It's been over 10 years since TTGL aired

It's been over 10 years since TTGL aired.

Can we all agree that it is the greatest anime ever made?

It is fucking awesome.
Not sure if it s the best tho

By "all" you mean among people who only watched 10-30 shows then, yeah, go ahead.


It's pretty fucking good, yeah.
>that parallel between all the antagonists

No. Fuck off.

Good fucking watch overall, but not the 'greatest' there is.

Definitely the very best.

The best that ever was.

Good anime, my favorite, but not the best.

I wonder what would of happen if the Anti-spirals meet the
Incubators, i at least see them arguing over what will end the universe.

My brain says no.

But the drill in my heart says yes.

DLing it now, hoping it's the english version.
Should i watch the anime or just the movies?

>English version
please leave

No. It's really, really mediocre. It's not even close to being good.

Warum? Is not like i can understand japanese.
Besides, i've put it off for 3 years already, if i wait any longer i'll die of old age before even opening the movie file

>Can we all agree
Where the hell do you think you are?

>Sup Forums

Just who the hell do you think we are!?

How? It was pretty good but nothing amazing unless you're underage and had literally seen 5 anime before it.

The best anime of all time will have its tenth anniversary in Spring 2020 by the way.

You mean you hope it's the "english subbed/Japanese Audio" version, I hope.

K-On is not the best anime ever made.

Hell if i know, torrent titles are less informative every passing days.

>entry-level anime can't be good
Even after hundreds of shows, I think I've rewatched TTGL the most times.
It has glaring flaws, but it's pretty fucking good in an unpretentious way.

And by that i mean, even if it technically against the rules, if you have a magnet link then just post it so i can finally check this one off the list before drowning myself to stillness in Ambien and box wine, again

Nah, it's pretentious and it has very few even decent points.
I can't even claim nostalgia goggles because anyone who isn't braindead can see it's just a mediocre anime for children.
Any other anime of same or greater popularity is probably better, even Bleach, and I hate Bleach.

>mhm, yes, this obscure seasonal anime none cared about because it was shit is actually the greatest anime ever made, but le newfags will never know

Just accept it, the most famous shows are not famous just for nothing.

How is it in any way pretentious

Ah, the famous Sup Forums critique.
You managed to type all of that shit without even stating what you dislike about it.

The author tries to convey a message that misses the mark.
If you dig any deeper beyond the big robot battles, the story itself doesn't hold up to any standard. It's convoluted and unrelatable.
The message of progress "pierce the skies" is lost because Kamina/Simon (same person really) only act in self-agrandizing ways. They dont' self-sacrifice until their own incompetence catches up with them.
The story tells us this is fine but any analysis of their actions tells us it isn't, because real progress beyond deus ex machina would require sacrifice of their ego for the greater good. So Simon/Kamina is a hypocrite and the story or characters don't address that in any way.

It's bad writing, and it's not coincidence that you won't find many popular stories like it. Because it's shit.

K-On! isn't, but K-On!! is.

*in your opinion

As opposed to what? A forumla that proves GL is shit?
Should I put it in boolean logic so my post is accepted by the autist's guild?

>If you dig any deeper beyond the big robot battles
Wait, was there anything beyond big robot battles? I thought the whole thought process was "how do we push this even more over the top?"

Predicate logic works too.
You can use Fitch or Tarsky's World for your assignment

Occam's razor.
I believe it's impossible to create a storyline that is so shit by accident.

Do the impossible, see the invisible.
Row row. Fight the powah.

Watching it as it aired and seeing Sup Forums collectively orgasm after every episode was a blast, the series itself is a blast and doesn't get any less 'hype' than it was the first time.
Is it the greatest anime ever? Not really, but it's still a great show nonetheless.
Sup Forums is forgetting that they can have fun watching anime and that there exists no use stroking your e-peen on an anonymous imageboard.

I like this Sup Forumsnon. Underrated post

But again.
Anime series or just the movies or both?

Series first

When its good, it's great

That said, I don't think its GOAT

This should never have gotten so many episodes.

>The message of progress "pierce the skies" is lost because Kamina/Simon (same person really) only act in self-agrandizing ways. They dont' self-sacrifice until their own incompetence catches up with them.

blatantly false

I only speak the truth.
I'm glad it makes you angry.

Is piercing the sky with your drill a gay euphemism? Is TTGL really about coming out with your sexuality and accepting it?
>Row Row Fight the Powa
Obviously geared towards institutional homophobia

You know it does make a lot more sense in a gay context.

>in a gay context.
Like Sup Forums?

Yeah, I always had a boner for Kamina, fucking degenerate nips are trying to normalize homosexuality

Awesome? Yes.
Poor man's Getter Robo? Yes.

Agreed, Tatami Galaxy was perfect.