S2 when?

S2 when?

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When you buy more FAGs.
Please do so because I need more Ao and Bukiko.

You mean you want it to become like Gundam, etc.?

Ao is love, Ao is life.

It depends, most anime original scenarios/stories take time to write.

That's a cute jew.

Is she /ouranne/?

Did anyone else get the bus?

/toy/ did an FA/FAG group build this summer/fall.

I want her to sit on my face

I feel bad for all those FAGs.

>yfw Miku in S2

what a fag

Is that some crayola fucking model magic?

Why are Materias so lewd?
someone post materia kissu webm



>The arms still have all the panel lines and raised detail.

That's almost creepy as that one special edition Jinrai's flesh colored shoes.

They were the initial prototypes for the second gen FAGs. After testing they knew not to give FAGs an wireless Internet adapter.


They are more likely to be working on a Megami Device anime rather then S2 of FAG.


Blu-ray boxset announced

We're all already broke from buying FAGs and cupoches.

And desktop army.

I didn't even know FAGs had desktop army. I'm surprise they don't have figures.

Just came out the other week. Honestly the QC is pretty subpar and considering the price and company making them I had expected better.

I know this is an one-off, but still I have to applaud Koto for actually doing it


There's only the Ao one, also:

>Not building your own FAG



There's also a Gourai.

I'm confused, is this a model of a bus which is, itself, an advertisement for models
That's pretty deep

I actually preordered it thinking i was a model only to be disappointed when it wasn't.

That is so expensi e


Stupid meaty hamburger.