Comedy of the season?

Comedy of the season?
Ousama game thread

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How does that even work he shouldn't be alive at this point.

You question that in a show where internet virus hypnotises a person's body to kill itself?

Only braindead people can watch this. This anime is retarded.

you're not alone in this my friend.

>you'll never burst into flames and barely feel it


Death marathon when?

Episodes 10 and 11 definitely, we've got a while to go.

Post hot girls.


so is next episode finally going to have the sex part?

Find your wife.キャラ別カード一覧

It could possibly be the last scene of the episode, depending on how they do things. But there's a visit to the village, possibly the resolution of Nobuaki and Chiemi's game, and all of the King's orders before the night ends.

No way this girl is old enough.

There's a card game?

Looks like a mobage that ended a few years ago.

>This is a genius computer hacker


This series wouldn't be so bad if they just stuck with the current class instead of jumping back and forth in time.


The power of suggestion is strong.

Was there ever such a thing called "horror" anime?

Not sure we have enough entries to even bother with a label.

Is this anime just too smart for Sup Forums?

Even when watching it as a comedy, this scene was absolutely ridiculous. Can this shitfest get any worse?

Not really. The rest of the material is pretty good, though the anime will likely make it look like more of a joke than the manga.

I'm just here enjoying the trainwreck.

A dead girl shouldn't be so sexual.

>0 reaction to being set on fire

Holy fuck my sides are in orbit. How do we shop this into the nintendo kid exploding knees kid?

>Her friends doing a shit to help her at all.

I guess the entire whole universe is on a complete different level of retardness.

They just watched people's bodies suddenly maim themselves. At that point they have to know there's nothing they can do, even if they put out the fire she'd get killed another way.

Is anyone still watching this because they honestly think it's good? Not like so bad it's good, but just "it's well written and interesting".

RIP Masami

I can't remember what was more retarded than that sequence between Naoya's death and Ria's jump from the cliff.

I'm watching it because the MC has a good VA. The edgelord music is a nice change of pace too.

RIP the user who actually khs after reading too much kys