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Summary of Fukuhara Producer's speech at Digital Hollywood University

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Nice boat.

Through hate, unity.

I really really like this new meme.

Why does a cat need such huge ears?

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To help ヒト。

Anything regarding the Kadokawa situation? Even something like "We can't say anything right now because we are still in negotiations."

>11/11福原P講演 とにかくたつき監督には他の仕事をさせたくない
Is that good or bad news?

>Negotiations have been postponed
You tell me.

jaguar potato


Tatsuki is never coming back.
Tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down.


I don't get it.

But it doesn't say that?

Don't spoil the fun, user.


for you

Ooh here she comes
Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up

A little too skinny there, but she'll do.

Is this the same stuff? It says something about "Tatsuki Director's ongoing five-year permanent employees is work product agreement"

>doesn't want director Tatsuki to do other things
What does it mean?

ImoJaga is the best.


Potato is "jagaimo" or just "imo" in Japanese
Jaguar is "jagaa" in Japanese

So jaga-imo is jaguar-potato

Shoebill is cute.

I'm also seriously curious.
What did he mean by this?

Maybe he wants Tatsuki working exclusively on KF/for Kadokawa.

I don't know how I feel about that given Keifuku-san, but this is some good news for KF, given that this is actually what he meant.

It may be good news for KF, but what about Tatsuki? Kadokawa already threw him under the bus once, and could just as easily do it again.

Full quote is

Doesn't want to put Tatsuki on another project. Rather just let him do his own thing for now.


Wouldn't that dismiss the theory that YYZ had another anime lined up and was too busy to do KF2?

It's over. Let it go.

>another project
This wouldn't include KF s2, right? RIGHT?

B-but anything other than Season 2 would have been an "other project" until 9/25.


Sounds like it. They were most likely planning to fill the time between S1 and S2 by working on smaller KF related projects like the collab shorts.

Keifuku-san is a project that Tatsuki works on his free time so it shouldn't have any effect on what YYZ is doing.

No matter how this turns out we lose.
>Tatsuki comes back on and continues to be bullied by Kadokawa.
>KF continues without Tatsuki.
>KF dies.

Imoyasumi nasaimo.

If Tatsuki returns, it would mean that Kadokawa was traumatized and that story would send ripples throughout the industry to never get in the way of artistic freedom ever again

he's keeping tatsuki free so that he can work on kemono friends when the call comes

Kemono Friends will live on in your heart.

That actually sounds promising.

It hurts more if you try to keep the hope alive

Reminder that this is what Kemono Friends without Tatsuki looks like

Could have been a nice short like the Udon commercial if only Tatsuki was here

The fact that this was an official collab still cracks me up.
This is the timeline we live in.

Yeah but no.

This time thing blew up because Tatsuki wrote that tweet, before production committee could pack it into nice sounding PR talk. So with future projects they just take precautions that something like this won't happen again.

No, no, no, you are just pulling my leg, aren't you?
Very funny, user, but there is no way that is official. There's just no fucking way.

So this is 12.5? Is it considered canon? I need some tofu.

Yeah, like quietly removing the Director's name from the credits of his own works until fans notice, eh.

Totally worked for Konami

A collab without Tatsuki resulted into a commercial that does not even know the lore behind it.

Is this real life?

Somebody in the previous thread mentioned something about Famima putting the blame on a rookie employee for damage control.

We have to go back.

To be fair this is like middleschool media project levels of unprofessional.
I don't know if that makes it better or worse.

Gonna do some shilling.

Yeah, I remember it from the previous thread. Totally something that even me could've made just for kicks. Definitely this is the state of KF without Tatsuki.

so what happened with the gaymu that anons were developing?


Yeah despite being a non canon commercial the JRA short could almost fit into the series proper (other than the fact the racetrack in an actual building in Tokyo).

Why am I supposed to hate this pic?

Tatsuki's official S2 announcement

Not the pic, it's the blue chicken you're supposed to hate.

>facebook filename
Fuck off to your shithole zuckcuck.

I don't save anything from Facebook.
I think I got it from FunnyJunk


I honestly didn't even notice the promotional short for that one animation event was a promo, the way they handled the owls reading out the rules and shit was fucking fantastic.

And thus the serpent devours its own tail.

I hope Kadokawa gives Tatsuki a second chance. I am sure he didn't intend to purposefully sabotage the project.

Nice bait. Subtle, but enough to cause anger.
Truly a magnificent strain.

Honestly this sounds like the "banishment room" when they can't fire someone but don't need or want him working for them.

Tatsuki isn't YYZ's only director though.

Does anyone have any good KF wallpapers?
I know some guy from here made some with screenshots from the BD, but any are fine.

>any are fine



Thanks, Friends.


It looks sugoi~


is Serval-chan ok

"Anyway I did not want Tatsuki's Manager to do other work. I did not care about the delivery date and made something fun anyway"

According to GoogleTranslate.

Shes fine.

Nips have the best puns.



>Still using Windows 7

Holy fuck when can we play this?

Didn't the tesabu guy leave? The studio is like 10 people in a tiny apartment so they probably can't work on multiple projects.

I'd say in like a year.
We haven't seen any actual gameplay systems implemented yet.

I'm glad that the guy is still making steady progress with this.
I would have thought it would become vaporware after 9/25

I'd just be fine with a Friends walking simulator desu.

Also are those stock Unity environments he's using? They remind of BotW for some reason.

Oh baby.

The Face is great but can we share some real wallpapers?


Oh, yeah, I didn't realize that the 2nd director also left. I thought it was only the first one.

>I'd just be fine with a Friends walking simulator desu.
This. As long as I can select several Friends, walk around the park and make them do cute poses, it's already game of the year.

There's also a version of this with Kaban only in the reflection, it you are into despair.