way.

Where was the fun in the second season?

That's Chairman to you.

why can't I just have good straight vanilla doujin?

What are you, a fucking faggot?

Fine, Nene piss doujins it is.

I want to see nene's tiny little body being impregnated!

You can't get pregnant from Ahagon's piss jugs.

It was all there. How did you miss it?

I only saw tears and drama with maybe some comedy segments in between that weren't all that fun.

fuck you dong, you're dead

I'll never stop using the word cunny in memory of my hero, may his soul rest in peace.